School officials contacted police about alleged Buffalo supermarket gunman in 2021 l GMA

New York State Police troopers went to Susquehanna High School to investigate a report that a 17-year-old student had made a threatening statement, but the incident resulted in no criminal charges.

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41 thoughts on “School officials contacted police about alleged Buffalo supermarket gunman in 2021 l GMA

  1. "All the warning signs were there…" Yet no ones does anything because they're afraid of violating his civil liberties?

  2. Everyone sees how wrong this is … yet where is the protection for Black people when Asians have an anti hate bill? Saddest thing is he probably will get out of jail before he’s 30

  3. stronger gun and white supremacists laws would be a start . Not just to save lives but to ensure something is actually implemented to stop this from happening ever again not just talked about for our children's sake and the future of our race one people one color . one day I would love to see a government that puts an end to racial discrimination and violence for which it has no part in this evolving world. instilling a law bound to make sure police brutality and corrupt racial injustices are served equally and are upheld in the highest court is a start . for we are one people and need to start acting like one .

  4. The U S. has the most firearms per capita of any country in the world (Yemen is a distant second), being the only nation on EARTH with more guns than people. Not surprisingly, we also have the highest rates of gun violence of any country in the developed world by far. Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Norway, and almost all other developed countries have some of the strictest gun laws, and also have the lowest rates of gun violence of any country in the world. Coincidence? I think not. This is the price you pay for "freedom." I hope it's worth it.

    Fun fact: 9 out of the top 10 states with the highest rates of gun violence per capita are the Republican-led states of Alaska, Mississippi, Wyoming, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Montana.

    Source: WorldPopulationReview

  5. Another BORING Domestic American shooting. Make America Great should be Make America Smarter.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans every day. 188 American school shootings in the last 10 years.

    A busload of Aunties needs to go on a jandal-slapping road trip. Jail Tucker and sue Fox TV!

    Thank God I'm not American !

  6. PINKY POWER ARE THE REAL ENEMY of the world. Colonialism is dead. Thank God I'm not American.

    Unless you're Native American, you came from someplace else. – B.Obama.

    Deb Haaland is 35th generation while patriot wannabe Trump is only 2nd generation.

    Pinkies stole California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Western Colorado from Mexico and stole the rest from Indians.

  7. We need to ban violent video games like Grand Thief Automobile, rap music by Eminem and Young Thug who is actually in jail right now, movies and shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad!

  8. Dang, Whites Only, get honored and praised for killing minorities daily. I can't wait for the their war to start so we can get to it. Scarey bitches

  9. O, the public school district lacks a savvy district psychologist too?
    If adults in the Public School District AND Police are adiquately prepared the liability is County and STate.

  10. White teen walking around in society with no criminal charges after he made a threat. This is why we are right here today. A Black 11-year-old girl gets arrested about a drawing. That white girl said she drew. Black girl gets arrested and charged over a social media post that someone lied as she did it. Black kids are treated differently than white kids by cops. Blacks are treated differently than whites in general. THIS MESS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!🤨

  11. Why in the actual hell wasn't he flagged to not be able to legally purchase a weapon after the threat he made in high school????!!! It was clearly serious enough to make a mental eval ordered though….🙄🙄🙄
    It's called PRIVILEGE! Furthermore, mommy and daddy's money AND local govt positions probably got him through the mental eval with flying colors!!! PRIVILEGE, once again!!!!

  12. Welcome to The Grim Nation News…
    This the only kind of shooting we in the black community will ever acknowledge. I mean this really don't strike nobody else as a strange phenomenon that a billion blacks can die by the hands of blacks and not one news station will blink an eye but every white on black shooting is automatically world news.
    This is actually really weird that this happens so much like the Bermuda triangle and other strange events that can't be explained. It's mind blowing to me but again it shows a cycle that we repeat over and over like mindless robots and a system that has us brainwash like zombies that us killing each other is a natural part of a normal life. I can only watch and wonder what's going to be the breaking point that wakes my people up. The red pill or the blue pill ……………..GRIM

  13. imagine if all the media, blm and big mouth congress people hadnt been up whites a$$ the last 5 years talking hate , this poor fool might not have went off the deep end and did this , how much hate talk can a guy take?

  14. This guy can legally get a gun.But I have to go hot.Incredibly ass backwards.Its no skin off my nose.If the goverment doesn't want to know what I am packing it's fine with me.

  15. "An epidemic of violence and hate in this nation..(CNN)." So, when Trump was in power all of these incidents were blamed on him because he created racism in America. When a democratic president is in power, who does CNN blame then?

  16. Funny how people excuse this mans behavior but blame a whole race when it would have been a person of color. Why can't people just understand that all races have bad guys, doesn't make a whole race responsible for it. This crime in particular shouldn't be excused, when you wouldn't do it for someone else with the same reasons

  17. Don't get it twisted, that's EXACTLY what Faux News, the radical SCOTUS and the Ultra MAGAts want. A far-right war on women and minorities is raging before our very eyes.

  18. People need to just quit with the blame game no matter what law is put in place the black market is still a thing you dipshits!

  19. So, it's a crime epidemic when Black people are mowed down but a hate crime when it' s any other minority?
    I wonder where this young man got this hate. Just from his parents? Really?

  20. If only the far-right, GQP and radical SCOTUS were putting the same efforts in saving actual lives than they put in controlling women and forcing rape and incest victims to carry their executioners babies, we would have less of those. But the far-right is too busy pandering to the white supremacists and fake Evangelicals to actually care…they're not pro-life just anti-choice.

    There's no universe where you can discard women's rights and mental health or worship guns when all data show that America is the worse country when it comes to gun violence among developed nations due to its lenient, obsessive and permissive gun laws, and pretend to be pro-life.

  21. They always miss the signs. The suspect was able to buy a gun because there were no charges brought against him. It is the legal system who has failed us not gun laws. That is why if you do the crime you should have to do the time

  22. Can you afford to be a Democrat? Gas 4.56 ,Baby formula is triple if you can find it. Criminals are being released with 3 or more arrests for crimes of violence and a $00.1¢ bail and court date three years into the future.

  23. Republicans and FoxNews for sure are making a good job to the point where this types of tragedies continue to happen. Republican politicians are promoting "The great replacement" conspiracy theory while Fox is giving ground to kinds pf Tucker Carlson to keep promoting on his show.

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