Robb Elementary shooting timeline revisited as new video emerges l ABCNL

ABC News’ Aaron Katersky has new details on the timeline and sources, which suggest federal officers took action despite instructions from the local incident commander.

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39 thoughts on “Robb Elementary shooting timeline revisited as new video emerges l ABCNL

  1. Even more information is coming out and the teacher that they tried to blame on leaving a door unlocked turns out locked the door behind her per security footage. They're really trying to blame other people except their own incompetence.

  2. I urge everyone to watch the documentary 77 minutes about the active shooter in the McDonalds in the 80s. Its crazy to see how much damage one single individual can do with a gun in 77 minutes. We need this violent bs to stop. 77 minutes while he’s in the school with YOUNG CHILDREN?!? Wtf is wrong with these police

  3. He killed until he got tired and bored of killing because it was so easy. No one stopping him for that long.. this stuff is not trial and error "what can we do so it doesn't happen again", what the hell does he mean???? These are lives lost. This ain't a scratch and sniff product. We should be on top of this so it NEVER happens. Action should have been taken from the moment that 911 call for the grandma was made. Dispatch "Shooter not on scene I will communicate with school officer so hard lock down of all schools can be done because He's somewhere in town with a gun". Everything, I mean all of it was a complete fail. From dispatch to officers you name it, FAIL. Communication sucks there for being a small town. Some those pd's must be related looking out for one another. I work in the transit system if there's something we catch as drivers we communicate with dispatch dispatch communicates with pd. We are Mandated Reporters. This stuffs upsetting

  4. Appeal the Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 because it is a safe zone for mentality ill criminals to shoot fish in a barrel… &
    Politicians shouldn't have armed security until the children of "We the People" have armed security…

  5. I don’t blame the police one bit, they didn’t sign up to go into a war zone with automatic weapons, ieds etc. They would’ve joined the military for that!

  6. It doesn’t matter, they still needed to go their cowardly asses in there and shot until the murderer is dead. I wish it had been their kids in that classroom. I guess these cowards were watching and waiting until everyone was dead.
    Cowards, Cowards, Cowards……..

  7. The Democrats have been operating under the notion that eventually the bodies will pile up high enough for the Conservatives to agree to gun control laws, but they're wrong.
    There is no point at which the Conservatives will admit they were wrong. That's just how they think. There is no pile of bodies too high, or pool of innocent blood too deep for Conservatives.

  8. Cops are cowards. These kids blood is on their hands. Someone with a cell phone and they love to commit murder but someone starts shooting and they all run and hide. Pathetic


  9. Of course the police chief isn't going to cooperate with investigators!?! He knows law enforcement is going to use him as an "Bad Apple" excuse instead of addressing the real issue of the police not having a duty or obligation to protect the citizens they "swore to protect." It's more important that cops go home instead of children. And a bootlicker says whaaatttt??

  10. We are living in a time called the great '' Awakening''.   Many American people, can see what is happening..  We all are about to witness a new paradigm, that will  emerge, as the old one dies. If it means cutting ties with Britain, so be it.

  11. Stop lying! The shooter entered at 12:33:XX and the police entered through the same door at 12:35:XX where officers came underfire from the suspect. They could've stopped him before most of this carnage occurred.

  12. Wait till it comes out he told granny he was going to shoot up the school. Wait till it comes out that it was relayed to the police before he crashed his car.

  13. Why is everyone talking about what the cops did when nobody! Is looking at the teacher who went outside for her phone and left the door open she should be the one charge because she new the school roles and she broke them now 19 people are dead because of it 20 to be exact.

