Parents nationwide search for baby formula

Shelves are increasingly empty across the country due to a baby formula shortage.


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26 thoughts on “Parents nationwide search for baby formula

  1. For many women, formula feeding does not have to be the only choice! Breastfeeding is much better for baby (and even mom) than formula. Here are some tips for successful breastfeeding:
    1. If possible, try breastfeeding right after birth. Hold the baby "skin to skin", that is baby only in diaper against your bare chest with a blanket over the baby's back and over yourself for warmth. Babies may not get the hang of breastfeeding right away, this is normal, and sometimes they need a little time, even an hour to figure out how to latch on.
    2. Breastfeed on demand (not timed). Whenever baby wants. If you have to be away from baby, try to pump, this keeps breastmilk production going.
    3. Babies do not need water, formula or any food for the first 6 months if they are breastfed! Breastmilk provides the fluids and nutrients they need (only supplemental vitamin D drops recommended). The more you give other things to baby other than breastmilk, the less baby is breastfeeding. The less baby is breastfeeding, the less breastmilk is produced. (This is only for the first 6 months. Baby should be given pureed foods and water in addition to breasmilk at 6 months and after).
    4. Don't assume you have low milk supply if you cannot express a lot, even with a breast pump. When I was exclusively breastfeeding my babies, they got chubby and gained weight well, but when I expressed milk even with a breastfeeding pump, I got very little in the bottle. (I would breastfeed whenever baby wanted, not timed). If baby is gaining weight, that is a much better indicator of having adequate breastmilk supply than how much milk can be expressed in a bottle.
    5. Avoid pacifiers if possible. Offer breastfeeding when baby needs pacifying.
    7. Drink lots of fluids/water. Try to eat a balanced diet. Continue taking prenatal vitamins.
    8. Hold baby skin to skin when possible, and while breastfeeding (when possible). Skin to skin (especially uninterrupted for 2 hours) helps with breasmilk production, helps mom and baby bond and reduce anxiety for both, helps baby's immune system. Even much shorter times of skin to skin are effective too! Just do what you can (I know it's not easy! I speak from experience!) Even if you do not end up breastfeeding, still try to hold baby skin to skin, it still has so many benefits for the baby. Even dads or other family members can hold the baby skin to skin and it helps with immunity, bonding, anxiety.
    Breastfeeding is hard, but worth it… Some women really truly are unable to breastfeed, but it is worth trying for sure. The longer a baby can breastfeed the better. I hope this helped someone. P. S. Oh yes, and breastfeeding saves you money! I hope these tips help ❤ oh and breastfeeding reduces the risk of a woman later developing breast cancer, which is one of the most common cancers for women!

  2. In a pinch, babies over six months — with no known allergies — can have pasteurized whole-milk cow’s milk for a brief period of time until parents are able to find formula. While not ideal in large part because it does not provide sufficient iron, it’s preferable to offering them homemade formula or diluting store-bought formula with water, Dr. Abrams said

  3. In fact not all amazon. Amazon india or amazon other country still have a merchandises. They better to check that out.

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    And yet, all you see if the media covering for this geriatric failure. If a Republican was in office and things were this bad it would be 24/7 nonstop coverage.

    I hope you can be honest with yourself. Biden is a failure and the Democrat policies are bad for America.

  5. WHAT A SHAME! The greatest country in the world is out of baby formula! Led by an illegal President! A dimentia goon with his socialist/marxist Dems have totally destroyed America!

  6. Have you all looked up what’s in baby formulas? Some are better than others but a lot has corn syrup and soy protein ( not nonGMO and with pesticides) as well as other questionable ingredients. Surely there is something better than this stuff.

  7. The President could divert all the stock piles and orders going to the southern border?? Maybe take care of our citizens first… that’s a thought, if your thinking! I can’t imagine being a young parent trying to survive with children right now, my heart goes out to you and your struggles!

  8. I'd lay money the Biden administration is going to fire her for leaking that information about the formula being sent to the border, while American citizens children are going without. Because that's what they do, they are snakes. They want to make these "terrorists" America citizens the USA to insure they will stay in power with their votes from these illegals. (regardless if its illegal) You know, it would seem that the liberals would see the true colors of these current democrat politicians by now. These democrats that are currently in power do not care about America or them them! They only care about retaining their power, and their money. And they will sacrifice "ANY AMERICA" to achieve that goal then bold face lie to ALL OF US. They do not want the people of America to know what they are doing. My question is America are you smart enough to get it now? They are literally proving they don't care about you or your children and I don't care who your political party is they don't care about you or us. WAKE UP!!!

  9. What happens when you close a factory down that produces 49% of the country Baby Formula with no backup plan of asking other to increase production till it comes back online

  10. How come we have not Seen Biden Bring in the FDA and Ask them. Why is this factory closed, when they have meet all requirements to reopen???

  11. Whats disgusting is that shelves are full at Southern border holding areas for illegals, far as I can tell just pick it up free. While Americans struggle to feed their babies illegals get all they want for free.

  12. i think it is strange that since Biden supports abortion that we now have a baby formula shortage which is mainly caused by the same regulating government.

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  14. Making defense contractors, supplying weapons to Ukraine, millionaires is more important than American babies? The FDA didn't hesitate to shut down the factory but can't be bothered to help with the solution.

  15. lol imagine if this was gong on under trumps administration…. there would be mass burning and looting and the media would SCREAMING AT TRUJMP for an answer

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