Johnny Depp’s legal team gets set to cross-examine Amber Heard l GMA

Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are preparing for the next round of their courtroom clash starting on Monday.

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49 thoughts on “Johnny Depp’s legal team gets set to cross-examine Amber Heard l GMA

  1. She has NEVER had a broken nose or black eyes because of she did she would know that no amount of makeup helps a broken nose and very rarely covers that amount of bruises and swelling. That in itself tells me she's never experienced any of it to say it was covered with makeup amd ice helps swelling over night…. girrrrrl don't even!!

  2. THE FACTS DICTATE Amber Heard is a PROVEN HUSBAND BEATER A Man ABUSER A VERBAL ABUSER and a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR Amber Heard's own Mother was AFRAID of Amber Sickening Amber Heard SLAPS her Friends sick.            

    Let's remember Amber's therapist's testimony.   Amber CUTS HERSELF therefore Amber is capable of HITTING herself one in the same. 

    Amber proclaims she's a makeup expert, therefore capable of creating FAKE BRUISES anywhere on her face or body.

    It's a Lady's dream to marry an Abusive Man. Right!?!? They weren't even married half of the time frame outlined. Amber is clearly sick in the head.   

    Johnny doesn't need to sexually abuse anyone nor has it ever been reported or insinuated by any.   

    Amber is obviously extremely codependent.  Needing her Bubble with Johnny,  basically Johnny all to herself.  

    This is Sickening. Let's marry a Man who sexually abuse's you slap's you around and than you'll need to convince him that you love him.  REALLY… WOW…. Shame on you Amber!

    Amber Heard must be sadistic taking pleasure in her significant others PAIN using it against Johnny Just like Johnny Said Amber did!

    That's convenient, she can't recall. Have you Ever Been So Mad at Somebody that you just Lost it say's Amber to Johnny's House Manager Ben.

    You can't tell everyone the TRUTH Johnny I'll lose my CREDIBILITY say's Amber Heard via Recorded audio.

    Who would believe you?  I a Man . Johnny Depp am a victim of Domestic Abuse….. Go ahead Johnny and let's see who will believe you… Let's see Who will side with you Johnny say's Amber via audio recording.

    I hope Amber gets the Mental help she so desperately needs! 

    However that Mental help won't be coming from this angry so called Expert Dr. Hugh's  

    Moreover,  Dr. Hugh's has clearly gotten her He's and She's backwards. By all rights should be utilizing Perpetrator and Victim, extremely biased and unprofessional!

    Everything done in the Dark will be seen in the Light..

  3. Im shamelessly fascinated by the intellectual property implications of the Johnny Depp expose court of public opinion trial. I’m also deeply moved by the witch hunt of the Amber Heard marital dysfunction trial. The looming question is- Why didn’t DISNEY sign Johnny Depp? Because of public opinion of him, his own flavor of brand, or his track record of reliability and contract term with production companies? Is Johnny Depp Gay?! OUCH. Screw Disney let’s all cancel Fascist Disney!
    Just kidding!
    #CancelDisney. ?

  4. Toxic feminism allowed Amber Heard to lie and destroy JD life because she was bitter and he lost a lot, and women just automatically believed her without asking questions years ago. Amber Heard put women back in their movement to be believed about domestic violence because it turns out she's the violent abusive one in their relationship and put him in the hospital multiple times and then she used her femininity to spread lies and rumors about fake abuse 🤥

  5. Cross examination is not going to go well for her. She's going to be caught up in lies for sure. She will never work in that industry again after this, the studios will just want to avoid liability and box office poison. She is dead to them. Depp will have job offers but I bet he'll do indies.

  6. "Painstaking detail" what details….for what I remember her testimony lacked so many details it sounded like it was made up right then and there.

  7. Can’t wait to see her face when they read the Verdict saying she’s guilty 😂 that’s gonna be the best day of 2022 thus far.

  8. Media is desperate to distract from real issues that's why everywhere you look it's this garbage. Who care about Johnny Depp? How about Maxwell's trials?

  9. This is a damn joke, surely, the two women, that AH claimed Johnny grabbed by the wrist, and told them "I can break your damn wrist" are going to be brought in by the defense to testify on Amber's behalf, surely!, this is going to happen!!!

  10. I been watching twitter and I haven't yet found a legitimate account defending her, only bot accounts. She's probably paying a PR team to post…. but it restores my faith in society having most of the public knowing she's a crazy… we all have known a crazy person, that if you cross them, they'll try F your life.

  11. Painstaking detail….please, she was acting. The media isn't good at reading the room, they just push the stories her team have paid them to push.

  12. Imagine surviving some of the harrowing stories she tells, but finding the trial the most difficult thing she's ever gone through.

  13. I am so over traditional media. You all try to push your own narrative and all of us who have been watching this trial and pulling ACTUAL evidence regarding this case and are coming up with our own conclusions, aren’t matching yours! #DoBetter just because Amber is a women, doesn’t mean she isn’t a vindictive, manipulating, lying narcissist

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