Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill banning nearly all abortions

The Oklahoma legislature passed a bill that would ban abortion at conception, making it the most restrictive abortion ban in the country if it goes into effect.
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41 thoughts on “Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill banning nearly all abortions

  1. A little known rider on the abortion ban bill says the fetus may purchase a firearm at 2 weeks after conception, and need not apply for a permit to open carry once it has been delivered. New born babies have a 2A right in Oklahoma to be armed in order to protect themselves .

  2. Oklahoma has taken first place in having an idiotic government. They have no business making these rulings. I have no respect for them. Damned Bible belt mentality.

  3. Oh praise God a woman's right to have control over her own body is being taken away by men. Those precious precious tiny fertilized eggs and embryos that haven't yet developed a brain is more important to protect then keeping kids safe from weapons of war.

  4. To anyone who disagrees… Don't live in Oklahoma 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Some of us still want to live in a place that hasn't been completely corrupted by disgusting and twisted ways of thinking and living. It's pretty simple. We don't want you killing innocent babies here. Go to a liberal state if you are good with murdering babies. Leave us the hell alone. A lot of y'all talk about not shoving beliefs onto you. News flash!! We feel the same about you! We don't want to have your messed up views pushed down our throats either.

  5. You go Oklahoma. We live in a free country not a Communist country and every state has a right to make their own choices.

  6. Unamerican traitors fueled by hatred. The new confederates need to secede. Secular society will never bow down to your fairytale.

  7. The Republican party and the Gov are a disgrace! They want to save the unwanted, unborn fetus and even ban condoms! These unwanted children end up in foster homes or orphan houses, become mentally, physically abused by the pedophiles, which will make many of them either drug abusers, dealers or killers later in life. There would be a huge rise in crimes, with 10's or 100's of millions of unwanted children in future. At the same time, Republicans pass laws to give those mentally sick (may be an unwanted child) assault guns to kill others.
    In essence Republicans are for creating those who buy guns and ammo and those who become the target for those killers (kids who cannot defend themselves). Why stop with guns, let them purchase Nuclear Bombs, under Freedom act, it is their right!
    It is only good business, as far as Republicans are concerned. You need crazy people to buy guns and kill others, what better source than unwanted children who hate the society for the NRA cause!

  8. What about that threat to the unborn baby?? Which is a human being !! You women need to stop having sex if you don't want an unwanted child !!

  9. If Roe. v. Wade gets overturned, it should become illegal for men to leave pregnant women. If women can't back out of a pregnancy, men shouldn't be able to either.

  10. It appears that some men rape women to force them into fake relationships and fake responsibility it should be reported no one deserves to be stuck in marriage because of this

  11. Stupid MEN who make rules that Only Women deal with! Shame on them! You realize back-alley abortions will start up because of what you are doing! May god forgive you all.

  12. Instead why don’t this hypocrite’s start working on lowering the prices of bb formula and putting it back on the shelf if they are so prolife !!!!!!!!

  13. Last time the burden or the dilemma lies on the mother whether or not to have abortion ( I’m sure it’s not an easy decision). Now, abortion is out of the question so whoever the father is, must be held responsible to provide and care for the baby. Whoever had affairs or slept around, if you make someone pregnant, that’s it. Prepare to be father.

  14. Born and raised to age 10 in Oklahoma I didn’t realize at that time how backwards it was, although in retrospect it’s now painfully obvious. Fortunate enough to then leave that state to live and travel around the nation and the world to find out more of what life can offer, it’s sad to see Oklahoma descending even further into draconian, dark-age mentality.

  15. Here is an idea for those visionary Republicans with high religious and family values… Instead of allowing anyone to be prosecuted for aiding a person to get an abortion… Why don't you pass a law to make it illegal for men to have unprotected sex outside your so-called marriages? I promise you will look less like the bigot and misogynist you are (and make all the rest of us men look alike).

  16. Actually abortion services are still fully available in situations of incest, rape, and life emergency.so in situations where it can definitely be considered necessary are fully available. Its becoming an issue where women my age and younger are using abortion procedures as routine and its not safe for the woman her body or her long term overall health

  17. Wtf?? Folks body not urs "" can y'all feed and raise theses kids they don't want?? And what about rape victims they gotta keep a sickos kids? Wtf is wrong with yall

  18. Abstinence is the best policy control your urges and stop thinking about sex so much. There is also masturbation. Stop making excuses for your own mind and body and blaming it on some stupid law. Most of yall ain't F**** for love anyway but for money. GOD IS Good GOD is Great 😊

  19. Way to go governor goat roper. You just passed a law protecting a zygote and practically guarantee a rape victim an unwanted pregnancy as I do believe your hillbilly law now prohibits the victim receiving a D&C after being raped.

  20. Reporting from VATICAN CITY — 
    Pope Francis is allowing all priests to absolve women of the “grave sin” of abortion, extending indefinitely special permission he had granted for the duration of the just-ended Holy Year of Mercy.
    Francis wrote in the Apostolic Letter made public by the Vatican on Monday that “there is no sin that God’s mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled” with God

  21. '' I will unite the nation, if you vote for me. I will clean up the Police force to ''. Quote Joe Biden, the sitting President of the USA !!

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