Reactions to Biden speaking out about 2nd mass shooting in less than two weeks

ABC News’ Cecilia Vega and Aaron Katersky spoke on how gun reform has remained stalled after mass shootings such as at Sandy Hook and detailed how a gunman entered a Texas elementary school.

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33 thoughts on “Reactions to Biden speaking out about 2nd mass shooting in less than two weeks

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  3. Desperate people do desperate things

    give people security and stability

    Give families the free time to notice when their relatives are planning something horrific!
    Housing is child care!!
    Housing is healthcare!!!

    No more evictions from primary residences!!

    Base needs for all!!

  4. God I remember watching Sandy Hook when I was like 11. And I was heartbroken over those kids killed in an elementary school. Sucks that Republicans never had a real childhood, and a real life, where they could actually sympathize with people. The children of Sandy Hook could have grown up and become productive members of society right now.

  5. Options that are not bans of a single type of weapon: Age limits. Mandatory waiting periods. Meaningful background checks. Proving basic knowledge of safety. Childproof locks. Mandatory insurance to cover costs to victims. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    If there is no will, then there is no way. If prayer worked, these mass murders would have stopped long ago.

  6. We here in Europe are asking ourselves what is actually going on with America. Again, innocent schoolchildren who have lost their lives to a madman. Do you never learn from it. It is only talked blablabla and nothing happens. These children who have lost their lives in all these years could still be alive today and would have already built their existence or their family. But it is this cursed lobby that prevents such changes. These lobbyists should also be put on trial and imprisoned for life for complicity. What these gentlemen or ladies can only do is to stuff their pockets full of money. Human lives seem to be indifferent to them.

  7. You Help Killing Blacks As You Don't Support Our Hate Bill..FxxK Ya Poll An Racist Laws That Made To Keep Blacks Down…Damn Liars

  8. It's time to start allowing teachers to arm themselves. As well as have armed guards in schools. Criminals do not follow gun laws. And all the people who are so much in support of gun restrictive laws are not affected or threatened by violence like people for example who live in Chicago

  9. Weird how all these mass shootings occur under the reign of the Communist left. Now gun control will take the lead in the media over Johnny Depp and Ukraine.

  10. When a large flock of birds gather, it’s called a “murmuration”. The news media started their own murmurations after Columbine, faces full of crocodile tears and pockets full of ad money. Right after that, every angry incel edgelord was shopping for a trench coat and making veiled threats to express their rage. Hundreds of alienated, angry young men are being told “this is what you do the communicate your anger at the world.” Take the guns, provide mental health, get parents involved, but STOP GIVING THEM A ROAD MAP TO EXPRESS THEIR RAGE.

  11. What a nightmare to live. I can't imagine. Never in my 40 years of life I go anywhere in my country thinking about being shot. Civilian doesn't own gun. Some prominent people probably do. But others just feel dont need it/ dont care. We dont have this gun culture. Most security just own batton stick and cuffs. Armed police just at the bank, airport, other vital place.

  12. When the rights of a few outweighs the rights of others, chaos ensues.
    "We shouldn't politicize this"
    "It is a constitutional right"
    "People kill people"
    "Evil, will be evil"
    "Mental health"
    Ok, we know all the arguments. Stop saying that gun control is taking away your precious guns. Texas made it easier and voilà.
    Evil will be evil but we can make it harder for evil to be evil.
    Why is there a need for those assault rifles???? 4/5 times the person likely to kill you is someone you know, or love. They will get you at your most vulnerable moment and nothing will prevent that from happening. License to drive, age restriction to drink but to manipulate a killing tool….nah, we are 👍. Let's go to the gun range kiddies.☺️☺️☺️. Most mass shooters do not have priors or are not known from law enforcement however, we will sell the guns since you are good lady ND have no mental issues written on your forehead. You are ok, because the man selling you guns can decipher the fact that you are not about to have nervous breakdown next week…or in two years. The fact that your hobby is collecting killing instruments and have 200 of them in your house is soooo swell. Your crazy kid will never snap. Let's not politicize this. Not the time. Everytime this happens…..
    And you tired of it happening?

  13. These pass two years must be so hard on the little ones, this on top of it is horrifying. It's amazing we're going to anything for the 9 and 10 year olds that lost their life, that the only argument against it is that hundreds of years ago slave owners came together and decreed that every citizen deserves a gun. That it's their right and their freedom, and it's the right of psychopaths, too.

  14. Bruh, gun control this gun control that. Ya think these shooters are sane in the head or something? Wheres the politicians backing mental health aid? All these pigs know how to do is to choke the problem at its tip until the next shooting but wont ever try to deal with what started it all. Not saying that mental health is the sole reason, but it might as well be one of the biggest.

  15. Truthful words to ALL Americans from the world around you…words even to those who are inbred and slightly retarded (that would be all Republicans including the likes of Ted Cruz) and to the Democrats who talk the talk, but NEVER make any concrete changes to your pathetic gun laws. All news reporters, police enforcement, and politicians deserve Academy Awards for the performances you give in the Senate, in Congress and to the news cameras every time this happens. Your country is a broken record, and one that is warped at that. Congratulations Americans, you live in the most PATHETIC country in the world. Period. If you haven’t come to your senses yet, and it’s obvious you haven’t, due largely to the fact that you have more uneducated people than most third world countries. The rest of the world has known this for many, many, many years. If we the real leading peaceful countries of the world hear one more time “America is the greatest democracy in the world”, we are going to continuously vomit all over you. Wake up Americans – you haven’t been the greatest democracy EVER. You are the worst. You are the inventors of “fake news” and verbal diarrhea and continue to attempt to convince yourselves you are the superior country. Nope…you are the most disgraceful (along with Russia and China). Sorry, but although this is yet another tragedy, the world is laughing at you, not with you. You are a broken record spinning and spinning and spinning further out of control. After the recent Buffalo mass murder, an American wrote to me on the internet and said, “at least here in the USA, we can protect ourselves from others with guns, you can’t do that in Canada.” Give a hard listen and look at yourselves – give your pathetic heads a shake…what a disturbing and backwards sense of reasoning. The USA continues to implode daily…you are a mere shell of your former self. And there wasn’t much to start with if we are truly frank. And I repeat, the world is laughing at you, not with you. A million Americans lost their lives from COVID-19, now close to a million lost lives, including children, from senseless gun violence. Keep up the good work Lady Liberty. The downward trajectory of Americans inspires the rest of the world and reconfirms just how great the rest of us truly are.

  16. Gov Abbott is responsible for this horrific act. His calls to action for immigrant children’s eradication gave the shooter a senseless “rationale” to murder.

  17. It’s time to put policemen all over crowded places public gatherings schools any public crowded place institutions markets i mean just 24/7 security. Put wearing civilian policemen all over the city.
    Increase social media spies, revisiting ideology teachings ,
    And most of all summon all people who have guns and re-educate refresh their motives about owning a gun. Have their ideologies checked specially in social media platforms and even personal whereabouts.

  18. Love the 2nd amendment, love gun to live with death and destruction, it's American daily tragedy, the world sees it but we don't. How many copycats are still out there to stand by their rights of exercising the 2A on the innocents? A mad country.

  19. Let's not forget that Gregg Abbott, in 2020, signed into Texas law that any resident of that state can open carry a firearm without a license.. May he sit with those children's blood on his hands for the rest of his days. Pro-life my ass. This is unforgiveable.

  20. This happens sooooo often in the usa,it's hard to feel bad anymore,it's literally like a weekly event these days,and of course no one will do anything but point fingers..See you all after next week's mas shooting(where ever that happens)

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