Ukraine evacuates civilians from Mariupol steel plant

The government said all women, children and older adults were safely evacuated from a besieged steel plant in the city.



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42 thoughts on “Ukraine evacuates civilians from Mariupol steel plant

  1. "I gotta be honest with you, I don't really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another."

    ~ Trump-endorsed Republican Senate candidate from Ohio J.D. Vance

  2. NEVER EVER believe a word the Fake News tell you about anything happening in the war in Ukraine, it is all lies and propaganda.
    Go to the Independent News outlets for the Truth, there are dozens of sites where you will find the truth and you will be shocked by the extent of the Fake News misinformation and propaganda.

  3. What about the men? I thought feminism was about equality, not preferential treatment. How pathetic it is for the feminists to keep their mouths shut at this time. Embarrassing!

  4. These civilians have been held by Avoz battalion and finally let them go, the entire area is captured by Russia so how would the Ukraine’s evacuate them? They are also being sent to Bezimenne, which is an area also held by Russians, nice propaganda

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  6. Ukrainian Propaganda at its finest, the reason why Russia didn't conquer Mariupol yet is bcz Russia can't attack Azov as they use civilians and children as human shields

    watch the news from outside the US if you want an unfiltered version of this Civilians in Mariupol steel plant

  7. Tell Ukrain thank you and evacuate the entire country i want as many lives saved as much as possible also relay the message for ukranians and russions to evacute the country or perish immediate 24/7 evacuation broadcast

  8. Ukraine evacuates civilians? its Russian soldiers ( 0:14 ) and the UN who evacuate them, Azov Battalion(Ukraine) has used civilians and children as a human shield for over a month now

  9. There also goes the French commado training advisors and the Green Beret training advisors, who were training the Ukrainian SS 3rd reich Nazis mercenaries at the Steel mill headquarters. Psalm 22:27-29 – no one can keep alive their own soul. Only Gods future plan for humanity, will succeed, not these engineered war games of the demented rich of James 5:1-5/Zephaniah 1:17,18, 3:8/ 1 Thess.5:3

  10. From what you see this war is going to become a war in RUSSIA AND USA in the Territory of UKRAINE.
    And from the looks of it, the USA doesn't care about the Ukrainian Soldiers and it will last until there is not a single Ukrainian Soldier left alive.
    Russia and Eukrania weeks ago were about to reach a neutral agreement, but the USA came as a nosy and the war continues.
    It is inhumane that the USA is promoting this war, manipulating the idiot Zelensky and providing weapons in a war that Ukraine will not win and where Ukraine will be completely destroyed and its soldiers dead.

  11. Lol keep giving credit to Ukraine for liberate those peoples
    Just show us the video where Ukraine has done that

  12. We sit here and listen to the media. We believe everything we are told. However, there have been multiple reports of different evacuations. I honestly believe that most people died and they don’t want to admit that on TV.

  13. This is all somehow messed up… these people don’t look like they’ve been there for so long… not dirty or messed up looking

  14. If you think this war just happened for no reason your more stupid, it’s been a plan of NATO for years to provocation plan, they put everything in place to get Russia to attack so they can start a proxy war to demonize Russia, and the Ukrainians are nothing more than sacrificial lambs for the plan of NATO and Zionists of Israel

  15. Pleased the innocent have been released civilians. Now the Russians need to Level the steel factory to wipe out the Neo-Nazi white supremacist AZOV battalion.

  16. 🔞🔴 Rapists and murderers from the 64 brigade of the Russian army "died" near Izyum
    It was the 64th brigade that massacred in Bucha and is now subject to total destruction by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    the Russian command rewarded them for their "feat" and transferred these suicide bombers to Izyum, knowing full well that no one would spare them. In this way, the orcs think to cover their tracks.
    According to preliminary estimates, about 300 non-humans from this brigade have already paid with their lives for their atrocities in Bucha.

  17. The Heroes Of Azovstal

    The Heroes of Azovstal
    Have made a choice
    To hold the sacred ground
    Of their glorious Ukraine

    The Heroes of Azovstal
    Have made their choice
    To set an example
    For all brave Ukrainians

    The Heroes of Azovstal
    Are fighting the invader
    With ‘Slava Ukraini!’
    On their Ukrainian lips

    The Heroes of Azovstal
    May sacrifice everything
    But with Ukrainian hands
    Dipped in Russian blood

    The Heroes of Azovstal
    Have made a choice
    To hold the sacred ground
    Of their glorious Ukraine


  18. This story is a lie. Ukraine didn't evacuate anybody. The Kyiv government has no authority at all in Mariupol. The Azov Battalion has been holding civilians as hostages/human shields in the cellars and tunnels beneath the Azovstal plant. Russia has offered 6 cease-fires and humanitarian corridors for the civilians to leave and the nazis of the Azov Battalion have held them captive. The Ukrainian nazis are now exchanging their hostages for food: 15 hostages per ton of food. Furthermore, the Russians have given the released civilians the choice of going to Ukraine, to Russia, or to stay in Donbass. Those few civilians who decided to go to Ukraine have been transported by the UN. Ukraine has nothing to with the rescue of the hostages. Quite the contrary. It is Ukrainian nazis who have been holding the civilians captive. Furthermore, the Russian clemency offer to the nazi holdouts in the Azovstal plant has expired and they will be EXTERMINATED. ABC is nothing more than a tool for western propaganda, disseminating pure disinformation.

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