Russian released drone footage shows devastation at steel plant

Drone footage released by Russian media shows the devastation inside the steel plant in Mariupol, Ukraine, after Ukrainian fighters surrendered.


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22 thoughts on “Russian released drone footage shows devastation at steel plant

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  2. Russian troops also release footage from inside its bunker with western weapons. Abc news you have to show all the news not infavour from it. Do some journalism. Yes i admit it Russian troop destroy all the steel mill but what you can do in a war situation 😉

  3. All America's fault. Baited Ukraine into aggressive talk, let them think they could join NATO, and then Hunter and the big guy looted their wealth. Now a generation of brainwashed Ukraine boys are being turned into hamburger

  4. Warning Russia needs to evacuate Ukrainian Russian citizens that are being persecuted by Neo Nazis Soros backed Ukrainian forces and withdraw from all of Ukraine except Crimea. A future bioweapons lab breach will be blamed on Russia for the cause of the next global pandemic.

  5. Unfortunately Ukraine won't win.
    NATO and US are only giving half ass support to Ukaine while Ukraine's infrastructure is being destroyed similar to General Sherman's March to the sea and the burning of Atlanta.
    Ukraine is slowly losing city after city due to NATO's and the US half ass support.
    NATO and the US should support Ukraine's call for a no fly zone and do a Special Operations Action in Ukraine to protect the shipment of weapons and supplies to the frontline troops of Ukraine.
    But the US and NATO are too chicken.
    Russia will get what they want and get the southern coast of Ukraine and the eastern parts of Ukraine.
    The Russians suffered a great loss of life and material in WWII and defeated Germany.
    The ends justify the means. If a large loss of life and material is needed to get the eastern and southern Ukraine so be it.That is the Russian mentality and they understand that the west is too scared to directly engage them.
    They are better grandmasters in chess and will take Ukraine unless the West totally commits to Ukraine's victory, but I fear they are too scared of Russia.
    Ukraine's destruction of infrastructure is going to get worse and worse and all the military aid of the West, billions of dollars, is quickly going down the drain.
    Sadly we are witnessing the exodus of the Ukrainian people throughout the world and it is due to the half ass support of NATO and the US to Ukraine.

  6. May 25, 2022. "President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of Kherson and Zaporizhia regions." Well, who else has any doubts why Putin entered Ukraine? Denazification, demilitarization – ordinary fig leaves. In the twenty-first century, а brutal pirate occupation of a neighboring country is underway. Can you believe these Chamberlains and Daladiers in the West are still pondering whether they should quarrel with the fascist Russia.

  7. 1) Putin's Legacy: 'I destroy entire country, kill thousands, make millions homeless, pressure border countries with refugees, create famine
    2) The World: "But why?"
    3) Putin: 'They are my slavic brothers and must be saved!'

  8. Everyone is going to be drawn into war.
    This is a warning from the future written in the past as as sure as you read this it will come to pass.
    Make absolutely no mistake.
    Everyone ever has their fate.
    Written before the foundation of the world,
    They call evil things good, and little boys, girls.
    This is the latter days.
    You live to please yourself,
    We live to give God praise.
    Attached to God in ways the eyes can not see;
    What We know as fact most hardly believe.
    Yet not by our choice upon us He descended.
    In His spirit He came to us from His real as hell heaven.

    What do you know besides what your flesh tunes into?
    You only know the things that entice the flesh.
    I, even I am beyond that.
    We chose a life independent of what others chose of their own free will.
    God is connecting the proverbial dots in this pixelated fi3ld.
    He does it and He does it independent of what I choose to think because I don't need to think.
    We follow Our heart.
    Who can ever understand? No one ever.
    This is the best story ever written or ever will be and We are in it but we are not of it now ain't that clever.
    Spirits and principalities.
    What does anyone know?
    Words are JUST words that depict how it all goes.

    I have a witness and His witness is true.
    I have a witness my brother plus 2.
    I witness myself and my witness is true.
    In us ;  His spirit The Lord as God too.

    You are living out the bible and you are completely oblivious to any of it.
    There is no promise of tomorrow today.
    Yet, there is only one promise that is true.
    We know Him personally, whats that mean for you?
    I pray for everyone.
    Soon, the entire world will know that everything is biblical.

  9. Russia is buying its weapons with money that comes from Europe from the oil it sells to the same people it is bombing.

    What is hypocrisy?
    Killing their own people by their own pockets.

  10. Ukraine needs to concede.
    Obviously Russia will win the war.
    Is 10s of thousands of lives worth some territory? Not to me!
    Its all deception and you all are on that train.
    Put your faith in God through the holy name of Christ.
    See whats happening? See covid? Monkey Pox? How about the robberies and shootings even of children in USA?

    You are watching the bible unfold right before your eyes and it blows my mind more people can not and even refuse to see.

    They will perish also.

  11. "I gotta be honest with you, I don't really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another."

    ~ Trump-endorsed Republican Senate candidate from Ohio J.D. Vance

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