  14. It's unbelievable the fact anti gunners don't care that these kids were massacred by poor security setup and not firearms power. Standard nail hammer could done all that with all the USA school security design setup and process. Millions of hours of money to remove firearms is spent but not one thought to federalization of school security design and policy minimum standard, just some bullshit children should be safe to walk the streets.
    Do you put locks on your home's doors or do you deny the truth!
    Put yourselves in the shoes of the parents, you would want something effective done to stop this. Biden only wants excuses to get rid of people's right to self defence by firearms ban.
    He would never sit down and examine a solution that removes many dangers for children
    e.g. Tx school mass. 25 May 2022
    4 officers firing and "failing" before the gunman entered the school shows severe incompetence somewhere because of their failure to stop the gunman.
    NOT failure of policy.
    The officers failed.
    SO! Disband the police and defence forces and remove the forces firearms because that fails!
    Start with NB, You have always known to supervise and check children , there has never been an excuse to add school children (non adult) to the mass shooting victim problem in the context of firearms control! Children do not have a point of such a right to that level of privacy such that narcotics or firearms be allowed to reach schools and school buses!
    AGAIN, that is distorted and misinformation, "the right to bare arms" also requires "statutory rights with the right to bare arms" OF "personal right to defend themselves PERSONALLY and their property"!
    …or the trouble will be simply the right to bare arms has no valid value!
    Don't let them swindle by such a simple abridged stated description!
    …and think , Biden only had to do for children is put a "proper legislated perimeter completely enclosing" chest height 5' fence(climable) (must be solid cross bar (steel rod)wire with a width of a male child's foot of 1.2 Meter height ) to act alike radar around all children's school and only legally have entrance by a couple of gates as policy for "any person/ vehicle" and mandatory search of bags and too worn clothing" ,
    When entering and exiting that bottleneck requires observing from a security booth. The Ukraines wrote off a Russian attack before it occurred by shelling their force staging area build up.
    Proper security legislation would include "screened work permit grants" to builders plumbers drainers before working within 50 yards of the fence and a display copy of the exact permit grant on the site entrance displaying all employees granted presence for duration of work near on or around such fence perimeters.
    Biden only wants to target firearms not ACHIEVE safety NOW for the children.
    Biden works hours all day to change constitution legislation to remove all firearms but not one moment to change federal legislation on school buses and schools handling of children for their security from shootings!

    Just a few truths , the kinda truths some guy might want….

    Peter Miles, 61, his 58-year-old wife Cynda, their daughter Katrina, 35, and her four children – daughter Taye, 13, and sons Rylan, 12, Arye, 10, and Kadyn, eight – were found dead at Forever Dreaming Farm in Osmington on Friday.
    Three guns licensed to Mr Miles were found at the property and the family all suffered gunshot wounds.

    A Perth mother repeatedly tried to get help from police, doctors and mental health services right up until the hours before her son stabbed her, his 15-year-old sister and eight-year-old brother to death in their Ellenbrook home, the West Australian Supreme Court has been told.

    A father wrote about embracing his "darkness and animal instincts" before murdering his three young children, wife and mother-in-law with newly purchased knives, a Perth court has heard.
    Two-year-old twins Alice and Beatrix, three-year-old Charlotte and their mother Mara Lee Harvey, 41, were killed by Anthony Robert Harvey, 25, at their Bedford home on September 3, 2018.

  15. Had no knowledge that 21yrs was federal for obtaining a handgun.
    Someone suggested why not raise assault rifle age to 21.
    HALF RIGHT about school shooters.
    HOW ABOUT 21yrs federal as the age for ANY SEMI AUTOMATIC weapon AND a fixed (unremovable) magazine only for non semi auto below 21yrs !
    That makes logical sense!
    (Too proper adult chest height solid wire rod fence and entry exit federal policy , also emergency vehicle access gates as appropriate , for schools also).
    In school shooting it is the rapid fire ability.
    I think for most somehow people of 18 19 years old remain children in their minds and do not have a true sense of distinguishing self control or community cooperation as part of a nation in terms of what their own wants and actions are.
    Stepping from school to the real world generally requires a few years to understand they simply are not a child and there is no tolerance for some thinking or behaviours around other people and what that means in going about whatever they do without causing trouble to others.
    However, that type of action is bizarre but does need guard against.
    I agree it never actually occurred much until this millenia, but it is here and it need not be such a fail.
    Point is, all semi auto to be 21yrs and bolt and single allowed below 21 may well do better than attempting red flag.
    However, this brings us to Timothy McVeigh, a bomber. Through Australian history post firearms ban there are many instances of bombers albeit somewhat negligable, but they do point well to the fact that not only do some methods of attack not stop but the problem of the mass killer does not go away. However, neither does mass killing by firearm.
    It can be readily deduced from this that at no time does removing firearms and second amendment rights create a fair or just society and in fact would be the level of a dictatorship of which only corrupt prosper (because second amendment supports the point of right to bare arms and right to bare arms makes the point of the second amendment valid to being enacted with, cannot have one without the other or they are the value of an AKA wooden coin)

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