Oklahoma passes near-total abortion ban

As the Supreme Court could soon overturn Roe v. Wade, Oklahoma passes a near-total ban on abortion, allowing them only in cases of saving the life of the mother, rape or incest.

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24 thoughts on “Oklahoma passes near-total abortion ban

  1. To all you pro Abortion advocates… The only abortion I would ever agree with is if your mother would’ve had one with you. If abortion is such a good thing, then is that wrong to say?
    I’m all for advocating for my right to own a gun and would be the first one to volunteer to own a gun… would you volunteer to be aborted since it’s such a great thing?

  2. They want to ban abortion but America isn't even concerned with helping its own people they send all our money to foreign country's and house illegals crossing the border while our people struggling to keep a roof over there heads then when a woman has 10 kids they complain when she needs 1000 a month in food stamps to feed them these government leaders are sick they dont give a dam about these kids so let women chose .

  3. They want to ban abortion but wont ban 18 year old kids from being able to buy a military weapon to go into schools and murder children women should be able to decide what they do with their body's its their body's they should decide when and who they have a baby with condoms break and men poke holes in condoms and some men cant help them take care of these kids my cousin has 8 kids he's a man and a girl he was involved with had a abortion when he got her pregnant she did him a favor and herself a favor cause he couldn't help her support that child and that would have been one more kid he goes to jail for not supporting these government leaders are really out of touch with reality.

  4. Yes, I can agree that this a Good middle ground for all women and a Good middle ground place for the fetus because the unborn & born has a right to live.

  5. If abortion is to be legal, put your money where your mouth is and support it yourself. If you don't have the resources to have a child, you definitely don't have the time to be promiscuous. Also, it's $500 for an abortion, I don't understand why it would be so difficult to wear a condom, when they have condom brands that can prevent STD's, they can prevent pregnancy. There's no excuse for abortion on high demand, I can excuse it for rape and incest, but the left's obsession with abortion is MENTAL. I'm not saying demonic, because I'm secular, but I am going to say the left has no shame, and it will be their downfall. You'd probably have better numbers and those defending what you claim if you didn't kill off your future generations. The left has shot itself in the foot when it comes to the future. They don't have any plans, it's the party of self centered hedonism. I don't like Trump, but I am definetely in favor of sovereignty, and the left has NONE OF IT.

  6. Chris Yang
    Chris Yang
    0 seconds ago
    I believe abortion is wrong, but I believe it 's the women's choice. It's so hypocritical of many anti abortion predominantly states, many led by Republicans, to have such poor records in women's health, and child welfare. We want the kids to be born, but do such poor jobs in helping women, and children, after the birth. Many Christians speak about the sanctity of life, but don't care to give up the guns, or other things that hurt children. Guns don't make societies safer. It's a proven fact. We use abortion as a moral issue, but vote for politicians who are clearly immoral, but because they want to advance our anti abortion agenda, we vote for them. Jesus, Jesus, never got involved with the immoral government of his time. We try to legislate some moral, and overlook others. Such sad hypocrisy.

  7. Pretty sure baby’s are in auto pilot up until like 2 or 3, I don’t think they’re conscious or aware, so honestly a baby in a womb isn’t really alive in the sense that’s it’s aware, it would be like killing a comepletely disabled brain dead person who’s a carrot

  8. Very good I know this is good they put rape and danger to the expecting mother life that’s the only reason an abortion should be done , life is life and no one has the right to choose who dies it does not matter about your body you have no say in murder bottom line

  9. So there is a part of the western world that holds women accountable.I mean washing your car is harder than not getting knocked up.But skank wants no part being accountable.

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