School shooting suspect’s grandfather: ‘It still hasn’t sunk in’ l ABC News

Rolando Reyes spoke to ABC News’ Matt Gutman about his grandson, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

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35 thoughts on “School shooting suspect’s grandfather: ‘It still hasn’t sunk in’ l ABC News

  1. Everytime there's a white shooter, you hear little to no direct comments from their family, friends, peers or community. We literally know nothing other than what the media says. This shooter is Hispanic and within 24 hrs there are interviews with the grandfather, the classmates, the neighbors…. airing out all they know about the perpetrator, with reporters prying out every juicy detail like him (the grandfather) having a "record" and unable to legally be around guns. Wtf does this matter?! So typical! Can we focus on the untreated mental illness and how often the system fails children instead of the gun laws that were never in place to protect people in the first place?! Such a horrific tragedy and all people can do is pass judgment thanks to bias media coverage. Rest easy to those babies, and innocent educators who so violently and senselessly lost their lives! 💔

  2. The blame games will happen no matter what. This grandfather shouldn't be blamed. After all, he lost his wife in this entire evil act. My condolences to him and all the families that was impacted

  3. 2nd amendment is outdated. It made sense before the 20th century when citizens were at par with state security forces in terms of weaponry, physical fitness and training.

    Today's government, private conglomerates and enterprises are armed to the teeth and there's nothing the average individual can do to stop their influence. Brandishing their piddly pistol won't get them anywhere. All they end up doing is shooting common folks like themselves and causing more chaos and disruption within their communities.
    The real winners here are the sellers of guns who are profiting from selling you the illusion of protection and freedom that you can purportedly acquire by owning a gun.

    They will sell you the kind of weapons that will wreak havoc upon your own communities but nothing more beyond that. They will never sell you a Bazooka or weapons that can be aimed at their mansions. Such people live in their own bubbles and are not concerned about what happens to people at large.

    The NRA works to profit those who are unaffected by mass shootings, and therefore unconcerned by them.

  4. In Mexico, handguns and long guns are also legal to own. Only difference is, a psychological evaluation is required as part of the application process to acquire a permit for purchasing/owning a firearm… and yes, like anywhere in the world, most types of firearms can also be obtained on the black market. This was not the case in the Uvalde shooting. Metal detectors were installed at my highschool back in the early 90's.

  5. Imagine this family is not only grieving their son and granson but the facr he was capable of such evil things. Sadly we hear again and again there were sighs something was wrong. This boy desperately needed help and not only is he gone but nineteen innocent children and two innocent teachers are as well. 21 families grieving and many more injured and traumatized,.This is the worst of mental illness, possibly untreated. No normal person just goes into a school to kill people who couldn't help whatever happened to him. I've heard he was bullied which often seems a facor in these things. But that wasn't anyone in the schools fault.

  6. Grandpa knows more. Sounds like the kid was disturbed and didn't have supportive parents to get him help. Too bad. Parents need to pay attention to their troubled children especially why? Because it impacts all of us in society. Now we have 19 innocent children and a few adults murdered out of a teen's anger and depressed mood.

  7. When you put everything together it's not really surprising that this happened. First of all everybody knows how easy it is to get guns particularly in a place like texas. Secondly the kid had no family support. Hardly even talked to his grandfather. His grandfather had some kind of criminal record apparently. His biological parents were out of the picture. I couldn't make out what the grandfather was saying but apparently the grandparents were raising him exclusively. By all accounts he was very quiet and didn't talk to anybody at work. Or at school. Had no friends and spent all his spare time playing violent first shooter video games on xbox. And he was bullied at school according to one of his classmates. So he just kept all of whatever was going on with him bottled up inside. Could have even been on the autistic spectrum like Adam Lanza and therefore had very little in the way of social skills or ability to communicate. People on the autistic spectrum are often bullied as well. They have high rates of anxiety and depression and a higher suicide rate than people who are not on the spectrum. If he was being bullied at school he probably didn't want to have to go back for another year or whatever since he didn't graduate. His grandmother apparently got on his case about that and I guess he just snapped. Well he doesn't have to go back to school now. Neither do any of those kids he shot.

  8. I feel extremely sorry for this grandfather who is on verge of losing his wife, has lost his grandson and is utterly bewildered whether to grieve or forgive or blame….. Such a sad sad sad scenario to all. God give them all strength 🙏🙏🙏

  9. You can't buy cigarettes or alcohol until your 21 but can buy a gun at 18? Those guns aren't exactly cheap, where did an 18 year old kid with no job get the money to buy those guns and the ammo!

  10. When are we going to create crisis centers for mental and emotional health issues? where families can call someone to help them..its overwhelming . These parents and this grandmother obviously didn't know their grandson was capable of this.
    We have watched for years mentally disturbed people do heinous crimes yet the government are not investing enough into mental health and then we wonder why this happened. At some point something has to be done…these weapons SHOULD not be available to the public. ..especially if you have nothing set up for mentally disturb individuals who able to buy legally!

  11. This family is disgusting trash. Yall live with him and don't know whats going on with him? STFU and erase this disgusting uninformational report. A complete waste of airtime.

  12. What you pieces of trash need to investigate is what kind of prescription drugs the perpetrator was taking. Drugs for depression or anxiety or anything like that.
    Leave his grandfather alone.

  13. Just a shame this little shitbird couldnt have been caught alive and publicly dismemembered after the crime he committed. Short of gun control which we will never get, this is what will be needed to dissuade future shooters.

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