19 students and 2 teachers reportedly killed in a school shooting | Nightline

At least 21 people were killed and many more are reported injured after a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The 18-year-old suspect, a student at Uvalde High School, is also dead.


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24 thoughts on “19 students and 2 teachers reportedly killed in a school shooting | Nightline

  1. This is such a horrific ordeal to happen to these little innocent children and the 2 innocent teachers especially for the entire families who have lost their beautiful beloved little children. I pray for you all to God Almighty to help ease your pain. I am forever so sorry for your loss and this will never be forgotten or forgiven my prayers, Joanie Ellen Jaszczult🙏🙏🙏

  2. 5:08 skip a few times here, everyone. No one needs to know his name. That’s what he wants. If you know it already, forget it… avoid it. Don’t share or post it. Let him die and be forgotten. Every time we share one of these peoples names, we kill future victims when the next psycho wants their turn for infamy.

  3. welcome to America, where its citizens value guns more than lives. whatever you do, don't try to take away the AR-15! they'd rather die than give up their weapons. pathetic excuse of humanity

  4. As much as I am an advocate for privacy, this is one of the few reasons where I believe the government should be able to track folks online if they suspect something and hold them accountable for what they say. Start handing out fines to ignorant individuals that say stupid things as a joke online that have to do with threatening the lives of others or are suspected of doing something dumb. I hate that we would have to be monitored but our privacy as much as I want it isn’t worth trading the lives of children. That’s crossing a line none of us should allow.

  5. America is so broken! This is the only country on earth where this happens! No matter what anyone says, the only reason, is their love of guns!!! Children ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s makes me so angry that so many innocent children are killed like this! American probably has more children killed by guns than almost all wars combined!!

  6. The fact that so many of the pictures of these kids are from when they received certificates just hours earlier… so many proudly holding their honor roll certificates..not knowing in hours they’d be dead. Knowing those outfits they were wearing in those pictures are the ones they died in…

  7. This is foreseen by the cons of social media, yet compare to it's pros, it is too powerful. Unless it's agreed upon to censor such social media and the level of identification per accounts.

  8. Wake up this is not about guns !
    Stop blaming guns and blame the evil in these people !! Wake up and under Biden he's allowed crime to get out of control by defending bad people and going against our police ! The Democratic party are the problem in this Country not guns ! They rioted for almost a year burning and looting and attacking people while the Democratic party incited the violence and said nothing against it .Raz Simone walked around with a AK 47 passing out guns to other rioters and democratic party said nothing ! They yell gun control which is not the problem ! Start letting police do their jobs and stop allowing criminals to feel they can do whatever they want ! Biden has gone against our police ,destroyed our borders,he has caused so much bad and wants to yell gun control and white supremacism when it's got nothing to do with white supremacists or guns it's got to do with people watched the Democratic party incite violence ,they watched them be okay with rioting ,looting and burning down businesses ! Stop gun control not the answer ,the answer is to let police do their jobs and stop coddling criminals
    Stop with making criminals think it's okay to destroy and burn and riot !! Start reporting the bad people and go after those who knew before and did nothing

  9. So ridiculously sad. I can only imagine what the parents of these children are feeling now. I remember thinking that the columbine shooting in 1999 was going to be the last shooting in America. And here we are all these years later, and there have been too many more shootings to count since then. SMH. RIP to the victims 🙏 😢

  10. I have no more faith in this society.
    Evertime it seems like there are more people on the bad side.

    The thing that pisses me of is that they killed that loser.
    I would have loved to see him going to prison and have other immates to have their way with him.

    Medieval public punishments should be implemented again for those who rape, torture and murder.
    We don't need those losers living among us.

    I'm so sorry for my rant, but I'm so enraged. It's time for us to find a bigger and better solution to avoid these tragedies. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

    My deepest condolences to everyone involved.
    I can't say anything to the parents. What can I say to stop their suffering for their loss?
    All I can say is that my heart and thoughts are with each one of you.

  11. Wow I never watch the news. They let someone who looks like this on air? 😳Not if they were a woman I’m sure.

  12. This is a such a sick, corrupt country. May all those rest in heaven and best wishes to their families as well.

  13. So Disturbing and very sad!! 😥😭 Prayers for all of the victims families!! 🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏😥🙏

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