Lawmakers struggle to find common ground over gun legislation | ABCNL

ABC News’ Alex Presha and former San Bernardino, California, Police Chief Jarrod Burguan discuss the challenge of gun control in the U.S. and the potential impact of more restrictive gun laws.

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43 thoughts on “Lawmakers struggle to find common ground over gun legislation | ABCNL

  1. How would gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens actually help? I’ve been asking this question on social media and not one person has an honest answer. Just a bunch of yelling about taking guns. Only the criminals would have guns then. The gun violence issue cannot be ended with more laws. The government cant enforce the laws already on the books, so more will make a difference? Nope, more laws wont work. Government confiscation of guns from law abiding people will incite civil war. Also, the “AR” letters in the AR-15 gun name does not, and never has stood for “assault rifle”. Perhaps an M16 is an assault rifle, but an AR-15 or AR-10 are simply modern sporting rifles. Someone asked me why I “need” guns….well, why does a person “need” a cell phone? I don’t have to prove a need at all or explain why I have a gun or not.

  2. There is no common ground when it comes to firearms. So stop blaming the atrocities of crazy maniacal teenagers on armed law abiding citizens who's firearms have never hurt a soul. You wanna make a difference? You wanna stop these mass shooters from killing kids? ARM YOURSELVES, demand armed security at our schools. The president, congressmen, banks, courthouses, state capitols, etc etc all have armed security…why not our children? Why not our schools?

  3. Gun free zones are were all the shootings take place. If the right people were carrying they would have shot them and saved lives. New York Chicago and California have the strictest gun laws with the highest gun crime because people know less law abiding citizens are carrying. I won’t give up my guns until everyone on the face of this planet does. And then people will just start stabbing each-other. I have a right to protect my children and my family. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the police to come.

  4. Gun grabbers : YT is blocking this link i post. So google : West Va.
    lady kills gunman with AR15. Stopping a mass killing. You will not see
    this on the News.

  5. From the time Peyton Gendron and the Texas school shooter both tortured and killed cats for fun, there was a bunch of people from their mothers on down through law enforcement and the Justice system that shirked their responsibilities. And then you Democrats want to blame it all on the gun? Shame on you!

  6. Democrats don't care about your kids. Quit pretending. If it's evil when a school shooting happens why is it not evil when a mother ends a child's life though abortion? Democrats never let a tragedy go to waste. They use it to push their agenda and the majority of people who watch the news are, under informed, misinformed, or both. The people telling you what to believe about guns have never learned about, used, or otherwise educated themselves about them. They are ignorant and just regurgitate false information that appeals to emotion.

  7. Democrats support 3000 babies being murdered per day. Thank God the Supreme Court is looking to help these children out. Mas murder is fine as long as it supports the Democrats agenda.

  8. Thank you to the Republicans for keeping our rights intact. You are NOT making things harder for Americans to express their rights just so you feel better.

  9. This will create the largest black market for guns. These NRA people will always find a way for people to get guns even criminals.

  10. I hope the democrats can make a change in the current gun laws. Don't expect any help from the Republicans as they don't think there is a problem

  11. is there proof that countries with no firearms havee no violence? Is it a utopian society because there is proof of what happens when the government has guns and their citizens are un-armed

  12. My three quotes that I feel are important that people, like the police, forgets very easily.

    "Time Don't Stop."
    "Communication leads to progression."
    "Don't be afraid to fail; move forward."

  13. What did the shooter (The Joker) said to the students? In summary, from different YouTube News channels.
    • 18 yr old background check shows he is good to go. As other background checks that shows mass shooters they are good to go.
    • 18 yr old buys weapons of mass destruction. Go and have fun.
    • 18 yr old goes to elementary school where it all started & just born new generation of potential mass shooters
    • 18 yr old burst into class
    • 18 yr old says a joke to the students,  "what our elite leaders say to the kids of the future?"
    • 18 yr old look at the kids, dead in their eyes with a smile, and say these last words, "YOU HAVE NO FUTURE", "IT'S TIME TO DIE"

    Wow. For a dark humor, it is a terrifying reality and a tough pill to swallow.

  14. Democrats' hypocrisy is jaw-dropping! The hypocrite and incompetent Chuck Schumer blocked a bill that the parents of the Parkland, High School victims have been pushing to pass for years. The Dems just don't give a f**k, they want wedge issues that will keep them in power!

  15. Where did people going to come conclusion that they need to get Chuck Schumer, Nancy pelosi and all them corporate Democrats out of office we're not going to get anything done and don't forget them corporate Republicans

  16. Police kill one thousand citizens of the United States each year without trial. Although they knew the job they signed up for and trained extensively to perform it, most of them kill out of fear for their lives, even when the suspects are unarmed.

  17. There is no common ground in taking away constitutional rights. How about how law enforcement not enforcing sending illegals back that cross the border? Hmmmm

  18. BREAKING: Biden’s approval rating hits a new low of 35%. 47 of 50 states incl. NY and CA disapprove of Biden’s presidency. Remarkable failure, worst in 100 years.
    — Civiqs poll (5/30/22)

  19. As long as the bill talks about "banning serial-numbered guns" of any kind, it will be doomed to fail when it is put up for a vote. But if the crafters of the bill can do away with that, then maybe the so-called "defenders of the 2nd Amendment" in the senate will be willing to "compromise" on the revisions to so-called "red flag" laws. Any agreement on the matter around "school security" will depend on what that entails — rest assured, it will have to steer clear of any "infringement on the 2nd Amendment rights."

    It was interesting to see Canada's Kevin Trudeau trying to slyly inject himself into U.S. politics around guns, by way of pushing for ban on certain guns in his own country; as he announced plans for this, he made a brief note to what was taking place "south of the border" — namely, the U.S.

  20. GUN violence is as real as real gets but GUN violence is the main symptom of what happens when a person feels so threatened ( frightened) or becomes so angered (consumed by hate) that they use GUNS to lash out violently in a mental state of MADNESS !
    GUNS are the favorite choice because it's very difficult for victims to defend themselves if they don't have a GUN !
    GUN FREE ZONES are the favorite TARGETS for CRIMINALS willing to commit MASS MURDER !

  21. A selfish country, so u lost ur precious guns, u saved others, children teacher police officers…but y’all don’t care u just want to cuddle ur guns! Get a nerf gun

  22. The only time there will "common ground" on gun legislation is to keep assault rifles and pistols out of the hands of Blacl males. If teenaged Black males were perpetrating at this hideous level, there would be a gun band begin midnight. The entrenched narrative there are no good Blacks guys only white ones. The white man's power is directly aligned with guns. So there will no restrictions regardless of how many children and senior citizens, etc., are mass murdered. This is the "American Carnage" the 45th projected in his inaugural address on January 20, 2016. America has been returned to white people "by any means by any means necessary" (Malcolm X). How is it working out so far?

  23. The Government is being Disobedient and they are TROUBLED by their actions…They dont know what to do….THEY SEE TIME IS RUNNING OUT……GREED IS IN THE BIBLE…….READ IT…..PEOPLE….GREED…

  24. America be complaining bout the border Saying we bring guns in the country and yet have bring Ukrainian all those weapons lol 😂

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