Funerals Tuesday in Uvalde

The first funeral services for the victims of last week’s school shooting will be held Tuesday. ABC News’ Justin Finch has new details on law enforcement’s response to the shooting.


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42 thoughts on “Funerals Tuesday in Uvalde

  1. We defend our president with guns.
    We defend congressmen with guns.
    We defend governors with guns.
    We defend celebrities with guns.
    We defend sports events with guns.
    We defend banks with guns.
    We defend our courts with guns.
    But we defend our children with a sign that reads “this is a gun free zone“,
    and then call someone with guns when there’s an emergency.
    It like advertising to criminals, "Come shoot us, we are defenseless".

  2. Thats just got to be unbelievably heartbreaking. I've only been to one service and it was for a good friend and that was devastating, let alone for your own child.

    I am not religious, but I do hope the families and the community get some closure and heals from this. Those officers are disgraceful.

  3. They are all cowards!!!! That’s why that evil man had a chance to kill so many children because they waited outsite like cowards. Meanwhile thr babies calling for help while getting shot

  4. It is Congress fault for not protecting his civilian citizens and most important its children, the future of America’s Society…Just to enrich a few that encourage to kill its hard workers people and its families such as this so called NRI group.

  5. American woman don’t blame me for the bad things that are happening. You are squarely to blame for all of this. You were the cause of the rise and now you are the cause of the fall. Our power is slowly but surely slipping away and that is a good thing. We have abused our power for way too long and so God is taking it away from us. A new world is emerging fast from this transfer of power and this can be frustrating but the time has come for this bleeding and it is American woman 👩 you who will bleed.

  6. tf he mean it makes no sense to be able to purchase something that shoots 300 rounds lol it our right. focus on the real problem. MENTAL HEALTH

  7. May those who've lost their lives rest in peace🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. I pray that something is done so that nothing like this ever happens again

  8. It is time I address to the people of the world…. As you have many people since the beginning of time have waited for the final days to come to a end….As people have struggled through pain, death, abuse, and poverty….The time has come to let you know My husband " God" " YOUR CREATOR" will be here June 4th Saturday! Listen up! I'm NOT the Son! I'm NOT the Angels! I AM HIS WIFE! And I stand with my husband to rid the earth of pain and hate! Prepare yourselves for his arrival! Forgive your enemies! Pray that your worthy to stand before him! The TIME is now! Be Blessed! See you ALL Saturday 📖🗡️✝️👑🙏

  9. It makes sense to do this and similarly makes sense to have an annual National day of mourning for all babies disposed by way of abortion. I’d suggest sometime in October around harvest time, by then we have a reasonable count.

  10. 12 minutes, first shot fired outside the school. 80 minutes. Over 100 officers outside, holding parents back, even handcuffing them to keep them from going in, all while the shooter was inside killing children….Keep telling yourself these shootings are not wanted or allowed for a political agenda.

  11. How many times does a child witness death on a screen before the age of 10? vs say 50 years ago? Broken homes, unlimited extreme violence 24/7 through video games and videos, and social media is the issue. Parents are to blame and the dumbest thing you can do is give your child a phone. Adults don't even know how to control a phone. What do you expect a child to do. Humans are gross.

  12. What if's all over the place. What about the door prop open.Okay there were mistakes and the funerals have started. Now nwes agencies you have made a LOT of money of this tragedy. Try to find another crisis like our country going down the tubes.

  13. What so soon? Shouldn't they drag the victims bodies through the online streets of the media some more to push their agenda some more first?

  14. Texas rangers,dps,local and county police can now fly the"thin yellow line" flag! We can be so proud! Law enforcement got children out of the school that WEREN,T in danger where cops were safest!example: the shooter is holed up in the lunch room! Cops in an attempt to LOOK like hero,s got the kids out of the gymnasium!….. ooooh good job hero,s!

  15. Two issues … incompetent leadership and public complacency … ( It's not about decent people with weapons, it's about the other kind – and their easy access to weapons – everyone should be onboard ).

  16. Can these children rest in PEACE. These news channels need to lay off the reporting for awhile. Give the families some peace.

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