Closing arguments begin in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial l ABCNL

Law and Crime network host and ABC News contributor Terri Austin discusses the highlights of the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as closing arguments begin.

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38 thoughts on “Closing arguments begin in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial l ABCNL

  1. Echoing Tolstoy, unhappy marriages so resemble each other and this one was no exception. There was jealousy, insecurity, mental and emotional cruelty, physical violence, hints of extramarital affairs, drug and alcohol fuelled fights, the same script with altering characters. The court proceedings have now ended while the jury begins its deliberations, a final verdict to be announced in a few short days. But this now seems almost perfunctory, besides the point. As Depp himself conceded at the beginning of the case: “I’ve lost everything. No matter the outcome of this trial, I’ve already lost,” but which can be extrapolated to so much else besides. We have certainly lost time, both personally and collectively, a spectacular investment of legal expertise to this one specific case, resources expended and certainly massive amounts of money paid by each party fighting this out in court, attention drawn elsewhere from raging wars, environment and economic collapses, to name but a few, as we all await a final rendering that may or may not have any real significant consequence. Perhaps this is yet another mirage, some phantasmagoria of violence and greed, of mental and emotional instability, of doomed love, but with no neat conclusions or deeper understandings as the story will undoubtedly play out at some later time with different characters, a similar narrative, as it has for ages. Regardless of who “wins”, what might be actual vindication?

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  2. As a woman who was verbally and physically abused, I have these items to point out. #1 Amber Heard says this trial & the social media avalanche has been the most humiliating thing she's ever been through. What about being raped with a liquor bottle inside her? I would think that would have been the most humiliating thing, if it really happened. #2 Amber took sleeping pills after johnny Depp supposedly threatened to carve her face and raped her with a liquor bottle. Taking sleeping pills would just ensure that Johnny could carve her face or do whatever while she slept, and pills would also make her less effectively be able to defend herself if he started up fighting with her again during the night. #3 A victim would have tried to call the police if she had access to a phone; run out of the house (screaming bloody murder) to get help; see a doctor and have photos taken as evidence. #4 A woman who makes a living by being a model and movie star reconciling with a man who threatened to carve her face?? Get real. #5 She said she bought a book on relationship advice after he raped her with a liquor bottle and threatened to carve her face Give me a break. #6 Either she or someone she knows sent the cabinet slamming video to TMZ #7 She possibly altered evidence (photos) to suit her agenda. #8 She was not trapped and forced to stay in the relationship with him- she had enough money to support herself and she did not have a child with him. #9 One of the gross emails about her "burnt corpse" that he sent to a friend was based on a Monty Python skit. #10 I believe that some of his behavior was addiction based (both alcohol and drugs) and actually took place, but she exaggerated it by making wild claims #11 Her sister's friend wrote a letter to her sister Whitney, pleading with Whitney to tell the truth and not lie for her sister under oath. #12 Amber drank one to two bottles of wine per day, in front of him, but wanted him to not drink. She also did drugs, so we don't know if her memories of events are accurate #13 Amber taunted Johnny and laughed at him, which indicates not having fear of him and his reactions. #14 Amber did not cry during her testimony of the most heart wrenching details of horrible assaults. Based on those 14 points, I believe that Amber Heard is either mentally ill, has personality disorders, and/or is lying. I know that Johnny went through rehab to get off opiates and went through Hell; nevertheless, I've heard comments about him being a worthless addict. I hope both of them get their lives together and move on in peace and make wiser decisions in the future.

  3. Watching for 6 weeks I am now certain that Amber is product of long term systematic abuse from an early age until she became a young adult. She needs real help. How?
    Who Amber is today talks more about her childhood environment and parents than her. Real help not being locked away as some suggest. It is not Amber's fault that she became this impaired sociopathic personality full of rage. Seems like one parent was highly narcissitic, psychopatic violent abuser that will beat them up and expose them to systematic abuse (that is roots of her anger and narcissism). The other parent had to become the manipulative story teller to minimize the abuse (But also victimized the children with her own false accounts) that is the dichotomy gathered in Amber. She sided with the manipulative story teller that was her mom. Amber came to age to defend her mom but also hate her weakness for not standing up for herself Thus we have Amber (few personalities that do not match confusing a simple decent human mind).
    How can we help Amber for real? (again it is really not her fault that she became this person she is today. Plz show compassion)
    I think Judge has to have her take mandatory psychotherapy sessions for 10 years coupled with psychiatric medications that court appoints for her (unfortunately it takes that long for these kind of abusers who were victimized once to get well).
    It saddens me to hear some suggest she should be locked away. That is cruel and unkind. Prison was the solution we had for personality disordered people in 18th century. Today we can help them to become normal , decent human beings.
    The best thing to do for her to save her child and give that child a decent environment to grow in to a good human being is to have Amber take mandatory help classes. I think we can help her. the society can help her but not empower her bad behavior.
    There is a lesson for all of us here: 1) Plz DO NOT stay with an abuser. Children suffer (Amber is the example of violent household) 2) compassion (people become who they are not because they want to. Sometimes that is all they know.

