Judge delays rollback of border restrictions for asylum seekers | WNT

A federal judge in Louisiana has ordered the Biden administration to continue implementing pandemic-related restrictions, known as Title 42, that were slated to end on Monday.



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37 thoughts on “Judge delays rollback of border restrictions for asylum seekers | WNT

  1. Well elbow spreading my crazy in Africa and the monkey pox from Canada to United States affecting already two states and 1 in 10 diet and then the dental of the new covid-19 that is now in all the states and 50% of Americans are being infected by it and dying from it Donald Trump policy was a big mistake and it's still a big mistake why should the American government care about the lives of his children their men women and the elderly

  2. Fentanyl deaths from Mexican cartels flooding Biden’s open border, 108,000 young Americans dead and mayordorkasss head of homeland security does nothing, mayordorkasss is a criminal in charge

  3. I want all the PRESIDENTS 📕 ( PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN ) of USA to kneel down and say a prayer before they start their works in white house,,
    This below Apostle paul's verse is my strength,,,,
    I always think this below verse in my goings ,,out,, to the world (in ) ,,
    So I am not shaked,,,
    I keep my heart like rock
    2 Corinthians 12:10
    That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. ( This is 1 John 2:-16 )
    And as far as an another verse is concerned,,,,,,For
    This below verse also once quoted by President Biden,,
    I never always think it but this verse is a Honey to me when God sends my heart when God sends deliverence or victory
    Psalm 30:5
    For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.
    Yesterday I was sick ,,my sickness is not an ordinary fever or Head ache as you think ,,
    May be if I am admitted in the hospital ,,my body may be found with conditions critical like as serious as that of "" counting my days ,""",😁😁😁,,BUT
    Yesterday God reminded me a verse and after ,,I tried to find out it the BIBLE I found it in Psalm 8 and isaiah 40
    After reading those verses
    I said God yes I am very mean ,,( nothing,,)
    I can trust in you "you can do me a favour,,"
    It is nothing to you ,,
    Amen thank you Jesus ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Biden is breaking the law every day, democrats running in ten million illegals when Americans have millions of homeless in tents on the streets, democrats are criminals against America but they control everything and no one can stop them, vote out all democrats in November

  5. Are you trying to spin title 42, (the stay in Mexico policy)is what is keeping the immigration crisis going?

    No… not further… tell the people to go home, they are not welcome… mexico is not persecution anybody and neither is canada..(other than the freedom convoy)
    National refugee law states, they relocate to the country nearest to your location at the start of fleeing.

    If they aren't refugees, then they can sit and wait on entering the country the right way… or get shot trespassing my land… either way… it makes people think twice about undocumented travel.

  6. Title 42 is NOT a Trump era policy. It was enacted in 1944. Trump declared an emergency in response to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and utilized that law in order to slow the spread of COVID. I find it odd that our current administration is fighting in the courts to reverse the ruling that ended mask mandates in order to "keep us safe", yet they have zero issues with an open border allowing thousands per day to cross over and be shipped across the country in mass.

  7. Never have I witnessed such incompetence by an administration the US. Racial divide is at an all time high, murders, killings, funerals, rape, wars, the blaming others, drugs, crime, suicides, food prices, energy, gasoline, all rising with this useless administration. My Black and Latino friends, let us all, end this misery come November.

  8. People in Washington D.C are incapable of solving the problems on the border or immigration reform. The root of the problem is corruption and crime in other countries they refuse to give people a safe place to work and live. It's understandable that they're fleeing to a country for a better life and safety. It would take a world response to address this issue and a military operation world wide. Very expensive to root out corruption In every country if it's even possible and yes the USA has it's corruption and criminals in Washington D.C and the entire United States 🇺🇸. The entire world has corruption it's not a simple fix. If world leaders would come together the problem could be solved. Look at Ukraine and Russia that's a good example of corruption and evil people in charge. So here we are.

  9. Covid deaths: US 1,028,741 Mexico 324,465

    Title 42: Mexicans giving Covid to Americans. Yeah right.

    Pinkies stole California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Western Colorado from Mexico.

    Will the Pink Ukrainians and Russians be sterilised by ICE agents like Mexicans were at the border?

  10. Americans let Greg Abbott disrupt supply chains to increase inflation.

    Americans were scammed $3B by Greg Abbott to provide buses for Mexicans travelling to Washington DC.

    Americans gave Steve Bannon money to help build Trumps Wall that he transferred to his personal account.

    For genuine good luck, give $1000 to the next New Zealander you meet.

  11. This is such BS. The GOP isnt scared of COVID. They just hate undocumented Americans The voters will remember how the GOP treats them, they will get theirs

  12. Yeah like that's going to stop the thousands of people coming over every single day and nobody stopping them. I have two very good friends are immigrants and they are very upset that they had to jump through hoops to get here because one is from Russia and the other was from England. But all of these people can just come here with no questions asked and be supported while they're here. Come here legally like every other country. I can't go to any other country well following their immigration laws so why don't we have any anymore?

  13. nothing is delayed. the south border invasion of locusts continues. It continues by night flights as well. The bolshevik intent: tax the US middle class out of existence. This leads to the elimination of a free America and the establishment of a Communist N. American Union.

  14. Some people who are fleeing war and conflicts in their respective countries get an airplane ride here and invites from our nation and then there are those who have to walk swim crawl cry and beg for asylum get denied and removed over and over again. If you allow select individuals to come here and not allow select individuals to come is DISCRIMINATORY IN THE EXTREME!

  15. More mentally ill bullshit Covid didn’t matter for these people yet I couldn’t leave my house it’s a joke just wait they will be sorry when comfort gets thrown out the window and rent for a two bedroom is 5k it’s 3k near Seattle now fucking dumbshit

  16. And now the fake news media is going to call the judge a racist. And the judges father is a racist his grandfather is a racist. His great-great grandfather is a racist his great-great-great-grandfather is racist his uncle is a racist his uncle's brothers mother is a racist. His mother uncle's best friend sister is a racist

  17. Sounds like the Democrat clowns redefined "refugees" to mean illegal aliens. Lets see, water shortage, food shortage, housing shortage, yeah sure, we can pack a few million more a year into this country!

  18. Democrats are ashamed as well with Biden. They dont comment like they use to…?? Spineless…

  19. Democrats will never learn, look at our country now. Biden and crew destroying the US. Its an embarrassment to us. Thank God for Republicans that have a spine.

  20. AMEN. God BLESS that judge.
    It is mind blowing just how much damage Joe and his horrific administration have done in such a small amount of time. I can't name ONE positive thing. Not even hating. It's simply the truth.
    Also, the bias is embarassing, CBS. It's not just for "ASYLUM SEEKERS." Wake up and start JUST reporting facts, rather than sugarcoating the truth to fit your narrative. ⏰️

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