Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin addresses Biden’s remarks on Taiwan

“The president was clear on the fact that the policy has not changed,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.


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41 thoughts on “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin addresses Biden’s remarks on Taiwan

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  2. I welcome anyone from Taiwan who would like to immigrate to America. Who am I kidding, I want all of them to come here and clean this place up.

  3. Biden said US will defend Taiwan. He did not answer what role the US will militarily will play. Lloyd has echoed Biden’s answers, that the long-standing policy has not changed. To come out and say “yes or no” to troop deployment is risky for multiple reasons.

    If the US gives a statement affirming US troops will deploy to Taiwan and fight a Chinese invasion, then China may call the bluff and attack, which hurts Taiwan and means the US will either loose credibility if it does not respond, or will be forced to fight a bloody war if it does respond.

    Alternatively, if the US says “no American troops in Taiwan”, this may embolden Chinese claims and rattle Taiwanese, leading to an invasion of Taiwan or Taiwan trading its sovereignty to China to avert an invasion. US interests aren’t helped here either.

    The solution therefore, is to to speak as Biden and Lloyd have done, which is to reassure Taiwan and deter China with ambiguous messaging. This way China is discouraged from war, and Taiwan averts an invasion. US interests are served.

  4. Not trust , I love USA. should know why?
    1. Using my country's information such as FDA or CDC than made a lot fake news in their local new .
    2 Around 2 years ago, she also made a lot fake new about our president in their local news
    3. She wanted push herself vaccine for their people use, so she also made fake bad things about our country vaccine.
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    5The leader fake education diploma hide around 39 years
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  5. "Upload the 2 party system. The lesser of 2 dangers, illusion of choice. Download their form of fascism. Nothing really ever changes. You never had a voice." – Prince

  6. Why is Secretary Lloyd Austin supporting white supremacists in Ukraine?

    Why is Secretary Lloyd Austin and President Zelensky of Ukraine supporting the AZOV "Neo-Nazi" Battalion in Ukraine?

    Look up AZOV Battalion on Wikipedia.

    From Wikipedia:
    "Neo-Nazism comprises the post–World War II militant, social, and political movements that seek to revive and reinstate Nazi ideology. Neo-Nazis employ their ideology to promote hatred and white supremacy, attack racial and ethnic minorities (which include antisemitism and Islamophobia), and in some cases to create a fascist state."

    Also from another source:

  7. Every Western country should provide security to taiwan. They have the most important and the most advanced manufacturer of informatic chips in the world. The computer chips that runs U.S. Military equipment comes from there. No chips = No weapons. That is why china shoud'nt take Taiwan. TSMC staying in the west is of upmust importance. (TSMS = Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) If you don't understand the strategic importance of Taiwan, Your'e a Fool.

  8. The U.S. President (Joe Biden) is continuously demonstrating a "Gung Ho's attitude," (presiding over the U.S. government,) rather than the usual practice of diplomacy between the United States and other countries.

  9. Shut Biden’s stupid mouth, I can’t believe this old senile fool is in power, he is draining the strategic oil reserves selling oil to China, while China is filling its oil reserves preparing for war our stupid American president is making America weaker, the worst president ever

  10. Country needs to have a serious conversation about old Joe's faculties at this point but that would entail the media doing the right thing and we all know that ain't happening.

  11. Breaking news ☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️

    In a surprising development, and contrary to many estimates, late Tuesday afternoon Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the launch of a military operation in Taiwan.


  12. be this Ukraine war a great lesson for DIEwan (taiwan) province of China to learn, don't be so arrogant. taiwan island is just a mere chihuahua dog and failed to understand that DIEwan province of China is just the pawn and that pawns don't have happy endings.

    a fault with stupid democracy has used bad judgment in choosing their stupid leaders. people can be emotional and can't understand where national interest and security this misunderstanding can lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of 23 million =innocent civilians.

  13. Crazy that Biden was at his best when he was holed up in his basement hiding from Covids. Pretty sure that was when his ratings were highest too. Gotta give his handlers credit. Peaked at the right time.

  14. the right: russia invaded Ukraine because Biden is weak.
    Biden: we will fight China is they invade Taiwan
    the right: Biden should have never said that. It's too aggressive.

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