President Biden hails ties with South Korea

“The Republic of Korea and the United States are standing together as part of a global response,” Biden said his during the first trip to Asia as president.


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34 thoughts on “President Biden hails ties with South Korea

  1. Please tell me how its ok to break into someone else's house after gasing them to do mind control tricks with V.R headsets and rape blackmail extortion attempt to murder them and push there spin out of place, gangstalk and tourter? I sure would love to know your stands on this and why no justice has been served?

  2. So many hate comments toward Biden is absurd.. and majorities aren't even valid critism. It looks like they just hate him for no reason. Maybe i'm a a foreigner so i don't know much about it but at this point it's kinda pathetic tbh.

  3. Joe Biden told black folks in Buffalo NY there are no place in America for white supremacy, but Joe Biden have been in politics for over 50 years, he knows who they are and he knows their place has always been America.

    Joe Biden said America should not have to pay for something that happened a long time ago (referring to slavery) and that America cannot afford to pay for reparation, but Joe Biden can afford to send $40 billion to Ukraine on top of the Billion of dollars he already sent when that war started.

    What if Joe Biden give $10 billion to rebuild the black community every 5 years, what have the black community got from Joe Biden since he has been president? I rather die than to ever cast my vote for a democrat ever again, as a black person I am free to vote for whom ever I please, and will exercise my vote for those who willing to show concern, not some under cover racists like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

  4. Now this is perfect example of propaganda and pointless pointless pointless Network television news promoting only the Democratic party and the president what relationships have been broken between us and South Korea what pies have the administration of the president of the United States destroyed or broke that the relationship and ties had to be resecure there are so different from the the war it's amazing that there's no answer to that but actually it's not a surprise this was a so important as the trip of the first Lady going to Romania standing online and giving food to the American soldiers for almost two to three minutes they're leaving without her all those American soldiers would have stopped to death thank you for your text dollars great trip first class paid by the workers of minimum wage

  5. As I have pitched for MONTHS health care heroes in ford SUV’s with vaccines, boosted and apple cider vinegar should be turned into fution. If were biden I would look at all the thousands of collages I made for him on Pinterest and focus on China, russia, North Korea hypersonic set up aligned w insta nav. Don has hacked me for a year ever since I started promoting top politicians so biden and pentagon should use to stop trumpoply for continuing as it is, all done done does is hack into me to get to Biden and Harris o don’t have security they do but we need to align bidunity w Bidens security or my ideas are just going to be pulled by his competitors. I created American beauty and young Hollywood and get 0 dollars w or ackkowledmentnso there are only so many years I can keep taking this – it’s not disimikar from what’s happening to me currently.

  6. Biden is a global thinker and his moves now should remind America how fortunate we are to have him charting our course forward, Biden is one – and I believe the ONE- most visionary leaders in American history. He stands for teratorial integrity and his the unique obility to reunite states and global alliances. Biden is a force and in combination with Harris they are the most visionary pioneers our nation has ever seen. I am inspired by both and have created all that I have for them in their honor. It is important that I actually pay me and acknowledge me as they both stand up for American jobs plan and all that I have done for them is a job – arts and humanity, I hope my collages will start promoting others to make collages for them,p. I hope to show my collages I made for them on WH stage and create BIDUNITY sustainable coffeetable books and magazines that should be in airports all over America but my ideas are often just read and not given to Biden and Harris by the people they pay. My ideas are for Biden and Harris and I would like to rerun back to WH where I was with Chuck Close under obama for arts and humanity. I had my left skull replaced three times and only way I could keep ,y third skull is when I put a neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon together, I suggest my idea be used for cops, athletes and fire fighters if they ever have to handle to great pain of skull replacement surgeries

  7. Biden Should be referred to from this point forward as ILLEGITIMATE !!!!!! That should be his name, THE ENTIRE COUNTRY KNOWS HE DID NOT WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN 50% of the DEMOCRATS KNOW ABOUT THE CHEATING THAT WENT ON TO PUT THIS GUY IN , AND NOW LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE, HE UNITED US ALRIGHT, WE ALL WANT HIM GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. On election day a gallon of gas was $1.58 a gallon in east TN. a pound of bacon was less than 3 bucks. The southern border was secure, and all of Europe at peace.

    Young Dumb in North Korea was even behaving himself. I figure Joe's visit to S Korea will even ruin that, before next month has ended.

  9. He's not the POTUS. He's just a POS.
    Imagine how many homeless vets could have been helped with the 40 billion he gave to Ukraine, the same country that paid him 10%.

  10. Joe biden you suck you have forgotten about all you promise to the American people who voted for you all you've you've done is take care of other countries maybe you should move there because you don't care about us

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