FDA limits use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine over blood clot risk

ABC News medical contributor Dr. Alok Patel breaks down the news over the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine’s rare risk of blood clots and what it means for people who already received the shot.

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35 thoughts on “FDA limits use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine over blood clot risk

  1. Well what do you know? And these f’ing people wanted to mandate something that has the potential to kill or injure me. It’s only “rare” until it happens to you. No Vaccine for me EVER!

  2. This report downplays the clot warning, that was pointed out by Dr. Sean Brooks and more. The 13M followers on this ABC channel are not seeing this, censoring by the media continues. There is not a politician alive who can be trusted, and the Constitution is dead. Repent and prepare, the worst is yet to come. Revelation 3: 7-13 👑 🙏 I'm a Vessel for the Lord

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  4. Way to go dummies (meaning media)!!! Lol you've just proven yourselves, the FDA, the CDC, dr Frankenstein Fauchi ect ect to be full on deceitful LIARS!!! Remember when this first came out and you F'ers said it was not true just minutes after it was coming out about blood clots and you MEDIA, caused the crazy 24/7 media watching ignorant people to freak out against anyone expressing concern over this??? And it was investigated then too (allegedly) and FDA/CDC said all is well its extremely rare just get the shot to help protect against a virus with a greater than 99.97% survival rate!!!

    Remember the myocarditis thing? where are all of the talking minions of hell at for that one huh? Children have a greater than 133 times not percent, TIMES risk of developing myocarditis after the MRNA vaccines, about 80 times for adults, oh and yes what these liars won't tell you is the MRNA vaccines create blood clots at about the same rate as j&j too and the spike in them are causing it. Only the MRNA vaccine is way more dangerous because of all of the true and factual information coming from multiple studies around the world!

    And how can we trust the FDA or the CDC for that matter because, hey they were caught red handed intentionally withholding vital information from the public, other doctors and scientists and Pfizer deliberately withheld a majority of their studies from everyone and only a court order that they initially refused to follow has only started to get bits a peices of the truth out the 1st day of every month. So how exactly were they able to get approval if not even the FDA had all of the information???

    In all honesty j&j was the safer of the options. The FDA knows this but it's all about money and control! Through freedom of information act it's been acknowledged that the government has paid out money to the media to restrict certain information about covid from getting out of the media. That's a dictatorship!

  5. J and J is a viral vector technology that has been proved used before! Moderna Pfizer are new MRNA just recently been approved to be used on us. If being forced to take a vaccine Some people will go with the older proven technology .Why are you picking on the only non mRNA vaccine choice we got so far? Makes me questions the real reason behind these restrictions on J&J 🧐

  6. Pfizer is Belgian and successful.

    SinoVax is Chinese and successful.

    Covid deaths: China 5,166 vs US 1,024,386

    America's 6th to market snail speed J&J vaccine is substandard. Thanks for the blood clots Donald.

  7. The answer is Yes To his question they should have I have to Prescribed pantyhose for both of my legs so I won’t have blood clogs I had all the symptoms and yet they were keeping up with me when I got the Johnson & Johnson shot I got Covid twice and now I’m dealing with possibility blood clogs and I am 60 years old I am so angry

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