Lawmakers under pressure to act on gun violence measures in US l ABCNL

ABC News’ Alex Presha discusses President Joe Biden’s vow to act on gun violence prevention measures, but will the president get support from Congress?

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41 thoughts on “Lawmakers under pressure to act on gun violence measures in US l ABCNL

  1. Nobody can get rid of guns in the US.
    Some Americans are destined to be shot to death.
    It's inevitable.
    Accept it.

  2. Why? This is crazy – just because reason, research and comparisons to any other nation clearly shows that the love for guns only lead to catastrophe – what are the arguments against good guys with guns saving every life 24/7?

  3. A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party. The term "false flag" originated in the 16th century as an expression meaning an intentional misrepresentation of someone's allegiance.[1][2] The term was famously used to describe a ruse in naval warfare whereby a vessel flew the flag of a neutral or enemy country in order to hide its true identity.[1][2][3] The tactic was originally used by pirates and privateers to deceive other ships into allowing them to move closer before attacking them. It later was deemed an acceptable practice during naval warfare according to international maritime laws, provided the attacking vessel displayed its true flag once an attack had begun.[

  4. There already was a ban, and it proved that the ban itself was basically useless…no significant change.
    Democrats always talk about "doing something"….and it basically amounts to being as useless as "thoughts & prayers".

  5. Psalm 51:16,17
    For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offereing. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, oh God, thou wilt not despise.

  6. Parents need to step up and get involved with school security. It’s time for parents to start holding school administrators responsible for their child’s safety.

  7. President Biden is against hardening the schools so don’t expect any government money for that. Only Politicians, Banks, Airports and large companies get that level of protection.

  8. Banning guns will not stop these horrible tragedies ! Banning alcohol during prohibition did not stop criminals from making and selling booze ! By banning guns, only the criminals will have them. We don’t have a gun problem ! We have a social problem.

  9. Let's ignore the fact that protocols were ignored at the school, doors were left open. Staff is unarmed. So to combat this let's unarm every law abiding citizen and ban weapons that weren't even used in this horrific event. LET'S GO BRANDON

  10. fbi knew about the shooter before he did it, the school was completely unsecured, and the police spent over 90 minutes before stopping the guy, but us law abiding citizens owning guns is the problem?

  11. This is a heartbreaking day and tragedy in America history.My condolences to the family of those beautiful angels will be in our memories for ever. Rest in heaven angels.

  12. It's okay guys the democrats are going to increase the age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21 so the crazy people not getting the help they need will have to wait a bit longer to shoot up public places. Problem solve I guess.

  13. Wake up, people! This is another 9/11! Another "Covid Pandemic!" And many, many more! Another inside job! Just so they could pass more crazy laws, or start wars, or ban things, etc!!!! Pay attention to deals! Do your own research! Don't believe everything they say on the news. And Don't! Trust! Your! Government!!!!

  14. How about allowing prayer back in schools. And some reading of the Bible wouldn't hurt. Put up the 10 commandments again in a lot of public places. Stop teaching kids that human lives are worthless and not valuable. And start teaching them that all of their lives are extremely valuable to God (and because of God). But of course we won't, even though it's the main reason we have so much trouble now with mass murderers. The right to bear arms was put there for a reason.

  15. An assault weapon ban would be overturned by the Supreme Court, so instead of a gun ban raise the age limit to 21 with a military or police academy exemption. End the loopholes for domestic violence gun bans, since most mass shooter have a history of domestic violence and temporary prohibitions for any violent conviction. Permanent prohibitions for harming any animals. These are all behavior or age based something the supreme court has traditionally upheld nobody is going to look at these and say it's an attack on the 2nd amendment. Have criminal liability for those who would provide unsupervised access to those under the age 21. And enhanced liability if the person under 21 does something illegal with it. You have to trigger a cultural shift in the gun crowd, Make gun advertisement that mention the military illegal. Have Hollywood go after toxic gun culture, make fun of the fools in tactical gear. Have more and better gun training available to all with an emphasis on the warrior mentality that teaches selfless service, honor and respect and that a gun is a tool not an extension of your manhood. You need a campaign against misogyny and racism it needs to be in schools and billboards it needs to be everywhere because these things have a lot to do with mass shooting

  16. We shouldn’t have to militarize our schools so that unstable men can easily buy guns. That’s putting the onus on the citizens of the country instead of the politicians and gun lobby.

    Children are being sacrificed for the Republican Party and NRA. They’re drunk on money and power. These are the death panels they warned us about, they sit back and do nothing while preaching morality about abortions as they watch your children be slaughtered. Sorry there’s nothing we can do they say you’re just going to have to accept that terrorism is part of our culture. This is not freedom.

