Texas governor addresses elementary school shooting

Gov. Greg Abbott addressed the shooting at Robb Elementary where he said a shooter killed 14 students and 1 teacher.

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29 thoughts on “Texas governor addresses elementary school shooting

  1. Lol can't be tolerated but well carry on giving guns to demented folks without any decent back ground checks . The Indian were right pale face forked tongue lol

    God bless poor souls lost they lives because of the scum in power in USA. Womt change gun laws because of money it makes .when was last time cried for children bombed in Middle East or children shot by zionist your government backs them up be giving them money to buy more weapons . People like this guy that just talk shite keep masses of imbeciles you call citizens happy with lip service .but don't do damn thing to change the law around gun control

  2. All them good ol boys standin on stage, holding on to their nut sacs and hoping their gf’s see em on TV., while Abbot sits on his brains whining bout dead kids, when his policies encourage the very killings he pretends to care about.
    People of Dallas shoukd roll that poser into the same puddle as his “alleged” crooked attorney general.

  3. I was diagnosed with herpes disease for 3years and many people told me there is no cure for herpes after I meant dr osaba on YouTube and I use his herbal medicine for 14days I was cured today I’m herpes negative .

  4. None of you understand you leave a gun alone it doesn’t fuckin shoot anything. We can’t stop people who are fucked in the head!!! If we make make buying guns harder they’ll just get one easier illegally. We can’t read fuckin minds mfs do what they want it don’t matter if u raise the age of buying a weapon and background checks literally anyone cuz have the thought of shooting up a school on there mind at any time 🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. I hate Greg Abbott with a passion. His type of people are what caused this. He made it legal to carry guns on college campuses in Texas, but he cares about school shootings? Give me a break! He doesn't care about life. You can tell by his George Bush expression that he thinks this is amusing or something. Look at his face. He couldn't even pronounce a simple last name like Ramos correctly. Was it too "Mexican" for him? I hope someone carries a concealed weapon into Greg Abbott's office and exercises their 2nd amendment rights. You like guns so much? How much do you like them now?

  6. Maladapted, adolescent MALES are the problem. It isn't guns. Wake up people. Male aggression, just like in Ukraine and all world wars, is to blame. Blame everything under the sun until you run out of excuses but it all circles back to that.

  7. The shooter was also a child, imbecil! A very perturbed child! That is why the free market of guns is a crime on itself! You republicans and the conforming Democrats will be put on the spot by history. I hope.

  8. Not 1 word from Gov. Abbott/coward Senator Cruz / trump/ NRA sucker about changing gun laws because the NRA won't fill there pockets with $$$$$$ if they do this same Gov. Abbott made it easier to get guns after the mass shooting in 2019 nothing but cowards looking out for there own selves period. Kick the the guy saying the truth that's what there goid at and looking out for there own political gain.

  9. Beto O’Rourke was right you’re republican a holes won’t back any kind of gun control legislation and then you pretend to pour your heart out for the dead children how many more how to die before you do something Ted Cruz speaking on the Second Amendment while kids are dying every day no one wants to take every gun away from everybody they want to control them so idiots like this killer can’t get them !!! F Texas Republicans

  10. No emotion in his delivery, he doesn’t care. Nothing will change, this will happen again. Rip those children and protect public schools.😢

  11. Thanks to you and your cronies in your state, like Ted Cruz, and in Washington who care more about your political power, curtesy of the NRA, these tragedies will go on and on. You DO NOT speak for the people of this country! You all should be more than ashamed of yourselves. All your prayers and sympathy for the breaking hearts of these parents and families are empty words because you're not doing anything to stop this! Your job as an elected official is to serve and protect the citizens of America, yet all you care about is yourselves. This is yet another dark day in our country.

  12. This is the same governor who said: "There won't be any more rapists in Texas"
    What now Greg? you also thought there were not going to be any more shooters in Texas after you signed your Reps colleagues' stupid laws to open carry, 18 YO can buy guns with no training and no permit needed? Is that what you thought?
    Texas needs to vote him out in November.

  13. This unpresentable person was in a race with the state of California to see which state has more guns in their people hands. It is all about money getting effortless into their accounts. It is really pathetic that people are still voting to have politicians like him in power.

  14. The citizens of USA know what to do….
    VOTE…..VOTE …for people who are willing to do something about this problem. It is a simple but significant action . Enough is enough !!!Don’t wait until someone close to you is a victim.

  15. Blood is on your hands you SOB. you make it easy for anyone to have a weapon. False outrage stick your thoughts and prayers up your ass

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