White House clarifies Biden’s comments on Taiwan l ABCNL

Neil Thomas, a China and Northeast Asia analyst at The Eurasia Group, said regardless of President Joe Biden’s comments, the U.S. is not changing its international policy.

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28 thoughts on “White House clarifies Biden’s comments on Taiwan l ABCNL

  1. America is a continent (not a nation) occupied by USA & other nations. Taiwan is an island (not a nation) occupied by ROC. As a condition for USA to trade with PRC, USA agreed with PRC on record indefinitely that ROC is not a sovereign nation separate from PRC. Let's stop confusing each other by erroneously calling it Taiwan, you mean "Republic Of China (ROC)".

  2. Love 🇺🇸. Respect president,
    Careful this country.
    1. Using my country's information such as FDA or CDC than made a lot fake news in their local new .
    2 Around 2 years ago, she also made a lot fake new about our president in their local news
    3. She wanted push herself vaccine for their people use, so she also made fake bad things about our country vaccine.
    4.2 years ago, she used the medication to plan this years election. So that’s why someplace gave medicine someplace didn’t. They didn’t bought enough vaccine and any Covid-19 need the stuff to the people.
    5The leader fake education diploma hide around 39 years
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    This lander very terrible…………Doing to the people Now

  3. What's to clarify?? China will basically get fucked up if it tries anything, if Trump would have said the same thing every Republican would have praised him for his tough stance on china lol

  4. Well it sounds like any ally of the United States will only get supported with weapons if China or Russia comes knocking on their door basically what that means is every country will eventually fold until all of the United States enemies comes to our doorstep and you can basically kiss America bye because we’re too weak to fight anyone but terrorist and could hardly even manage that!

  5. Ya he’s going to do exactly what he is doing for Ukraine lol nothing but send money and weapons and watch them get slaughtered like pigs

  6. Send the Asian Americans. No Wh1te boys should die for a Han Ch1nese.

    Go read r/AznIdentity and see what Asian American men are saying

  7. Taiwan is a place in China. The government there is self-claimed as "Republic of China". Taiwan is officially declared, by the United Nations, in the resolution #2758, as part of China represented by the People's Republic of China. The US admits the fact and names it as its "One China policy", but has been controlling the figure ROC government and holding TAIWAN as a hostage to against China.

  8. What Biden says in public will always be different in what they will be discussed and viewed in close doors of the White House, State Department and the Pentagon.

    Let's see, in the Western security circles they have coined the term "Sprint to Parity" with regards to Chinese nuclear weapons development and production capacities. Since 2010, the Chinese have been modernizing and expanding their uranium enrichment capacity, in fact, it is estimated that China will be producing enough enrich uranium to make 1,500 warheads. In terms of plutonium reprocessing the Chinese have two plutonium reprocessing facilities, combined these two plants can produce enough weapons grade materials for 500 warheads. China is also in the final stages of approving the construction of a third plant which has a much more massive capacity, according to estimates this third plant can produce enough weapons grade materials for 1,600 warheads.

    Now, Admiral Charles Richards of the USSTRATCOM have confirmed that Chinese have already deployed a force of over 100 road mobile ICBMs and with satellite pictures have shown that China is building potentially a force of 400 ICBM silos. Also satellite images of Bohai shipyards have indicated that it has undergone massive expansion of production capacities so as to increase the number of nuclear powered submarines that the Chinese navy will be able to field and that includes SLBM submarines.

  9. Biden must be nearing senility, China is intertwined with the global economy, any military action by the US against China will be pale in comparison to the Russian conflict.

  10. And the mainstream Democrats chose Biden and Harris over pro-peace candidates such as Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and Marianne Williamson, despite their integrity and benevolence. 🙁

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