Senator pleads with colleagues to ‘do something’ about gun violence

“We have another Sandy Hook on our hands,” Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut said as he begged his colleagues to do something about gun violence.



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38 thoughts on “Senator pleads with colleagues to ‘do something’ about gun violence

  1. We can only grieve every time mass shooting in America while politicians do nothing. The grand mother was kill n law should the alert. Before gun man reach elementary school. It’s heartbreaking feeling helpless seeing this in every community. We can pray but man ultimately need to take action. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Beto was right we all been warned yet we did nothing. Instead we gave more power to gun lobby less restriction.

  2. The grandstanding and attacks on the 2nd Amendment are now escaIating with every kind of "high profiIe" person stepping up to the microphone and bIaming GUNS when it is a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE. That incIudes Joe BIDEN going off on GOD no Iess, a few hours earIier. Joe BIDEN's nearIy 50 years on the PubIic, American Taxpayer's doIe in CONGRESS and HE did NOTHING to fix the very broken AMERICAN MENTAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM which is and can be PRO-Active in adverting such horrendous tragedies. EarIy intervention has proven effective in the frontIine of MENTAL HEALTHCARE for vuInerabIe individuaIs.

    Joe BIDEN and his cronies, didn't care about schooI funding in America to update security systems. SchooIs are supposed to have INSTALLED speciaIized office Iobbies to deter shooters, certain devices on each cIassroom door, staff trainings, visitor poIicies in the schooI to screen anyone entering the buiIdings, perimeter doors secured, and have active shooter protocoIs in pIace. For nearIy 50 years, JOE BIDEN and his cronies did NOT make schooI security a priority, but there was aIways money for wars. It's poIiticaI and personaI, most of us teachers who were wiIIing to carry and serve if necessary at schooI, were castigated and treated Iike we were maniacs instead of being wiIIing to have that extra duty. Yet they don't want to pay for a guard at an eIementary schooI site in the SAME vioIent neighborhoods as the middIe schooI and high schooI.

    As a veteran teacher of nearIy three decades of working with youth in grades K through 12, incIuding CorrectionaI Ed and JuveniIe HaII, my heart absoIuteIy is broken over this event, having Iost a chiId, I know there is virtuaIIy nothing that couId be said to remove the terribIe pain these famiIy members are feeIing & suffering through right now. This cuts deep into one's souI…the Ioss is more than one can bear. May the Lord and the many Ioving prayers bring comfort and heaIing to aII who grieve and mourn. God BIess

  3. Why do government buildings in DC
    get better security than kids at
    school? We protect elected officials
    with guns but not kids. We protect
    banks with guns but not kids. Our kids
    are more valuable than banks or
    politicians. Why does our country
    refuse to protect them with guns?!?

  4. I reached my limit. Everywhere they call pro gun people those what cause situation like this to happen.

    So from today I announce that all of people who are anti-gun are responsible for 100 000 unarmed civilians being killed by military in Balkans
    And hundreds of unarmed civilians killed in Birma
    And thousands of unnarmed civilians massacred by special forces in Venezuela.


    You are PRO this massacres because you want ONLY STATE TROOPS to be armed and civilians to be unarmed. ITS YOUR FAULT!

    PS. I am not American, US people – please know not entire country is pro Stalinist/totalitarian world and we support your 2A and actually want it in our country.

    In the US massacres never happen in companies that employees are encourage to CCW at work!

    Massacre in church was prevented by gun owners.

    But commie stalinists want to cherry pick facts.

  5. Banning assault rifles will give everyone a false sense of security. The problem is evil people. We have to share this earth with evil, that will never change. Go ahead, get rid of guns. It won't save any kids nor anyone else.

  6. Robb Elementary … They kicked Jesus out of the schools and satan walked right in… They need to do a autopsy with drug and alcohol Checks… As he did crash the truck.. But let's make one thing clear, This school is closer to the US /Mexican border then San Antonio Texas.. And all this noise about gun control, is trying to divert your attention from the crisis at the Mexican border and how they are allowing people to flood into our country with drugs and human trafficking., and Gangs.. Refugees who need to pay off these drug cartels for for allowing them to come into America to Chase their dreams.. Now the cartel are using these people to pay off their debts…. But , anyone in the right mind would not take guns to an elementary school and shoot up a bunch of children 10 and under…. With our borders unprotected, our Texas neighbors need guns to protect their own family and their own homes, or we just hand everything over to the drug cartels and the thugs… This being election year they are looking for anything, On one hand American women should have the right to kill babies, But on the other hand it's a travesty… When guns shoot people, Guns have no control over the person that they are in the hand of… Whether they are criminal intent or mentally Obscured through drugs in alcohol. Or perhaps is gang violence…. This failed administration, Will use anything… They are pulling straws out of their butt now trying to Sustained power because of green wealth, This truly is the land of Satan.. And the Demon-cratic Party. But no this little Saigon in Detroit, It is infested with drug dealers and gun runners… You don't get rid of the problem by taking away the honest person's gun…

