Biden visits Buffalo, New York, in wake of mass shooting

ABC News obtains a document allegedly posted online by the suspect that authorities say may indicate how he carefully planned the shooting.

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40 thoughts on “Biden visits Buffalo, New York, in wake of mass shooting

  1. United States has the lowest level of overall trust in the news among those 46 countries surveyed. The survey data reveals that only 29% of the 327 million people in the U.S. trust domestic news media.

  2. "Oh they're dying for me quickly now
    The ways are always mine to choose
    'Cause once it's done it doesn't matter
    Between the faith or fate I'm not confused
    About my purpose no
    Reduce them all in shame
    And the bones will pave my kingdom
    They have only themselves to blame
    Here they go

    10 more dead…"

  3. Why didn't he visit Colorado last year when it happened at a grocery store????¿???????? That's right it doesn't fit your narrative doesn't fit the Democratic narrative the leftist b*******.. we see what you really are

  4. Why do ANY of us continue listening to Joe Biden's lies? As if, we're compiling a list of his lies. Journalists have to. They're paid to do it. When I have sour milk in my refrigerator, I pour it out. I don't keep tasting it….. Pour Biden out? Joe Biden's been a racist for many years. Openly racist…. Hiding in plain sight…. Usually, standing in the shadows of bigger racists, ( Biden's mentors ). Question? When did Joe Biden transform, and become a racial healer? When did Joe Biden become the Black American's "champion"? Answer? …… Never….. Hasn't happened yet. One more question? Did Joe Biden ever apologize for saying those little Black children he met with, reminded him of "roaches"? Did the press stay with that? Or, give Joe a pass?

  5. Civilian difending with martial art in public area not with gun so law for difending every body in public area can talking law not on the track or senat fail in resulting law.

  6. Biden gave a warm eulogy for Robert Byrd (former Exalted Cyclops in the Klu Klux Klan) saying "he was one of my mentors" and "the senate is a lesser place for his going." You are the domestic terrorist and poison, Joe Biden.

  7. Why haven't that creep's parents made any statement. You can't blame his entire motive on white supremacist website. He was acting out before he graduated from high school. I understand his dad bought him one of the guns for his birthday. So, where the hell is these parents, grandparents, uncles anybody. Very strange.

  8. RIP BUFFALO VICTIMS. It's too bad that the Democrats are using MSM as propaganda for their narratives of "white supremacy" rather than being a bipartisan news network. Remember the NY subway shooter or the Wisconsin parade?

  9. Let's talk about white supremacy and gun laws. Let's make laws so law-abiding citizens can't defend themselves like a criminal is going to listen to your laws. All he has to do is cross that border and get whatever gun he wants cuz they're wide open right now

  10. God bless the president ❤️
    Great speech in Buffalo. Hopefully something's gonna be done to eradicate white supremacists terror. A cancer spreading through the nation. Since Trump, hate speech became normal and mainstream.

  11. The black community need the same thing that Biden, democrats, and republicans gave the Asians when they were attacked. Asians received tangibles from the government. They got a hate crime law and money for their businesses. They do not need Biden empty words. No tangibles no vote.

  12. It's funny that's not what he called the Wisconsin killer or the black man in Brooklyn who targeted white people or the Chinese extremist that shot up a church last week funny those things are forgotten I forgot it's only okay if you kill white people

  13. Biden and his administration need to go to hell directly. This man and
    his evil flunkies have done more to damage this country than any
    external enemy. Need to get rid of dumocrats in November.

  14. LMAO, Dementia Joe and the ENTIRE Democrat Party need to visit the thousands of victims each year of BLACK on BLACK murder in all Democrat run inner cities, and also visit the Black women who have 400,000 Democrat supported abortions each year. Black people need to wake up, between murder and abortion in Democrat run cities, the Democrat Party is desperately trying to exterminate Blacks, and they can't figure that out.

  15. I was watching the 4chan thread minutes after the shooting, and I learned about glowies, gov that spies in the chat. They shut down the live shooting by the time 20 people viewed it but watched as he murdered 11 people in a place they were well aware he was going to kill people. Bureaucracy loves murderers like this fool who helps push their agenda of gun confiscation.

  16. Biden quotes:
    Some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.
    You ain't black (if you don't vote for him).
    Obama is "the first mainstream african american who is articulate and bright and clean.
    You can't go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.
    In 2010 Biden eulogized KKK Leader Robert Byrd, saying he was "one of my mentors" (also Killery's mentor)
    In 1977, regarding bussing he said that forced busing to desegregate schools would cause his children to "grow up in a racial jungle."

  17. Oh the irony! Look back on this clown in his life history. He's the biggest racist of them all. He also calls the biggest racists in history "close friends". You fools need to stop being used every election cycle by these rich old ass white liberals until they need to use you again during another panderfest only to put you right back into your poverty stricken, crime infested, poorly educated slave pens amd give you absolutely NOTHING but rich old white liberal empty words. Wake the fuk up fools.

  18. Hypocrisy, homicide is the big killer of black, with 9.913 murdered in 2021, the vast majority were victims of black-on-black violence, not white supremacists!

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