Finland and Sweden move closer to joining NATO l GMA

Ian Pannell reports on the latest updates on the war in Ukraine.

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  1. if Finland and Sweden join NATO everything will be worse and we should let Putin do his thing because you guys aren't the best at telling the truth.
    you guys probably stand with Ukraine did you guys stand with DONBASS WHEN UKRAINE MILITARY AND THE AZOV BATTALION (the neo Nazi unit) WAS BOMBING AND SHEELING THEM FOR 8 YEARS? nah you probably ignored that.
    oh yeah the AZOV Battalion is a neo Nazi unit the AZOV battalion also has some interesting symbols which has 1. The Black Sun The Black Sun ( (German: Schwarze Sonne) is a Nazi symbol, a type of sun wheel (German: Sonnenrad) employed in Nazi Germany and later by neo-Nazis. The symbol's design consists of twelve radial sig runes, similar to the symbols employed by the SS in their logo.) and also has the wolfsangle symbol.

  2. Sweden and Finland have their rights to choose and decide in joining NATO. But one thing sure, there will be more support, protection, and security by joining NATO. On the other hand, NATO will be more stronger and powerful too, as these two countries are already powerful. Because NATO is an organization and group of great and powerful countries, with a common principle, “one for all and all for one.” Just like a brotherhood of strong nations. Just don’t forget Ukraine, they proved and sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom and democracy. Hope Ukraine is next to be a member.

  3. They want to join NATO for one reason. They want the Americans to defend their countries to the last American because they can't or don't have the military forces to defend their countries themselves. Same reason South Korea and Japan and Taiwan expect all Americans to die for them. Thats what NATO is European countries asking Americans to defend and die for their countries to the last American.

  4. Has anybody bother to ask people of these countries if they want to join and answers is no so accept and like same for your countries when you govt wants to make giant decisions without a vote you should not complain

  5. Leave it to the Muslims to ruin a good thing. Turkey is so passionate about their accusations against Sweden they can't even think straight. Adding Finland and Sweden would be so much more of an asset than that crap country.

  6. Think thousand time to join NATO for Sweden and Finlandia ,be a nonblock country .to Made feace country,make a good relationship with neighbore side by side in peace.ukrania Messy country now so sad.

  7. F*k Sweden and Finland. They scared to death and nobody will show mercy. Turkey stand with Russia will collapse the world.

  8. [5/18, 17:28] Settimio.Cesco: Finland and Sweden have seen a marked change in their opinion on neutrality in a few months. Finland is currently making a formal request for entry into NATO. Let us remember, however, that the choice of neutrality and non-alignment has been defended for many years, in the face of a current very sudden change of opinion.
    I think that these two countries should meditate more on the costs and benefits of joining NATO. The benefit is protection from an attack by Russia. In reality, this seems unlikely to everyone, as in Finland there are no preparations of military equipment, there are no "neo-Nazis", there is no Russian-speaking population that is discriminated against. But clearly the "fear" of the enemy is justified.
    [5/18, 17:28] Settimio.Cesco: The other entirely geopolitical benefit could be the likely reinforcement that entry into NATO has in the contention for resources of the Arctic. In fact, I sincerely hope that there are no evaluations of this kind in the field. In any case, it seems clear to me that Finnish and Swedish politics seem to want to seize this window of opportunity (conflict in Ukraine) and today's support from public opinion to join NATO.
    [5/18, 17:29] Settimio .Cesco: We come to costs. A cost that has perhaps not been weighted well, at least by public opinion, is that the presence of a military organization, moreover with a strong foreign component, can only increase military influence on politics. This means that the military organization will always try to influence politics and public opinion in order to survive and justify its existence.
    [5/18, 17:29] Settimio.Cesco: Finally, I think that the entry of a country into the Born leads to a decrease in democracy and the freedom / autonomy of the country. First example: Finland will be forced to review internal policies not liked by other allies, see Turkey. Second example: military infrastructures always need to review the rules for environmental protection. Third example: the public budget must be revised to finance the alliance.
    [18/5, 17:30] Settimio.Cesco: For these reasons I think that Finland and Sweden should take the time to evaluate together a choice that involves everyone , from political organizations, to the media, to economic organizations and to the population as a whole.

  9. It's not just FINLAND & SWEDEN joining NATO, another country between FRANCE, ITALY, LIECHTENSTEIN, AUSTRIA, GERMANY is also considering NATO MEMBERSHIP!!! The more RUSSIAN ARMY is in UKRAINE, the more other countries will join NATO!!!

  10. Sweden and Finland would be GREAT additions to Nato. Sadly Turkey is blocking it right now. I´m not sure Turkey should be in Nato anymore with this kind of blackmail.

  11. Good for Finland 🇫🇮 and Sweden 🇸🇪
    Japan 🇯🇵 want to join NATO
    konichiwa NATO
    The highest-ranking uniformed officer in Japan's Self-Defense Forces will attend a NATO Military Chiefs of Defense meeting for the first time Thursday,

  12. Sweden and Finland's membership in NATO is very dangerous Russia should not be provoked The presence of Finland and Sweden in NATO will provoke Russia Russia's provocation draws the war to Central Europe The provocation of Russia will surely create a war between Russia and NATO And the Russia-NATO war will surely be a nuclear war The West is fighting Russia with the support of Ukraine In fact, Russia is not at war with Ukraine, but with the West For Russia, the Ukraine war is no different from a direct war with the West So Russia will try to fight the West directly And that means nuclear war in Central and Western Europe And World War III World War III will be different from World Wars I and II because it will be a nuclear war We should not make emotional decisions I think that Sweden and Finland's membership in NATO is very dangerous and will lead to a nuclear war . Unfortunately, it is too late for Sweden and Finland to join NATO Sweden and Finland should have tried to join NATO before Putin, not now Accepting Sweden and Finland in NATO is an emotional and very dangerous decision Our assistance to Finland and Sweden should be similar to our assistance to Ukraine That is, aid – financial – political – weapons .

  13. Why put ourselves in danger to protect the Swedes who care about no one but themselves? They don't even have an army yet. How can they contribute to NATO? They also openly support terrorists, the archenemy of a NATO ally with one of the strongest armies. Who would you like to see with you in a possible Russian-NATO war? Turks with 40 years of war experience or Swedes?

  14. 2003年3月20日にイラク戦争が開始されてから10年がたつが未だこの戦争の過ちについて十分な総括が国際的になされていない。












  15. "I gotta be honest with you, I don't really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another."

    ~ Trump-endorsed Republican Senate candidate from Ohio J.D. Vance

  16. So we are going to World War 3, you are dump people just don't know yet how is horiable war is, you are happy watch people kill each other, but soon you are the one who in the battlefield dumbass

  17. Sweden does not deserve to join NATO. Until NATO sorts out how much
    Sweden must pay for the membership, NATO should not just let Sweden to
    join for free protection. NATO is not a charity organization like IKEA.

  18. On July 4th,2022 … the Russian Federation is going to nuke Mystery Babylon USSA into oblivion!!! And without the USSA , the UN / NATO are also finished!!!

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