Gun control advocacy groups rally across US

In the wake of recent mass shootings, gun safety groups Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action traveled to the U.S. Capitol to pressure senators to pass stalled gun-related legislation.


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33 thoughts on “Gun control advocacy groups rally across US

  1. You would think you would get it by now. Since Sandy Hook at least. That the more assault weapons you sell the more massacres you will have and the more innocents that are murdered. Extremely rarely is anyone ever in a position to protect them. Yet, here you go again thinking more weapons, easier access is the answer. Welcome to America. Home of the brave, free and not so bright.

  2. Protect us by letting us protect ourselves, I fear the world as it stands with criminals, mental and racist individuals, I as an american have a life, a wife and family that needs to be protected , to those who see's a person that is ill and siNister to kill "prevent it"

  3. This video has lies in it from the start…it leads you to believe that background checks are not conducted during every legal sale of a firearm,and yes that includes the gun shows! I'm interested in knowing how a hurried urgent list of laws are going to stop crimes that you don't even know will be committed…the need to 'do something' for the sake of doing something is not the best course of action…I lean more toward the force on force action rather than the pen to paper action… meaning,put an armed trained for guard in every single school…let's offer our children the same protection we have for our govt officials..I'd say more even.

  4. Criminals carry regardless of law morons. Democrat states with tight gun control have thr highest shootings of illegal activity and crime.

  5. Okay this is what happens if liberals have there way with Gun Control….
    Mexico 🇲🇽

    That’s right. Good people won’t be able to get guns. But the bad people will get them because they don’t care about the law. Especially when they know liberals have control.

    The real issue is that this country has a spending problem that’s not protecting schools and dealing with mental illness.

    Trust me a man with a katana swords and kill the same amount of people in a room in 40 seconds.

  6. FBI data from 2020 does show that more people died from injuries sustained from other people’s fists, feet and hands than from rifles.

  7. You stupid liberals are not watching enough videos about Ukraine. You need to watch a 100 videos or so, so that the affect of not having guns sinks into your heads. Don't be so arrogant that you think our military could protect every city and neighborhood in an invasion. An invasion with an enemy alliance is closer today than it has ever been.

  8. Even if the AR15 and AK47 was outlawed this jerk would find another gun even with lower capacity you can speed load the dems dont realize this so bans would do nothing

  9. This is why this happens there is no school security this is not 1956 the doors are always unlocked and the idiot walks in no armed security no locking bulletproof doors if the system had this before this the situation would be different people dont see that we dont need a ban

  10. Today is Memorial Day. Thank all the Veterans for their grateful service to an ungrateful nation. Gun related legislation is just another attempt to disarm the law abiding in favor of Felons. It is no good.

  11. All gun laws have one goal: to get guns away from the citizens. All totalitarians have one goal: total control of the people. All Democrats are totalitarian. Because there are such evil people who will even shoot kids is why the citizens need to be armed.

  12. How can a handful of people impede policies that could improve the safety of the populace? How could handful of people with ideology opposed by the majority of the citizens still be able to hold position in the government? This is quite baffling.

  13. The fact that it almost impossible to legally carry a gun in Chicago has done nothing to stop mass shootings in that city. In fact, Chicago is the mass shooting capital of the U.S. it is a city completely controlled by Democrats. Why in the world would we look to the party who turns every place they control into a toilet to solve anything?

  14. No its the point of view of the American media .. I have never held a gun in my life and I don't agree with any of it..They already do background checks if anybody wants to get a gun they can get a gun..Criminal or not… Sense of urgency from the Democrats is because they wanna take advantage of the situation in every way they can and they know if they let it go day by day The less they can use it for their agenda

  15. My opinion all school should have security.. Pretty simple solution make sure all doors are locked in school when they're in session.. visitors should be buzzed in ,I had to be buzzed in at my nephews school

  16. My rights over your dead don't play with Me😂😂😂 maybe you should try taking care of the crazy people, cuz you can take away their access to firearms but a crazy person is a crazy person they'll find another way to get attention, how about some funding for mental health and education..?

  17. Country with the "best human right record" in the world whose government always condemn the human right of other country, people of USA should raise a revolution to bring down the government who care only the benefits of the arms industry, not only USA people is suffering, the whole world is suffering from this d-e-v-i-l government.

  18. Meanwhile, the NYC Subway Shooter Story hasn't been mentioned in months..
    Hunter's dirty laptop isn't being mentioned either.
    How amazing!

  19. There are some real creeps commenting on this. All lot of gun nuts would be nothing but a pile of goo without hugging their guns. Instead of a gun, go sit in a corner and suck your thumb.

  20. I feel like gun laws are politicians easy way out. They’re gonna pass “common sense” gun laws that aren’t gonna stop any mass shooters then they’ll be like “there you go we did what you wanted vote for us again”. There’s so many issues in America. Sooooo many that they never address and also leads to these kinds of things happening. Mental health epidemic. Suicide epidemic. Homelessness predominantly from mental health. Opioid and drug epidemic especially prescribed drugs. These are so called experts but they won’t even tell you about the Virginia tech shooter only using a handgun to kill 30 people. Or columbine shooters using shotguns. They wanna ban “assault weapons” but it’s not even gonna solve the issue it’s a band aid over a sinkhole of a problem. People don’t even stop to think if these maniacs ,who would kill innocent children when they’re 18 , grow up… what would they become. If they didn’t have access to a weapon. They’d probably turn into serial killers, abusers, rapists. Or who knows what. They’re extremely violent human beings. The Manchester bombings killed 50 people. Ted bundy killed 30 women with his HANDS. The green river killer killed 70+ people with his HANDSSSS. Guns are a tiny little piece of the puzzle that they’re using to act like they know the solution so everyone will just focus on that and shut up

  21. This is exactly right and just goes to show you never let a tragedy go to waste. You stand on those graves and you BLOW BLOW BLOW.

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