COVID surge leveling off in NYC

Hospitalizations for the unvaccinated is significantly higher than for people who are vaccinated, according to city data.


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18 thoughts on “COVID surge leveling off in NYC

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  2. If I were a Vaxxer, I’d be far more concerned with what has happened to countless other Vaxxers:

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    RIP to Petra Mayer (NPR), and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, both JUST had their booster days prior.

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  3. Let me get this straight…

    1- They don't stop you from getting covid.
    2- They do not stop you from getting sick from covid.
    3- They do not stop you from spreading covid.
    4- There is zero proof that they do anything whatsoever to "reduce symptoms" or likelihood of hospitalization.

    So what exactly is it that you Vaxxers believe that you get out of having these experimental drugs in your body?

    In reality, I don't believe that you have any idea.

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