Dr. Alok Patel on COVID-19 surge: ‘We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of cases’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis and ABC News medical contributor Dr. Alok Patel talk about the FDA’s review of COVID-19 vaccines for kids 5 and under, as well as whether to be concerned about monkeypox.

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35 thoughts on “Dr. Alok Patel on COVID-19 surge: ‘We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of cases’

  1. MUST READ :
    The Real Anthony Fauci : Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health
    By: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  2. Candidate Biden in 2020: I will take care of this. I will end this.

    President Biden in 2021: There is no federal solution.

  3. This is absolutely nonsense, Nobody listen to scientists no more. They listen to the pharmaceutical corporate stock companies

  4. The virus is smarter than human, why maturity of people in the hospital and ICU are fully Vaccinated.. answer of most commercial doctors say"because more people are vaccinated"doesn't that defeat the purpose??

  5. The PCR test was used incorrectly. The creator of the PCR test Carrie Mullis said that his PCR test cannot be used to test for infectious disease.

    They use the PCR test to test for infectious disease which created false positives because it was used incorrectly.

    With false positives come justification for lockdown. They wanted lockdown because they wanted to destroy the livelihoods of many citizens. They want to destroy people's ability to be self-sufficient. They want the people to rely on the government so the government could give them a universal basic income with many stipulations attached and the income will be a pittance.

    Now with lockdown loved ones and family members cannot visit there loved one in Care home. That's covid-19 protocol. It's part of lockdown.

    With old people in Care homes that have pre-existing conditions because that's why they're there; when they test positive for covid-19 which many did because the test was testing for infectious disease and the PCR test cannot test for infectious disease as the creator of the PCR test has mentioned multiple times.

    With old people getting covid-19 that meant they needed to be put on end of life drugs because covid-19 to someone with a compromised immune system that is old is at high risk of death. Old people were put on midazolam, remdesivir, in combination with morphine while they were put on a ventilator which doctors got bonuses for.

    Many old people died because midazolam, remdesivir, in combination with morphine creates a deadly cocktail. It's certain death.

    The doctors and registered nurses have been manipulated through the textbooks that they must read and regurgitate in medical school. The medical field is a lie as they prescribe dangerous drugs that cause more problems. Why do you think cancer has risen. Why is autism gone up. Why has miscarriages gone up. People don't intend to hurt people but people hurt people through ignorance. By denying the truth you protect the lies.

    Covid-19 was put on the death certificate. Since many old people were dying from covid-19 that gave justification for an emergency vaccine to be rolled out immediately to the masses.

    After many people took the vaccine young people started collapsing due to respiratory failure. A side effect of the vaccine is blood clots, myocarditis which is a respiratory illness.

    A lot of old people died after receiving the vaccine. Many young people died as well but more old people.

    But an unprecedented amount of young people in their twenties and thirties started collapsing. A record number. They were collapsing from a respiratory illness.

    Like I said a side effect from the vaccine is myocarditis a respiratory illness. When your blood clots your blood is not moving freely because of the blood clot thus causing less oxygen to reach your vital organs as well as your heart which can cause a heart attack, stroke, seizure.

    This evil force wants to eliminate roughly 50% of the population from various means whether it be weather manipulation. Genetically modifying the plants/animals.

    Poisoning people's water/food. Poison in the air from low orbit satellites that beam toxic frequencies that destabilize the body such as 5G radiation and other electromagnetic frequencies.

    So after destroying most of Earth there will only be 50% of the people left that have survived. From that 50% a lot of people will be injured or weak from the various poisons that they've been subjected to.

    When this evil force comes into invade the people of Earth, the people of Earth will be so weak that this evil force will come right in and there won't be any fight. The people will be too weak to fight.

  6. These people are relentless. Sad thing is there are still a number of people out there who think we should shut down the world again, make everyone wear masks, goggles.

    "Health" police state. Talk to Canada and Australia, their entire population caved to the health police

  7. ARTEMIC from MGC Pharma can be a potential lifesaver in the fight against covid 19.

    ArtemiC is used to help the immune system to prevent covid or alleviate covid or other infectious diseases.

  8. The vast majority of the time, the increase in Covid cases are the result of an increase in testing (in my view). That's Occam's Razor! The idea that increased cases are the result of an increase in spread (of the virus), is actually the more far-fetched explanation (especially when you have no idea how OLD or COMMON the virus is). If you create a test for something, and you start testing people for it, then OF COURSE "cases" will increase!

  9. For unvaccinated people only You can acquire Covid-19 vaccine Certificates with an active QR scan code now for you and your family and also for your friends, and it will be registered in the system database the same way it’s done for those who have taken the toxic vaccine.

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