  7. If you want to stop gun violence stop brainwashing people with your MK ultra bullshit , social media is a MK ultra tool please don't be foo people, the government did this all of a sudden this kid has full body armor sounds to me like he they were training him

  8. Hope these disgusting power-hungry Republicans grow up and do their damn job and if they don't, DON"T VOTE FOR THEM!! THEY DON"T CARE ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE!! HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN NEED TO DIE!!???!!

  9. I just hope that the next James T. Hodgkinson is as effective, because the only way to change Republican minds is to use the one language they seem to understand.

  10. Guns in hands of good people stop bad people with guns in there hands ! We have common sense gun laws , shall not be infringed that's the law !

  11. Hes wrong about a couple things.. it does happen in other countries. Also its not a gun issue.. its a mental health issue

  12. Crying to a federal government that wants to defund the police, is soft on crime, releases felons, open borders to fentanyl, cartels, and known terrorists, and murders fully viable humans within one second of birth is not who I'd beg to protect me. BTW , California has all the laws being suggested; universal background checks, assault weapons ban, hi-cap magazine ban, red flag laws, etc, and they have THE MOST MASS SHOOTINGS!

  13. The Republicans won't do a damn thing about it Like do something don't just stand there and just make these gun violence happen I just disgrace to see the schools get shot up

  14. If you want to ban guns then first you need to ban alcohol then you need to ban cars because those are the two leading causes of deaths in the US alcoholism In car crashes then after that you need to focus on handguns and then you can talk about rifles but if you try to jump out of order then you just make no sense you need to use logic here folks if we care about people’s deaths than we should care about car crashes and alcoholism and prescription painkiller deaths way more than we should care about weapons there are literally thousands of people dying every day from alcohol related issues and there’s no big uprising on TV over that

  15. It's all performative. No one is there except members of his own party. And he knows very well what they are doing. They are protecting their power and their money. He knows this. If he doesn't know this he is a fool
    That's it.

  16. The fact is all this madness started when democrats put a old man with dementia into office ! fact check that ! it`s not the guns it`s the radical policies implemented from this administration. To fix the problem VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE ! in the mid terms. democrats are the morons who de-funded the police, and put DA`S THAT RELEASED criminals back in to our streets along with criminals the were in prison ? gave us wide open borders to bring over as many as possible hoping they will all be democratic voters !!! democrats are absolutely pathetic !!!

  17. Il senatore Chris Murphy chiede: "Che cosa stiamo facendo?". La risposta alla tua domanda: "weapons, weapons, weapons".
    Caro Senatore, state costruendo e distribuendo armi nel vostro paese e quindi chi è causa del suo mal pianga se stesso.
    E come se non bastasse questo pianto, state costruendo e distribuendo armi per tutto il mondo.

  18. How about making the leagl age to buy weapons 20 and not 18? School shooters aren't exactly the most extroverted people so they probably don't have many or any friends to tell them who sells illegal weapons

  19. Nothing ever is gonna change.
    Since Columbine nothing did.
    "Those who aren't able to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it over and over again"

  20. They take those jobs in Congress and Senate to inrich themselves they don't care about we the people unless you're an illegal alien or from Ukraine;

  21. Could this be prevented? I don't think so. You can't stop crazy. It's too random. A willing person that has no fear of repercussions will do whatever it takes to do a violent action. A gun, stick of TNT, a dirty bomb, running a car into a group of people, a tree branche, some random rock found on the floor – there are a lot of ways crazy people hurt or kill people, maybe even with their crazy bare hands. This guy has his head up the donkeys behind so far that he is not asking the real questions of how to fix this, if it can even be fixed at all. He is just responding down the party lines.

  22. This guy looks like an older Robbie Parker, the crisis ActWhore who was caught laughing before he went on camera to talk n tear up about his alleged dead daughter that allegedly was shot in the Sandy Hook "massacre.

  23. It is sad to have something like this happen to make someone like you to start flapping your gums to your fellow Senators. A Senator who has been in office since 2013, when are you going to do something!

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