  4. Amber called Johnny a powerful man with a lot of influence. But she doesn't understand where his power and influence comes from. It comes from emotional bonding. Both Camille and Ben got emotional when defending Johnny. You can't buy this kind of loyalty with money. Alas, you can't teach this to a woman who abused her own sister.

  5. I am glad that Johhny able to tell his side of the story. At first i truly support Amber but with all of these evidence and how Amber behave, i just realize that she is the abuser. Altho, i think the relationship itself is toxic but seems like Amber is the one that abused and start all of this. Prayers to all victim of abuse and violence out there, be it men and women. May you find peace and happiness.

  6. Amber Heard is mentally disturbed and
    needs to be medicated. Immediate action needs to be taken to involuntarily commit her to an institution. This way she can get the help she deserves. Praying for you AT!

  7. Amber Heard is mentally disturbed and
    needs to be medicated. Immediate action needs to be taken to involuntarily commit her to an institution. This way she can get the help she deserves. Praying for you AT!

  8. The actual proof was the bodycam footage and the police testimony no spilled wine in the hallway and no damage in the penthouse oh and no charges for domestic battery right because you wouldn't want to be charged later on for filing a false police report right AH and your freeloading friends.

  9. A lot of women these days be lying like this, they’re just not on trial to get exposed 😂, they play to the public’s emotions, and ride the wave of me too movement and women equality but abuse it. Twacked out they minds

  10. You know how I know someone hasn't watched the trial? When they say they support Amber. No one in their right mind could have watched this trial and come to any conclusion other than: (a) Amber physically abused Johnny; (b) Johnny never abused Amber; (c) Amber lied about being physically and sexually abused; and (d) Amber made the false allegations with the specific intent to destroy Johnny's life, career, and reputation.

  11. If it started as soon as they got together , wtf marry that person . She's a damn liar ..she should have to go to jail for perjury.

  12. Watching these high drama shenanigans daily, listening to all witnesses and the $100 million Do Do Diva has been enlightening. It has provided a clean closure at 71 for any residual or conscious awarenesses of being surrounded by one too many folks like her growing up.

    Despite Depp's own vulnerabilities, addictions, etc., he is believable, relatable, and easy enough to forgive for his life blunders. His struggles to be first honest to himself and putting himself into the trauma of a long court action witnessed by the world cannot be easy for this private man. To have to admit he married his cruel, berating, mentally ill mother takes guts.

    I believe the money he will end up taking it as an income loss after a judgement in his favor. The harsh, brutal truth, motivated to really care for his children now and in the future I believe will allow him to prevail…older, wiser and no longer with a $30,000 a month budget item for wine purchases.

    Both parties carry responsibilities for their actions. He would have let her slide on by had she not continued to involve him in her mindless hoax. He had sympathy for her beyond an incredibly costly divorce for such a short marriage that should have never happened. She simply could not leave him alone, punishing him as a sworn enemy trying to restore her own self injured reputation. Her delusional self image is in fact the same money motivated and power grab she has always demonstrated.

    He offered to withdraw his court action against her if she would withdraw her folly of a hundred million buck law suit. She refused.

    It will be very interesting to see how fast and what the jury decides. They have a lot on their plate to meet legal standards. Frankly, where is her real evidence of assumed loss?. I worked in the industry, growing up around it in Hollywood. I worked with top industry attorneys and still can hardly believe she found any legal counsel as good as she did I would not want to circle my wagons with her team. Not even for a million camels.

  13. Her acting career is over, who would want to work with someone like that. That's putting a project at risk and the personnel to possible abuse.

  14. The FACT THAT AMBER LIES THIS MUCH IS JUST INSANITY. Her whole team is l willing to lie and and do whatever that’s illegal to help her win and they get paid from that 100million counter 🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. I’m sorry, but if you’ve watched and listened to all the evidence you would have to be deaf , blind or an idiot to believe Amber .

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