Texas school shooting leaves 19 children, 2 teachers dead l ABCNL

ABC News contributor and former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce discusses what law enforcement officers are looking for in social media posts and messages from the shooter.

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22 thoughts on “Texas school shooting leaves 19 children, 2 teachers dead l ABCNL

  1. Help me!! How do we as parents literal nobody's get our point across or suggestions heard!?! *I am so sick and tired of these texan politicians lying. No evil did not rip through that school, it was a a kid! A kid went in there with guns he bought as a kid!! 18 is a teenager, it is a child and he was sold those guns and that is absolutely insane!! You can't buy a beer but you can buy a f*cking gun, what? I'm a Texan mom I consider myself mostly a conservative on most issues I don't even have a problem with the fact that people can own guns but selling them to teenagers and then doing the literal bottom of the barrel least possible to protect schools when we are spending billions of dollars on bs like trans education in the Middle East, what even the hell!?! every dollar could have put in a metal detector at every single school. Each school should have two access points with a metal detector at each and an armed guard! Then any other door should be armed with a fire alarm that goes off if that door is breached. Then every classroom should have a gate a pull-down gate like what the mall stores have with a lock to buy these teachers time and the glass on the classroom door should be bulletproof! We had the money to do this we had the warning to do this after every single school shooting but it was not done!! We're letting teenagers buy guns and then we don't even protect the GD schools and this shouldn't have happened more than once!! Once should have been more than enough to put this into protocol across this entire country, exactly what I stated every single school should be the same! If we can put a damn ring doorbell on our own houses to protect our Amazon packages what in the hell is going on at the schools to protect the kids!?! I'm disgusted I literally wish I could go be on the news and scream this to every freaking channel and every damn Network! This could have been prevented, we could have bought those teachers' time! If we're going to have guns in this country we have to close those classroom doors, pull the gates down. That is where we are in this country, if you want your guns we have to at least have protection for these kids at school. We pay money, we pay taxes for these kids to go to school I think our dollar should also pay to protect them while they're there?! This did not have to happen. We know we can profile the fact that most of these school shootings is happening with young boys ages 18 to in their twenties we have to at least raise the age to 25 before you can even consider buying a gun of any caliber in this country. Second we need to have to apply for and register every single gun in this country. I know people get so infuriated at the thought but tell me you wouldn't do it to save your own child's life get a f-ing grip it has to be done and it should be reapplied for every year. If you have to go get a license to fish and you have to renew your license to drive or hunt you need to be looked at again fill out the application again get your name ran through the system and register your guns and be licensed every single year and if that's too much to ask you're a psycho and you don't need a gun anyway. These things would make a huge difference!! Help me be heard

  2. And Biden continues to abuse kids via the school system: causing identity confusion, racism, and creating division. And sending 40 billion to Ukraine – instead of fixing the school system. While Biden welcomes illegal immigrants in, let prisoners out among the people and more.

  3. Can't kids in schools inform social workers…for schools..!!..have an 800 anonymous..# or drop box to inform teachers & social workers in schools…& Or report/call parents. ..
    More counseling ..in schools to identify kids who are being bullied..!!


  4. Enough with the countless, senseless reporting. This is what is fueling people on edge or people with mental disorders!!! Time to start reporting on quick legislation that can be passed!!!

  5. These babies need to be the #EmmettTill of 2022 !!
    Show this nation and the WORLD what happens to babies in elementary school. In America
    Show the pro life hypocrites in the #GopSenate what they get paid to do.
    Maybe actually seeeing the carnage will jolt them or there children or grandchildren, maybe 👀 it will move them and if not them the Hage bc we need Help !!

  6. Gov. Abbott tries to worm his way out of responsibility for shooting by comparing to other states. This incident happened in Texas this time. We need uniform gun reform laws across the U.S.

  7. I keep saying every person that buys a gun should have a medical shrink doctor evaluation first. This may stop so much of these horrible killings.

  8. To all those offering prayers to the families I ask this question…Prayers to who?? Prayers to the god that wasn't there when all these children were being murdered?

  9. Why do government buildings in DC
    get better security than kids at
    school? We protect elected officials
    with guns but not kids. We protect
    banks with guns but not kids. Our kids
    are more valuable than banks or
    politicians. Why does our country
    refuse to protect them with guns????

  10. No mention of injuries as this grows from 15 death to 22. What is up with this reporting. This is bad no matter who, why, or where Texas. New York. These things you will tell but anything that benefits us as a whole. Tears for all lost and pains. Truth is light that sets us free. Darkness glooms in the ligh

  11. That's not what they are saying. They are saying he was a weird loner who posted pictures online of guns and shared some videos of animal cruelty. If you add all of that up you can make it equal most Republican males. Stop trying to give the motive for this when there likely wasn't one other than he just wanted to kill people.

  12. Such a tragic lose on every level. I believe that many of these incidents have much to do with social media. Has anyone noticed the situations of this sort have risen since the advent of the internet and especially with social media providers such as Twitter and Facebook? Some people claim we need stronger gun control laws but I think it's not the guns but the mental state of certain individuals who are influenced by social media outlets allowing those certain individuals to live a in a make believe world and not in reality. I grew up in the 60's and 70's where things of this sort were unthinkable and our social media consisted of actually talking with real people and not avatars on a computer screen. Get rid of social media and watch events like this diminish. I might add that many news outlets like ABC News and others propagate the mental issues of certain people, so they have a hand in tragedies just like this.

  13. blah blah blah! if you love your kids, homeschool. these f*ckers will just keep jawing, they'll send 'thoughts and prayers' when your kid gets offed. is that good enough for you? didn't think so!

  14. This guy is supposed to be a cop? I cant take seriously anyone who calls magazines clips and calls an AR style rifle an assault rifle (hint, assault rifles have select fire)

  15. Who cares about some lame kids, we should be talking about our precious 2nd amendment rights and adding small nuclear devices to the right to bear arms.

  16. When Abbott acts like Oprah "You get a gun, he gets a gun, she gets a gun, EVERYONE GETS A GUN!!!" What do you expect to happen?

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