Post-analysis of Texas governor’s press conference

Takeaways from Texas Gov. Greg Abbot’s speech on first responders, mental health and warning signs of the shooting.


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43 thoughts on “Post-analysis of Texas governor’s press conference

  1. If ure trying to paint a picture in this reporting that the shooter had warning signs of mental issues but not noticed by anyone surrounding him, i think its but fair and more important to condemn the people who sold the guns to him with all those warnings signs said in this report. The shooter just turned 18 and is dead too because someone didnt care to sell those guns to him. Its not the shooter or the people around him you have to press to be blamed for how horrific this turned out when those guns are literally available to anyone who wants it😒

  2. The cowards on that stage with the coward Governor can't wait until this goes away because they won't do anything about gun laws the NRA won't let them and the NRA won't fill there pockets with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Watching these news and i am wondering to myself, why are people heated jesus Christ so much ,do people know that Jesus can protect, he not going to give u big houses and big car but he will give u life , parents must know to pray over their self and their children, but i realized that they are talking away the bible from the school , but when someone take away light u allowed darkness to take over , teacher should also know Christ , the anointing comes with power, yet for some reason a lot of people do hate jesus Christ , but i am posting this post for people who believe, that a death angel that past through that school.

  4. Now they are going to turn us against ourselves. The monsters that let this happen will put the responsibility of preventing the next shooting by turning in your neighbor

  5. Don't blame social media,mental health or how children been raised, entire world have these issues but only in America 45000 dies in one single year.

  6. The social economic class of those families and that of those that have suffered from these events aren't high enough for change. Such a sad reality.

  7. No Machine guns = No Mass Murders. It's time to REMOVE these weapons from society ! Why can't the Republican MORONS understand this ? Its not about the 2nd amendment , ITS ABOUT MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE ! ! !

  8. Abbott does not have the privilege to publicly speak about this tragedy!!! Not ever!!! His lies and self-serving policies are heinous and make him more evil than the shooter. Thank goodness he’s not my governor!

  9. Yessszzssss Thank you Beto. Republicans don't VOTE this man Abbott back in he doesn't care about your kids .
    Kudo's to Beto because he cares about your families and the kids that were killed VOTE for BETO.

  10. You know what all these monsters have in common? It's not guns. It's animal abuse. So what's the excuse for allowing that to continue but instead everyone wants to talk about guns.

  11. Change has to start with politicians and the hate messages they send constantly. Posting pictures and Christmas cards with family holding weapons.. what the hell is wrong with these people… telling their people a Civil War is coming and that you have to take matters into your own hands.. Sending out promotional campaign material that has a bulleyes on their opponent… You might see this has nothing to do with that shooter what these are the little things that can get us back on the right track and spewing that he is totally unnecessary

  12. This report is a load of BS. If dressing in black is a red flag, then Johnny Cash would have been a prime suspect most of his life. Ditto many artists, musicians and people who are into goth style. If dropping out of high school were a big red flag, then Police should have been monitoring high school dropouts like Tom Cruise, George carlin, Kate Winslet, Simon Cowell, Quentin Tarantino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, Kurt Cobain, Chris rock and Katy Perry. About 100 million Americans have mental health problems. That number will always be pretty high. Even years of very expensive psychotherapy … half of the time does not solve those mental health problems. That is not the solution.

    And spending massive amounts of money to have an army of high paid police officers reading the social media feeds of 300 million Americans is also definitely not a solution. The only solution is significantly changing our dumb gun laws. Reports like this one are only a dangerous distraction from the real issue and real solution.

    The report is actually misleading. For example, the reporter at the end concludes that: those are the questions… In reference to the questions asked in the report about warning signs and questions about whether we should spend a fortune on large numbers of police monitoring social media feeds. Those are not actually the questions at all.

    The real questions are: when will politicians have the decency and heart to pass serious gun laws that protect us. When will voters pressure them to do that? When will the media pressure them to do that rather than running dumb reports like this one? When will politicians admit that thoughts and prayers and memorials do nothing to solve the problem?

    When will the media stop buying into that misleading, distracting narrative that politicians are deliberately peddling in order to still be able to accept the gun lobby campaign contributions while doing nothing to fix the problem? Why is it that 100% of other high income countries in the world have mental health problems like our country does, but none of those countries have the gun violence problems and murder rates that we have? It is because mental health is not the problem… Our stupid gun laws are the problem.

  13. GOVT should have the resources if Ukraine is being given BILLIONS smh, while mothers in US can’t find babay formula. But the NRA and all the GOOD gun owners think it’s an attack on them NO it’s on 16,17,18 year old who can legally buy a gun, or where your can PERMIT-LESS conceal carry in the great state of TX, lot of blame to go around but the POLITICIANSneed to STOP acting suprised. COO don’t know his background and was able to buy ARs but grandpa Say he’s a FELON. POLICE, GUN backgrounds checks, SLIP thru the cracks TIRED OF HEARING THAT. Governor and major will be supporting NRA in HOUSTON

  14. Kids are in as much danger as the president. All schools need armed guards and teachers packing guns. All bullies should be expelled from school and enrolled in an online school. Body guards for kids who's parents can afford them. Our kids deserve as much protection as our president. I hope Facebook gets sued.

  15. Shut up. Just shut up. We know what we need, restriction on large capacity rapid fire firearms. Not your dissection of the minutiae.

  16. But He was Allowed at 18 to buy 2 ARs at once. 21 age requirement LAW would’ve possibly prevented this. And STOP trying to figure out if someone is SERIOUS air not. if we do then it will always be figured out AFTER SHOOTING

  17. The MAJOR and GOVERNOR cant say anything because the OPPOSE 21 being age requirement, and deep background checks. But sit on TV and ACT as thought their are heartbroken. SOCIAL media need to be able to identify these kind of post and report immediately to POLICE.

  18. A friggin cosmetologist needs more than a 1,000 hours of training in Texas before they are certified. Then you have kids who can buy high capacity assault rifles w ZERO training. Make no sense at all. Guess those hair dryers are extremely dangerous.

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