Analysis of investigation into Texas elementary school shooting l ABCNL

Democrats are pushing gun control measures like universal background checks while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other prominent Republicans have called this a mental health issue.

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39 thoughts on “Analysis of investigation into Texas elementary school shooting l ABCNL

  1. The problem is this guy was 18 & not in school. He had just turned 18 & his records as a minor would of been sealed. You can’t make an argument about unsealing his records, etc because then it is a much bigger argument on rights to privacy, etc.
    Although, it’s good that people are talking about ideas, the problem with lot’s of them is that a lot of proposed solutions would violate/open up risks to other American rights that are separate from this issue.

  2. School shootings are insignificant when compared to the amount of unlawful damage imputed against peaceful citizens by the police, for profit!
    POLICE having Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest 👹gift in creating the dirtiest of self-seeking corrupt police 💩👮…
    POLICE require LICENSING (NOT CERTIFICATION) and must carry their own "LIABILITY INSURANCE" saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from valid and disturbing lawsuits against bad cops, which thus far, cities and towns have been forced to pay on behalf of bad police officers who care nothing about school children, society or others! (Police are a for profit corporation!)
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  3. The last I heard, they said that when the shooter got on property, the school resource officer was 2-1/2 blocks from the school. While they said that he responded quickly, they never mention why he wasn't at his post. Has anyone heard whether it has been addressed? I'm just curious. The U.S. is seriously in need of police reform. The reform should include mandatory body cameras that cannot be turned off by the officers.

  4. When you live in a country that exports war, chaos, fear, and death across the globe, this is what you get. Biden just sent 40 billion $ worth of guns and bullets to Ukraine as a gift. Those guns & bullets will kill thousands of children. How can you rally for gun control, when you just sent millions of guns to Ukraine??? America has to pay for its sins against humanity. This is just internal behavior mimicking the government behavior. Canada has more guns per capita than USA they don't soot their kids, they don't export war either.

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  6. All I hear is people covering for each other that's all I hear just covering for each other excuses as a human being as an adult as a man your job is to protect the children especially as a man not by the law not by the training has a man you go in and you protect the children at all costs including your life

  7. So…"boys in blue" couldn't stop him, "good guys with guns" couldn't stop him, "more secure schools" couldn't stop him. I mean, that's what republicans are saying are the most effective measures to stop gun violence in schools, why did this happen?
    Maybe…just maybe, those "measures" aren't the most effective measures. Maybe disarming dangerous, unstable, evil people through psychiatric evaluations and background checks, could be an effective way of preventing these kinds of tragedies.

  8. How teachers will deal with enemies with handguns. If the enemy has an automatic rifle.
    If he has a bullet proof body vest. Will the teachers also go to school wearing body vest? It's a ridiculous solution.

  9. Yes we are so upset sad how many more students have to die until the government restricts the sell of guns they need to ask for license in order to buy a gun shouldn’t be sold so easy that all you need is money

  10. Somebody asked how does a boy with no job and no money have 4 thousand dollars worth of guns and ammo. Why didn't people tell law enforcement what he was posting.

  11. Wake American 🇺🇸 forget NRA!!
    Have your Politicians pass Law!!
    A police amber alert from 911!!!To school faculty and school police to lock down school!!
    This can be done!!!
    This will help the police and School!!!
    God bless!!!

    NO 18 years old or younger need AR 15 weapons!!!
    Wake American 🇺🇸 forget NRA!!
    Have your Politicians pass Law!!
    A police amber alert for Active shooter in school area from 911!!!To school faculty and school police to lock down school!!
    This can be done!!!
    This will help the police and School!!!
    God bless!!!

    NO 18 years old or younger need AR 15 weapons!!!

  12. There is an easy solution to all of this…… school staff should be armed…. They should be required to go through X amount of firearms training….. they should be required do do X amount of on going firearms training every couple months…. It should be mandatory like drug and alcohol tests….. flat out if your not willing to protect innocent life when they are in your custody you shouldn’t be there to begin with

  13. so starting to sound like a cover up of their failures due to being scared, just like parkland. anybody in their right mind would of gone in or stopped him at front, hell parents broke the barrier and crashed windows and started throwing kids out! im sure there is a cvt video out there that will mysteriously go missing. Parents need to speak more directly to media to hold those officers accountable. worst for impeding parents from going in.

  14. I’m not sure of the last time y’all went to a school, but they are far from being a fortress. There was an award assembly there and that’s why the doors were unlocked, which happens anytime family is allowed in for student events. Do you really believe an unlocked door is the problem? A locked door is nothing to a determined gunman with automatic weapons.

  15. These soft targets have to be protected. Only way to stop a deranged maniac with a gun is another person with a gun to instantly return fire. Not wait minutes for cops to arrive and wait until the damage is all done. That police department needs to be investigated for their time. That schools should have their doors locked all day until it's time to go home

  16. USMC Vet here…. Anything short of constant attack on the enemy in this situation is wrong. Contact must be intimidate and constant. Every bullet drawn towards first responders is a bullet taken away from killing a kid. If you aren't willing to die defending multiple kids in your community, you shouldn't be in a position to be the communities line of defense. (This statements and tactics are only for the specific event of a mass shooter) I wasn't at this situation, so I don't have enough details yet and won't cast judgement on the DPS Officers. However If anything other than immediate contact is being taught, it is incorrect. We learned this in the Columbine school shootings. Armed responders should never wait, even if out gunned.

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