Russian troops suffer ‘significant’ losses trying to cross river in Ukraine | ABCNL

The British Ministry of Defense said the present situation in the Donbas could be a tipping point if new equipment given to Ukraine will be enough to hold back Russian attempts to break through.

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35 thoughts on “Russian troops suffer ‘significant’ losses trying to cross river in Ukraine | ABCNL

  1. This war is all about the Russian pipeline running to Germany. Currently many of Russian pipelines run through Ukraine. Does that make it clearer why Russia is at war with Ukraine.

  2. They gained Mariupol but lost Kharkiv and a few other cities. It is a zero sum gain along with a lot of dead solders and destroyed equipment. They have lost their ultimate goal through a long string of loses. The Russian army have gone through many generals and commanders with ultimate result which is failure as the Ukrainians are fighting a hit and run style defence and offence so they are hard to pin down. Putin is doubling down on the Ukrainian war by sending more equipment and solders all of which will end up the same way. With Belarus railway resistance fighters stalling the transport of equipment and with Ukrainians blowing up ammunition depots and equipment the situation is getting dire for Russias. This war cannot even be sustained for a year before Russia itself will fall into utter bankruptcy and chaos with the European sanctions, reducing consumption of gas and switching gas suppliers. All of which point to almost no money left in the bank to pay for this costly war on Ukraine with no real objective and no real monetary gain beside ruin. Slava Ukraine.

  3. Let Turkey go. Turkey is a questionable ally. They can create their own alliance with Azerbaijan, Khazakstan and other world powers.

  4. Yet watch Trump’s speech just after Putin invaded, Trump calls him a ‘very savvy’ guy carrying out ‘genius’ action on a ‘peacekeeping’ mission. It’s all on YouTube, check it out. Despicable and totally disgusting.

  5. If NATO puts nukes in the Ukraine then Russia should be able to put nukes in Cuba that's fair right that's fair fair that's fair right

  6. Firstly its Turkiye not Turkey, and also Turkiye is blocking Finland and Sweden's bid to join Nato because both those countries are harboring members of terrorists group including PKK, who have carried out terrorists attacks in Turkiye. How would you feel if some country was harboring member of ISIS or Alqaeda? No double game here

  7. I always hear russia is taking heavy losses. No mention is ever made of ukranian losses and why do they need 7 billion a month on resupply of weapons?
    there must be a massive loss of equipment to be replaced. All your reporting is either bullshit or you have spies on the russian front lines

  8. As a former Vietnam Combat Intelligence Officer I've noticed something different over the past 2 weeks. As a result, of the up tempo of the Russian Offensive actions the amount of resources expended by Russia is rapidly increasing. While in the past we would see several pieces of equipment being put out of commission daily now we have been bombarded daily with massive destruction of materials, equipment and manpower in the dozens vs. single individual events. If Russia keeps going this way the destruction of the Russian Forces is of such a scale Russia won't have anything left to fight with should this pace continue. If the loss, because of up tempo offensive operations continue at this accelerated rate, I predicated that Russian Armed Forces Combat abilities will run out of resources – tanks, armored carriers, manpower in several months. Now I'm of the opinion that it will happen in 2 + weeks at this accelerated pace. Such sustainable losses are impossible to replace and predict that the Russian Army will collapse soon. The key to this offensive will be Izyum. If Ukraine does the same thing in this area as it did in Kharkiv we will see the Russian Army disintegrate.

  9. Russia is degenerate country with one of the biggest percentage of smokers and abortion on the world. Russia should collapsed because addicters are not worthy anything!

  10. Exact same tactics Nazi Germany successfully used to overrun Czechoslovakia in 1938. Annex and then conquer except this time the nation is fighting back and this time the nation has support from Western countries (unlike 1938).
    Putin may be successful in the long run but the cost to Russia will be devastating.
    All Putin will accomplish will be to strengthen NATO and Western resolve to isolate Russia and to bring him down as a leader.
    Meanwhile, innocents die in Ukraine and the everyday Russian citizen pays the price for their leader's megalomania!

  11. I'll tell you usa looking over Russians every move and telling ukranians where to attack and when attack, advantually Russian's will kicked out of Ukraine land's..!👊🤜

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  13. Eachcountry has its own national interests, just as America attacks countries in the Middle East with its own reasons (which is to take oil from east countries by force), as well as Russia, which objected to Ukraine's political policy of inviting Nato to its country ( prevent nato and america to establish military base approaching moscow which is threatening russia and million of its people ).diplomacy fail to end in war is normal, so  If dont want war , do not impose policies that harm neighboring countries.nato and zelensky must know , if you all can not care what needed to be peace , im afraid nuclear war will soon happen in this world , and your life civiliann will be a victim. Stop propaganda , stop establish military base in another country, STOP PROVOKE…if you do care with peace ,do care with all civilian life in all country , including in ur country

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