19 students, 2 teachers killed in Texas school shooting l ABCNL

ABC News’ Amy Robach is in Uvalde, Texas and discusses the community’s reaction to the school shooting and how local leaders are responding.

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20 thoughts on “19 students, 2 teachers killed in Texas school shooting l ABCNL

  1. Most of today's teens aren't as mature as previous decades. Legalization of firearms etc. need to be reevaluated. This is a breakdown in American society. It's impossible to micro mange troubled individuals. However some proactive tools could possibly protect the innocent.🙏

  2. What can we learn from tragic events like this? I compared this with Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, in both cases, family members knew something beforehand. Maybe there should be a whole society education program to make everyone vigilant about the warning signs, so that private citizens can play an active role to detect and to prevent these from happening.

  3. Please look at the timeline. Buffalo shooting took place on May 14th 2022.
    Texas shooting took place on May 24th 2022.
    Has the authority doing anything to prevent it?

  4. Before we blame guns and politicans…. why don;t we look at the poor mental health care in this country. That would save more lives than all the laws anyone could throw on the problem

  5. The police should ve secured the school before engaging with someone who just shot his grandmother ,how come an 18 yo has all that fire power??body armor….?what the world is coming to ?we are all in danger at all times

  6. Wait…what??? Did she say he crashed the vehicle then engaged with officers?? Then how was he able to make it to the school and continue the rampage? Must be a mistake in the reporting here.

  7. Break my heart 2C innocent kids being killed(like war at Ukraine).Deeply sorry & sad 4The victims. USA always has school shooting, easy 2Get gun. The shooter's Salvador Ramos (18y) who was Elementary' former student & been bullied cause his shutter. Why now & What triggered him? He copied Sandy Hook shooting. Who's 2B blamed? The school? The bullier? Grandma? The Law? GunShop? His grudge & shutter? _School talks bout bully but no action _ At Aussie, Student at My niece' school got bullied. No action from school. Till all students protests, strike, damage the school properties then cops being called & punishment 4 the bullier. No gun like in USA. The point is school didnt care till being pushed or tragedy happens.

  8. The government needs to ban these weapons Jesus Christ what does a citizen need with that type of fire power damn condolences to the family 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  9. The only thing that can be done about this is to VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICANS so that gun laws can be changed! God bless Uvalde and God bless Ukraine!

  10. WE NEED ARMED GUARDS AT SCHOOL! protect our kids ! and change laws only 25+ should be able to buy AR's OR military personnel or those qualified / have some mental illness screening or somthing!!!

  11. I honestly don't give a frog's fat fanny who gets offended by this post. Taxpayers are forced to pay for prison inmates extracurricular activities and health care, but yet there is no extra funding for metal detectors security guards and buzzard entries at school entrance in the United States. The weapon the gunman used in that shooting and most weapons used in school shootings are weapons of war. Weapons of war have no business to be in the hands of just random civilians. WHEN DOES IT END?

  12. Republican politicians offer words that sound good to their voters but are in reality meaningless without action on gun control to back up their "heartbreak" and claims of understanding the suffering of the innocent victims and their loved ones and the profound concern that this will likely replicate itself. That person on the dais that yelled at Beto O Rourke, calling him a "sick SOB" for speaking up against their hypocricy would be the first one to yell about their 1st Amendment rights when it suits THEM. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY THEY GET FROM THE GUN LOBBYISTS! THAT'S IT!!

  13. Has the NRA commented yet ??? They probably would have blamed the parents for not insisting their 10 /11 year old kids be packing heat…

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