‘Inconceivable’ Congress hasn’t passed significant gun legislation: Sen. Murphy | ABC News

Jonathan Karl interviews Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., on “This Week.”

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34 thoughts on “‘Inconceivable’ Congress hasn’t passed significant gun legislation: Sen. Murphy | ABC News

  1. More people are shot on an average weekend in Democrat controlled Chicago than in any mass shooting but Democrats are silent. Exploiting the lives of young school children gets more response than the lives of black youth in Chicago. Democrats only care about the lives of blacks when they can exploit them for votes.

    Remember when the Democrats pulled resource officers out of the schools because the Democrats said the police were racist? Remember when the Democrats defunded the police?

    This is what happens when generations are raised without discipline, morals and are not held accountable for their actions. This is what happens when generations are raised thinking they are special and everything is always someone else’s fault. This is what happens when politicians and laws support the criminals. This is what happens from poor parenting and failing school systems. This is what happens when politicians push race baiting, hate and division causing more racism, hate and division. This is what happens when politicians only concern is saving their own pathetic asses and they will sacrifice and exploit anything and anyone for their own gain. This is what happens when politicians attack anyone who does not support their agenda sending a message that it’s OK.

    Crime rate is thru the roof. It is not safe to walk the streets or take public transportation in most major cities. Is this the gun lobbies fault also?

    We have a major crime problem in the US because of Democrat policies supporting criminals and Liberal Judges and Prosecutors.

    Society is the problem and nothing will change until society changes.

  2. A lone gun man is not part of any well regulated militia! Army, navy, air force, marines, national guard-those are your well regulated militias. Disarm, disband the rest. Take the guns or pass some serious gun control laws! Stop enshrining a hobby over public safety! Stop the insanity!

  3. Gun laws aren't the root cause. Let's talk about the truth, the radical left and their gang enforcers are abusing and torturing individuals horrificly until they snap. This benefits the radical left in 2 ways. 1. They get away with extreme atrocities. 2. It furthers their agenda to disarm the populace so no one can defend themselves or their loved ones, inevitably being crushed by the new fascist regime that is SORELY misguided.

  4. Their end game has always been to try and make us like England and Canada and then continue it further until every firearm is illegal in public hands. Of course all those restrictions would get rid of firearms as well as they have so far with drugs! Only those people that follow laws in the first place might be coerced into submitting for fear of heavy penalties and punishment! All others, well good luck!

    One thing I can guarantee you!

    Your government that says they only want to disarm you to make you safe. Will send men with guns to kill you if you refuse to give up your firearms and your right to self-defense!

  5. So they're looking for another "COMPRISE" in our congress in regards to so called "COMMON SENSE" gun laws. As if the left even had a clue what "COMMON SENSE" is!

    We know they sure as hell don't understand what the word "COMPROMISE" means. Because so far everytime the RINOS in congress have "COMPROMISED" they've only given more of our rights away, we've only lost more freedom while they've gain more power and control over us.

    And it has never done anything to stop or even curtail violence! For the left the word "COMPROMISE" means agreeing with them and give them what they want! Period!!!

    Just sayin…

  6. gun sales are at all time high. reality check. I just watched story about a plane crash mabey we need protection from those dangerous planes. congress needs to regulate planes for all our sakes. mabey we should focus on the drug epidemic sweeping the nation effecting everyone. mabey congress should look into retired fbi in constant contact with Buffalo shooter. mabey school should have been secured or in full lock down. mabey congress should dump all defense companies stock in show of solidarity.

  7. Inconceivable we don't have a law authorizing a shoot to kill for criminals committing crimes with guns. That would go a long way in stopping crime. It would also get guns out of the hands of criminals, because no one wants to get shot.

  8. Why are you Americans surprised? Your senate is a joke and controlled by the NRA, nothing will change. No matter how many people dead.

  9. The reason the Congress hasn't passed "significant gun legislation" is because red states can see blue state gun policies are not working. Ask yourself this question, "Why do the vast majority of mass shooting occur in either blue states/cities/counties?" For example, Columbine, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Orlando, San Bernardino, Buffalo, El Paso, Dallas, Chicago, and now this blue county in Texas. Now a group of 18 "law enforcement" stand around for almost 50 minutes while a 18 year old kills 19 children. And we are supposed to have faith in your gun control ideas? Get a grip democrats.

  10. SELF DEFENSE IS A HUMAN RIGHT. Please don't take away the guns of law abiding citizens like myself leaving them only in the hands of cops and criminals.

  11. It’s time to leap frog over these politicians and 3d print guns- they will have to decide destroying the internet or be more reasonable

  12. Bottom line and only discussion should be…No 18 year old should be able to buy own possess or use an AR-15 style weapon. It's a war weapon. Meant to blow up human bodies. It's meant to decapitate and mutilate whoever is the unfortunate target. It was not invented for defense. It was meant to obliterate the other side (your enemy)

  13. the states decide
    and the states are overwhelmingly
    run by republicans with 34 of 50 state legislatures. not to mention 89% of all counties and republicans block on the fed level and just in case republicans own the Supreme Cort 6 to 3

  14. I have heard the argument that when the founders penned the constitution ( in general ) and the 2nd ammendment ( in particular ) that there was no such thing as centerfire ammunition , hi-capacity mags or semi-auto firearms. This all true. The argument continues that , because of the improvement of firearms over the last two centuries , the 2nd amendment needs to by "adjusted" to compensate for this.
    If a person was to carry that logic forward to ALL the constitutional amendments ( like freedom of the press ) the flaw in this thinking becomes clear. There was no Fox News, CNN, NBC,ABC,CBS etc. There was no broadcast media.(There dam-sure was no internet) There was no ability other than riders on horse back to deliver messages or news to the masses. ( the telegraph did not show up for another 60+ years)
    So it may be best to leave the Bill of Rights alone. Unless , because of technology , there is a call for limits on how many subscribers a news outlet can have. OR , how many stations a particular Network can broadcast over & for how many hours a day they can broadcast.
    This could be used against freedom of speech as well. You could give it a nasty name..like "Hate Speech" or something.
    They also say that the freedom of speech is not absolute…A person cannot shout "FIRE!" in a crowded theater. So what if there is a fire in a crowded theater and you are the only one who knows it?
    My fellow countrymen,,THERE IS A FIRE in the US and it does not care who it burns. The people who have set this fire want all of us to be angry at each other …it's called "division".

  15. If we want to restrict a 18 yr old from buying a AR-15 should we also restrict a 18 yr old soldier from using a M-16?

  16. Man is talking out his A. Does not know a daamm thing. that junk will not work. anyone can order parts for a firearm. buy off the street. all this waste of gov involvment does not work does it? It is sad of course what happen. It is very sad. Yet its the person using the firearm is the issue. not the hardware. go fig.

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Democrats are SO LAME.

  18. Please let Senator Murphy know that Lyndsey Graham said he would support an Assault Rifle Ban. This is for the children and the teachers. We owe it to them. It is time.

  19. Until it becomes illegal for lobbyists to contribute to the purses of politicians, we are fighting a losing battle. It's not about our children or America as a whole. It's about the almighty dollar. This country is corrupt, from the top to the bottom. Vote them out. Vote in representatives who give a damn. Term limits, accountability. No one should be able to buy an assault weapon, don't care how old or young you are. Come on people, this is common sense.

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