Oklahoma legislature approves restrictive abortion ban | WNT

The Oklahoma legislature passed a bill that would ban abortion at conception, which would be the most restrictive abortion ban in the country if it goes into effect.



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  1. To hell with this awful anti abortion thugs they want more unplanned pregnancies to term and don't care about children that exist

  2. The Republican party and the Gov are a disgrace! They want to save the unwanted, unborn fetus and even ban condoms! These unwanted children end up in foster homes or orphan houses, become mentally, physically abused by the pedophiles, which will make many of them either drug abusers, dealers or killers later in life. There would be a huge rise in crimes, with 10's or 100's of millions of unwanted children in future. At the same time, Republicans pass laws to give those mentally sick (may be an unwanted child) assault guns to kill others.
    In essence Republicans are for creating those who buy guns and ammo and those who become the target for those killers (kids who cannot defend themselves). Why stop with guns, let them purchase Nuclear Bombs, under Freedom act, it is their right!
    It is only good business, as far as Republicans are concerned. You need crazy people to buy guns and kill others, what better source than unwanted children who hate the society for the NRA cause!

  3. Chris Yang
    Chris Yang
    0 seconds ago
    I believe abortion is wrong, but I believe it 's the women's choice. It's so hypocritical of many anti abortion predominantly states, many led by Republicans, to have such poor records in women's health, and child welfare. We want the kids to be born, but do such poor jobs in helping women, and children, after the birth. Many Christians speak about the sanctity of life, but don't care to give up the guns, or other things that hurt children. Guns don't make societies safer. It's a proven fact. We use abortion as a moral issue, but vote for politicians who are clearly immoral, but because they want to advance our anti abortion agenda, we vote for them. Jesus, Jesus, never got involved with the immoral government of his time. We try to legislate some moral, and overlook others. Such sad hypocrisy.

  4. Can we ban POTHOLES while we're at it —- If you see one-a-comin', it's against the law to hit one-a-goin'… got to protect our potholes!

  5. Religious or not, it's a simple argument: No BEING = no murder.

    Why should any state get to decide such a fundamental issue as self-determination with one's own body – something so core to the concept of freedom? The ninth amendment deserves special consideration in addressing this issue.

    IF this is a states rights issue, does that mean a state can force people to have an abortion? If a woman has no right to autonomy, what's to stop any state from taking control of her body, for whatever reason it deems "necessary" (especially when due cause has not been proven)?

    Meanwhile, science supports the Roe and Casey SCOTUS positions if considering what and when the pregnancy terminates; and co-incidentally, it aligns rather well with the guidelines of each of those decisions.

    A POTENTIAL human BEING is not YET a human BEING. The area of the brain that is necessary, the thalamocortical complex, doesn't even begin to form in a fetus until the 24th week. Before that point, there is NO person…NO ability for human sentience, NO where to house that sentience. The fetus is no more able to be self-aware than an arm or leg can be. Not even a heart can be considered a BEING; and if that weren't true, tell me which person inhabits a body after a heart transplant…

    No BEING = NO murder (and the right of self-determination justly belongs with the woman in deciding what to do with her own body).

  6. They're not protecting the child, they're anti-woman and want more people to work overtime while cutting immigration rate.

    This is a weird mix of capitalism meet racism and use religion as a cover.

  7. I think they are trying to make people not have intercourse. They want to ban all forms of contraception. Going along with Catholic priests type of sex. I would not want to be married because they are forcing women onto Osex, Asex, masserbaation for birth control. In the end, women will continue to have abortions but more will die. The way babies are conceived will be fewer, no more IVF. More unwanted children will be born left to fend for themselves through out their lives. More welfare paid out. Fewer women in the workplace. No need to educate women they are wombs.

  8. Reporting from VATICAN CITY — 
    Pope Francis is allowing all priests to absolve women of the “grave sin” of abortion, extending indefinitely special permission he had granted for the duration of the just-ended Holy Year of Mercy.
    Francis wrote in the Apostolic Letter made public by the Vatican on Monday that “there is no sin that God’s mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled” with God

  9. Our most vulnerable in society are being completely destroyed and evicted on the road to becoming "clinical waste," …and this is all a fruit of "oppressed victims" who say they care about "equality" ¿¿¿ Tiny lifeless bodies who never had a place on a woke grievance ladder, are being evicted by their oppressive landlords, yes the same woke individuals who cry about landlords being a part of the "capitalist system of oppression," are behaving like their oppressors against our most innocent and vulnerable in society ??? "Owning stuff" makes you an oppressor, and we can't have oppression without an "impoverished victim," so those who don't own stuff are obviously the victims. My property my… I mean "my body my choice" right ¿¿¿ "I have my reasons so get out," the victim becomes homeless or clinical waste 🗑. We all care about inequality and discrimination, yet we support abortions ¿¿¿ 🤔 Here's some "critical thinking" for ya, "landlords need to be big-hearted kind and generous," yet reducing an unborn human life to clinical waste is somehow "just and liberating" ¿¿¿ Being "kicked out onto the street" 》 [bad], being kicked out onto a medical waste truck 》 [good]. I'd rather be "forced to pay rent" than become medical waste in a "progressive society" who claims to care about equality and injustices ???

  10. I thought it was unconstitutional for religion to interfere with politics. Clearly there is a thistic agenda behind this cruel legislation.

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