  17. Enoch 98:6-10

    6) I have sworn unto you, ye sinners, by The Holy Great One,
    That all your evil deeds are revealed in the heavens,
    And that none of your deeds of oppression are covered and hidden.

    7) And do not think in your spirit nor say in your heart that ye do not know and that ye do not see 8) that every sin is every day recorded in heaven in the presence of The MOST HIGH AHYAH. From henceforth ye know that all your oppression wherewith ye oppress is written down every day till the day of your judgement.

    9) Woe to you, ye fools, for through your folly shall ye perish: and ye transgress against the wise, 10) and so good hap shall not be your portion. And now, know ye that ye are prepared for the day of destruction: wherefore do not hope to live, ye sinners, but ye shall depart and die; for ye know no ransom; for ye are prepared for the day of the great judgement, for the day of tribulation and great shame for your spirits.

  18. Congress should not overreact because of this tragic school shooting. It would be imprudent to create a real mass shooting by implementation of unconstitutional laws that the people clearly do not want and will not support. The Left Stream Media constantly lies to us saying the majority of Americans want new gun control legislation. We Do Not! There is NO new law that will prevent evil people from doing evil acts. We the people will resist tyranny by an overreacting government by all means we possess.

    Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776

  19. Leftist marxist atheists and media are the enemies of own country. Anti-nationals. Fifth columnists.

    Leftist marxist atheists support illegals over citizens. Insult tax paying real citizens. Kill patriotism.

    Destroy individuals. Destroy families. Destroy trust, innocence. Destroy friendship, goodness, holiness, modesty, puriry, honesty.

    Support infanticide in wombs.

    Made beasts out of individuals reducing to below animal status. Made mockery of individual value. Made mockery of marriage. Made to distrust people. Make controversies out of nothing.

    Leftist marxist atheism curriculum taught in schools and universities that life is meaningless, purposeless.

    Atheism raised rebellious, depressed people, fatherless children depriving love and affection they deserve. Atheism brought lack of love, insecurity, stress, trauma, abuse, loneliness, lack of kindness, burning businesses, looting, attacking Police.

    In face of superior argument, the inferior argument becomes violent.

    Donald Trump vs low cognitive Joe Biden coverage palpable of bias. Dangerous selective reporting. Create controversies for no reason.

    How good it will be if controversies not manufactured in first place.

    Leftist marxist atheists are gutless to condemn Islam terrorists.
    But overt Christophobes. Attack Christians knowing their non-retaliatory stand. Imagine the majority community rebel.

    Atheists destroy the good work great institutions do or doing. But have no alternative or willingness or motivation or intention or reference to help or do themselves. Good at destruction, not construction.

    Living in prosperous cozy Christian foundational non-retaliatory countries and becoming celebrities.

    Atheists if you have spine go live and criticize Islam, and other religions in their countries and become even more popular.

    Atheists please show your credentials by moving to and transforming undeveloped country in to a prosperous country. Open borders. Illegals, Muslims, Islamic supremacist welcome. Zero rallies/protests against Muslims or zero legal actions if they are against LGBT or refuse to bake gay wedding cakes or refuse to sell pork. Zero investigations on Islamic institutional child abuse. Zero criticism of Muslim hypocrisy. Laissez-faire. Burning and looting businesses are peaceful protests, not crime, . Christophia is constitutional right. Defund police to non-existence. Global cooling. Create utopia. Without copying Jesus Christ principles of equality, human value, human dignity. Then rest of world will have bragging rights to praise you and undying respect for atheism.

    Atheism already destroyed Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc. Atheism is proven failed ideology. Want to destroy every country.

    Have no morals as reference point, should have no right to make decisions affecting majority. And they praise celebrities and critize every other.

    Discuss a problem with 'expert panel', blame vehemently all others, but ignore the root cause ie evil pre-existing in everyone.

    Have the conclusion written first to blame a target group, and then find favorable witnesses to pretend justifications.

    Atheism never produced a line that is comforting on a death bed.

    That's why I left atheism.

    Reject marxist atheism.

    And remember old times, original godly roots and foundations, there is profit in it. Each individual is fallen, broken to core already and needs healing, purpose, meaning, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, eternity which are available for free.

  20. Fund rigorous scientific studies that look at mass shooters’ lives in detail, including medical and psychiatric records. You could learn the common cause behind these shootings.

  21. Don’t we have History Books that shows what Happens to People that Give up their GUNS?
    In China, a dictator banned ALL GUNS, when the government had Destroyed all of the Weapons, The Dictator HAD 20 MILLION PEOPLE KILLED! This has happened ALL OVER THE WORLD!

  22. Can't arm teachers most of them are indoctrination instructors… and don't believe that guns can stop crime … they think a bucket of rocks in class rooms would be the answer… SMH

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