Retired cop who confronted gunman in Buffalo massacre hailed as ‘hero’

Aaron Salter was one of 10 people killed in the mass shooting.


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36 thoughts on “Retired cop who confronted gunman in Buffalo massacre hailed as ‘hero’

  1. I thought if kill a cop the police department would come after you with guns blazing. 🤔🤨 And then I remembered that the shooter is white probably the toke him to get some 🍔 and 🍟🥤 to rehydrate himself. 😤 all racist kunts

  2. This is not mental health problem this is straight racism aka white supremacy 💩 white ppl please stop talking about us like you know how we feel!😤🤨 400 years

  3. He was a good man. I will be going to show my respect to all the victims. I personally work with Aaron’s stepson and the pain and rage of this hitting so close to home is something I never felt before. Rip not just for the 10 lives we just lost but for all lives lost in hate of the color of our skin. Black or white.

  4. Tucker Carlson and The Republican Party in Congress is Definitely Responsible for A lot because of his Racist Redoric which is obviously qouted in the 18 Year Old Shooter's Manifesto.
    Tucker Carlson is Complicit because he knowingly Spouts Lies to his Audience Viewers.
    Proof is in all his shows.

  5. With all due respect there was no hero in this 😢 the guy who shot all those people was clearly taught to hate black people. 10 people was killed! who saved them??

  6. Aaron Salter, 😢🙏. I'm honored to type your name. Thank you for representing the "greatness" that gives hope. The forces that try to separate us with hate must not and cannot succeed. You honored yourself, your family, your profession and your country. You didn't run while facing an unfair fight, a rifle and body armor wearing terrorist. You reacted how all who consider themselves to be protectors hope they would. You reacted with courage and valor. May all who knew you have peace and comfort to go along with the admiration they feel.

  7. The white supremacist terrorist who killed at least 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York and livestreamed it, Payton Gendron, published a fascist manifesto using the same "black sun" Nazi symbol used by Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov militia, which NATO is arming & training …….

  8. Unlike the Waukesha and nyc subway terror attacks, the media and dems will keep this at the front for weeks to fit their false narrative and divide the country.

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  10. Why is no one reporting the shooting every weekend in Chicago ,PHILADELPHIA ,LA,NEW YORK ? This narrative of attacking whites has shown there is a two their justice system and a biased politicized media. Murder is murder and news channels and Politicians using it to affirm a one sided narrative is disgraceful !! The Twitter bots will working furiously on this one. Funny how all this shooters views were leftist except for his so called manifesto ?

  11. this is the case of good guy with a gun can't kill the bad gun with a gun… so NRA will now say good guys should arm RPG or grenade launcher instead of guns…

  12. This is almost an exact repeat of the shooting last year in a Boulder, CO grocery store. !0 were killed including a Boulder police officer responding to the situation. In that instance the shooter was a Middle Eastern man with a history of mental health issues and violent outbursts that apparently were ignored by his family. RIP to the brave officer and condolences to his family and friend.

  13. The Democrats, the CIA, and the FBI are going to commit terrorists attack after terror attack this summer. This kid was clearly a highly trained operative with on a carefully crafted plan and a plagerised manifesto. Complains about government and gun control laws but targets a minority neighborhood?

    BS, this has deep state all over it.

  14. This shooting is why the constitution has THE SECOND AMENDMENT . The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. We need people to STEP FORWARD TO PROTECT .

  15. I thought the police needed to be defunded.. Because they are the greatest threat.
    How about the gang shootings all around. More blacks are killed then, or through abortion. So cover those stories. Oh wait, you won't.

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