EU announces new sanctions on Russian energy exports l ABCNL

ABC News foreign correspondent Tom Soufi Burridge reports from Kyiv on the embargo and the killing of a French journalist in eastern Ukraine.

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40 thoughts on “EU announces new sanctions on Russian energy exports l ABCNL

  1. It will not do nothing it's poor management with the west we all was told every thing was going up in England. And the west knew this war was going to happen. Remember last November the polish Belarus border when refugees could not cross the polish borders they said it was Russia.

  2. By "the :end of the year " umm hey thats January NATO really biting the dirt on this one everything went nicely when they destroyed Libia

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  4. gasoline costs 1,2 euro/litre in Hungary. How much do you pay? Since May 27,2022 only cars with Hungarian license plate can pay this price for the fuel, so foreigners started to steal Hungarian license plates. This is telling…
    Russia increased its oil selling to China. Sanctions will do 100x more harm to EU than Russia. Russia is part of Europe a world power, nuclear power. To set an aim which is to ruin or 'beat' Russia will be the end of Europe security for good. This is now the 'mood of the moment' short sighted view. There is now a so called cost of living crisis. There is not. Forget it, it is nothing yet. When the real cost of living crisis and starving starts in Europe and millions of migrants from Africa storm the gates of EU then the people of Europe will realize what their self appointed mediocre leaders did and they will not care and give a crap about if Donbass is part of Russia or Ukraine.

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  6. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR.

    Why have Americans had 27 school shootings this year? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why does America ignore 1,031,613 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

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  8. Good evening! See coincidence or? A group of Ukraine performing at Eurovision and begging for money from the stage! They collected 900 there something! So they paid the US for weapons, right? Therefore, Aristovich cockerel is a scallop and hysterical! Here is your result = Eurovision concert is a sponsor of Nazis and fascists killing people! You have been warned! Let the death of these innocent people now fall on your conscience and your children! Karma for yourself and your descendants you zasrat for centuries! Don't redeem

  9. They still by Russian Oil thru other exporters….they just paying more money for it…..Russia's economy has grown because China, India, Iraqi, North Korea & others are still buying Oil…fricking news is a fricking joke…!

  10. They still by Russian Oil thru other exporters….they just paying more money for it…..Russia's economy has grown because China, India, Iraqi, North Korea & others are still buying Oil…fricking news is a fricking joke…!

  11. This is so wrong!
    So EU/NATO Nations (not all) continue to fund & fuel the Russian war machine while simultaneously using Ukraine as a proxy military, sending them money & weapons to fight the very war machine they fund and fuel. Meanwhile NATO Nation Turkey has the Black Sea cut off to military ships so the Russian Black Sea fleet blockades while Russian merchant ships haul off Ukraine grain at 500 tons per load. And in spite of all this “help” Ukraine is getting, Russia is kicking azz & taking more territory every single day according to every live war map online. Wow, what an incredible propaganda campaign this has been! How exactly is anyone helping Ukraine?

  12. EU issue’s more sanctions. Whoop d do. They are so lucky to have the backing of the great nation of the America. That’s all this situation is proving.

  13. 'New sanctions'…but taking effect EOY 2022? Sounds like they're playing the long game and hoping the war ends before they have to enforce this mandate.

    Germany and France are really showing their true colors lately throughout this process.

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  15. What happens if??
    Don’t buy our oil, can’t buy our gas.
    Russia is already being begged to let some grain out, what happens if they decide to shut the gas off?

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