Medical implications if Roe v. Wade is overturned

ABC News medical contributor Dr. Alok Patel discusses the medical implications if Roe v. Wade is overturned as several states have already passed laws to ban abortion after 15 weeks.

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22 thoughts on “Medical implications if Roe v. Wade is overturned

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  2. Progressives in Congress are attempting to codify Roe v Wade into federal law. It's a sad attempt to pressure the SCOTUS and doesn't address the core legal issue, the U. S. government has no Constitutional authority to legalize abortion nationally. IF there is a Constitutional role for the government, it is clearly to protect unborn children, otherwise, the issue is to be left to the states and to the citizens.

    IRONICALLY, if they lf progressives left things alone, many states would have radical abortion laws allowing the murder of near term and even post term abortions.

    Big surprise though for anyone not paying attention… Abortion isn't really the issue progressives in Congress are worried about.

    The main reason progressives in congress want Roe v Wade and associated rulings to stand is that it set a precedent. The precedence has allowed the executive and legislative branches to grab un-Constitutional powers far beyond the abortion issue.

    This current codification attempt will likely fail, but that is also not the point. Codification could be over-turned on Constitutional issues. The codification attempt is intended to sway positions at the SCOTUS and give thier 'murder babies' position the air of legitimacy.

    If Roe v Wade falls it will call most progressive over reach since the early 70s into question. This ruling will affect many key executive and legislative power grabs beyond abortion and that is why they are panicking.

    If Roe v Wade falls our Constitutional Republic,and states rights gain strength. Progressives are willing to literally go to war to maintain centralize and un-Constitutional power in Washington D. C. .

  3. OK I understand your position but are all y’all going to provide their pampers, formula, healthcare cost or co-pays for the very poor?? And then the Republicans currently are crying about welfare when all these rich people get corporate welfare it’s a no-win situation with some of them. Complete hypocrisy for the corporate and wealthy welfare. Not to mention are y’all going to provide for them for Christmas is birthdays every any holidays?? Every year I buy those angel tags to get gifts for children they’re going to need five or six or perhaps 10 trees if this goes into affect. Some people are smart enough not to have them if they can’t afford them and they’re going to get persecuted for their choice because they don’t want to bring a child into the world dirt poor?? Or is it the elites idea of having slave labor so to speak disposable for years to come?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ bad situation if you ask me.

  4. Abstainance never has worked well and will never work. Stop holding non Christians to the same standard of Christians. That's asinine.

    Birth control is fallible. Most abortions are not a first choice or straight as a control option. Stop regurgitating arbitrary stats.

  5. YOU PIOUS PIGFUCKING BIBLE BARFERS have NO right to tell another person what they must do with their personal issues. I don't care if a lady is 6 months into her pregnancy if she wants to suck out the blob of tissue and flush it she has the right to do so. You fools are dumb enough to believe in some phony God Dude story which disqualifies you from the category of Rational Intelligence.

  6. The question is Why does any woman need an abortion unless it is to save the life of the woman? All the Republicans need to do is pass a bill to make BIRTH control inexpensive and readily available? Either through the county health department or school health department. Or your regular doctor. Democrats the same for you with the BIRTH control bill the women can have all the sex you want them to have. The women would not need the abortion, for the most part. There may be some medical emergency to save the life of the woman. They are rare

  7. person of color Oprah comes to mind. Dr. Patel sounds racest to me. Where the hell was he when or other Doctors at when the state legislator at when writing the laws? Or for that matter ABC News?

  8. My ex once had an ectopic pregnancy. No abortion? She's dead. (That's when the egg is fertilized within the Fallopian tube). Can always count on the GOP to bring back the Dark Ages.

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