US shared intel that helped Ukraine sink Russian ship, officials say l ABCNL

The U.S. shared intelligence with Ukraine that helped it sink the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, the Moskva, last month, according to two U.S. officials.

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38 thoughts on “US shared intel that helped Ukraine sink Russian ship, officials say l ABCNL

  1. Bragging about blowing up Russian generals could get us all killed. The idiot whistle blower who told the New York Times how Ukraine is doing all this has a few loose screws, but he/she is not the only one to blame, I also blame the media for reporting it. They above all should use their common sense and know that during War time, there are certain things you don't report. But the game is being the first one to tell the story. Well, their games could very possibly get us all killed.

  2. “Loose lips sink ships”. I admit the quote is a little confusing in this case as Russia lost the ship. But the U.S. needs to SHUT UP about how we are helping Ukraine. It is rather juvenile for our octogenarian leader to allow our “officials” to go around bragging like that. How ironic 🤔……and dangerous!

  3. This just in! Top Secret, don't tell the Russians.
    Wow what a dumb administration 😒.
    Let's see what happens to our supply efforts regarding what Russia considers their "bay of pigs"
    Got MOPP-IV?

  4. From what you see this war is going to become a war in RUSSIA AND USA in the Territory of UKRAINE.
    And from the looks of it, the USA doesn't care about the Ukrainian Soldiers and it will last until there is not a single Ukrainian Soldier left alive.
    Russia and Eukrania weeks ago were about to reach a neutral agreement, but the USA came as a nosy and the war continues.
    It is inhumane that the USA is promoting this war, manipulating the idiot Zelensky and providing weapons in a war that Ukraine will not win and where Ukraine will be completely destroyed and its soldiers dead.

  5. i will expect 3 or 4 American ships 🚢 will sink soon thanks to American media .. war time news not supposed to be like this .. Western media is working so hard to bring the war to our door steps ..stop it

  6. Rest in peace, Russian ship! Ukraine is still
    not part of Russia, so I am writing. Weak American Democrats are incapable of
    arresting Putin's ruling oligarchy and their family members, even if they are
    abroad. (For example, to exchange them for arrested Americans in Russia or
    Russia's allies!) The Biden administration should be impeached. Americans, vote
    Republican and take to the streets to rally in support of the Republican Party!
    Moreover, in the game Forge of Empires it is time to cancel the possibility of
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    owners and developers of the game administration for intolerance. (Sanctions!)
    This computer game is about the development of a Western-type civilization, so
    the possibility of robbery and robbery against other players will compromise
    the entire West. (The developers are in Germany, which is a US ally in NATO!)
    It's time for the US to revise all computer games developed in NATO countries
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    Everything is calm in Russia. The non-systemic opposition does not protest en
    masse, the systemic opposition rallies only when the Kremlin needs it. The
    opposition does not publish the personal data of anti-opposition officials of
    the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard and members of
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    announced that it would recruit Russians, but through browsers inaccessible to
    Russians for the Darknet. This is the greatest failure of the American
    Democrats! (But the current CIA director, William Burns, should be the US
    Democratic President because he is the best Democrat.) Moreover, the Biden
    administration is bad at sawing through the US budget! The ruling Democrats
    could sell and send to Ukraine the old ships of the American navy. So that
    Russian sailors would sink or capture these "new" Ukrainian ships – a
    radio-controlled part of the fleet without a crew. (The RC ships destined for
    capture are to be loaded with money, gold and platinum "to help
    Ukraine" – so that the Russian navy and Russia do not go bankrupt on this
    "special operation", some of this treasure should go to anonymous
    accounts of the ruling American Democrats abroad after being written off as a
    “war loss”.) Ships intended for arrival in Ukrainian ports must have Ukrainian
    crews and cargo for Ukraine! Carrying out such an international "special
    operation" would additionally enable the US military-industrial complex to
    receive new large orders for the renewal of the US Navy and raise the ratings
    of the ruling politicians and the media of many states. But the American
    Democrats are not able to imitate an international war and bloodless battles at
    sea and are unable even to expel Russia from the World Trade Organization, by
    this they expose the USA to the accusations of weakness! What can I advise you
    in this case? Americans, accept the Orthodox Christianity of the Moscow
    Addition about the Biden presidency. Russians have limited opportunities to
    immigrate to the US. (For political refugees too!) There are almost no
    opportunities for Russians to find remote work in the United States. Guess how
    this will affect the reputation of the USA! Do you have a plan on any options?

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