Johnny Depp ‘there for his name’: Attorney on Depp-Heard trial closing arguments | ABCNL

ABC News’ Trevor Ault speaks with celebrity divorce attorney Christopher Melcher about the closing arguments in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial.

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37 thoughts on “Johnny Depp ‘there for his name’: Attorney on Depp-Heard trial closing arguments | ABCNL

  1. Thank goodness for That Umbrella Guy and others. Mainstream media has been shameful in its abuse of Johnny Depp. He married a monster and paid a horrendous price.

  2. Toxic Turd Monster wanted fame and fortune and after achieving it, threw it all away by attempting to destroy her own husband. Now, she’s seen for the evil monster she has always been. I hope Justice is served and Turd Monster is charged with perjury.

  3. Johnny Depp lost his trial in the U.K. because the British Justice system has built in corruption, the Judge had a personal connection to the SUN Newspaper, he should have recused himself. JD should appeal this case to the European Court of Justice in the Hague. Paedophile Andrew Windsor was not prosecuted in the U.K. because his Mum was the Queen of England. Andrew forked out 20 Million $ to settle out of Court, what innocent person does that. Britain's worst Paedophile Jimmy Savile couldn't be touched when alive because he could expose to many of them. The entire elite in the U.K. is steeped in depravity and sleaze, The World should take a closer look at the U.K's Prime Minister. he is a proven duplicitous Liar, and is damaging Ukraine with the continuation of Londongrad. Considering the action taken by Canada and now four E.U. states. all of Europe will surely follow. Can Boris Johnson cynically continue to protect Putin's stolen money, Britain may be isolated as Putin's Criminal accomplice, Putin. the Billionaire Gangster who has robbed his own people with the help of the well established dirty money laundering system controlled by the Tory elite in the U.K. Boris is effectively the Bagman between Oligarchs and Tory Bigwigs. Following Canada's lead, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia and Estonia are calling for the confiscation of Russian assets frozen by the European Union to fund the rebuilding of Ukraine after Russia's invasion, a joint letter by the four showed on Monday. On May 3, Ukraine estimated the amount of money needed to rebuild the country from the destruction wrought by Russia at around $600 billion. But with the war still in full swing, the sum is likely to have risen sharply, the letter said. A substantial part of costs of rebuilding Ukraine, including compensation for victims of the Russian military aggression, must be covered by Russia, said the letter, that is to be presented to EU finance ministers on Tuesday.- Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia and Estonia will call on Tuesday for the confiscation of Russian assets frozen by the European Union to fund the rebuilding of Ukraine after Russia's invasion, a joint letter by the four showed on Monday. We should also be asking why there has been no Interpol investigation into "Londongrad." Entrenched criminality is at every level of the ruling elite in Britain. This is openly known and widely discussed. Investigations into high level Tory Sleaze are non-existent from the U.K. Police / Scotland Yard / MI6, the reason is clear for the entire world to see. Clearly the ruling elite in the U.K. will never investigate itself. The Rottenness of sleaze is uninterrupted in London / kickbacks between Tory elite Putin's Oligarchs / Drug Cartels etc… and of course the London offshore Banking system of washing Blood Money. The London Banks, Accounting Firms, and Law Firms who are facilitators to the most evil scum of the world, they all have Blood on their hands, this is where the investigations must start. Quite simply. there is empirical evidence that if the Oligarchs in London were not Putin's footmen they would not be Oligarchs, they would be dead. Londongrad is a Mafia operation

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  5. My prayer more than anything for both Johnny, Amber, their families, attorney's, and fans …is to find peace and joy in their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


    Matthew 6:20
    “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:” 
    King James Version (KJV)

  6. Amber has doubled his fanbase at least. She has ruined her life by trying to destroy JD. I hope they attach a compulsory therapy order on her, for the sake of those around her 😮

  7. True gentle Johnny fans wish her no harm. We wish her a long, long shame filled life. There might still be hope for Amber. Everyone hated Hanoi Jane and she got to act again

  8. Amber's lawyer said that Johnny slamming kitchen cabinet doors would count as psychological/emotional abuse. Is this actually the case in the US? Bewildered of UK x

  9. Finally the media is being in biased. Especially since men can be abused too and we should not believe all women just because they are women

  10. He went through his entire life with not abusing anyone. Then a monster came into his life.
    She was antagonist, manipulative, and did nothing but caused problems for his family.
    One can only be pushed so far until they break! So he yelled, spoke ugly words, and hit cabinets. He admitted to all of his wrongdoings, she tried to paint a picture of herself being perfect. Lying about even the most simple of things.
    Then she claimed even the slightest things triggered her into having a meltdown. Yet not one was seen in this trial. Only dry eyed acting on the stand. She smirked and held her head high. Not the sign of someone suffering from abuse and PTSD.

  11. Amber must be having hallucinations because she answers questions while looking right at the jury. Can’t wait for outcome to happen, crazy bit**

  12. Johnny is a loving caring man who goes out of his way to help others he deserves justice respect and most of all to be truly loved xxx

  13. J Deep had living rent-free all her friends, right beside their pent house, friends that have keys to that PH, please… Amber is a liar, with severe mental issues.

  14. There is actual evidence that she was the abuser, recorded by Heard herself. Unfortunately Johnny's body guard in that recording has since died of old age it seems so it was not allowed into the trial.
    The reason the public supports Johnny is because we have access to all that evidence, and we can research where inconsistencies in claims lie, such as her using a makeup kit that did not exist during their marriage as her evidence of covering up bruising. She was forced to walk it back in testimony, but still kind of failed by stumbling into saying she did use bruise kits.
    She also submitted false evidence, lots of it, Depp's team pointed out a few of the photos that had been photoshopped, submitted as separate exhibits, but clearly the same photo with a color change.
    Even one of the last photos submitted, used to confuse Johnny about his bruise on their honeymoon, was edited either by Heard, or her attorney's, which calls into question if they should be sanctioned for using doctored evidence to confuse him on the stand. That picture of him holding a baby, there's a higher resolution image of it with far more vivid colors, you can clearly see the shadow of his eye socket he was describing. The photo submitted into this trial was horrendously shrunken so the pixels are the size of bricks and the colors are so desaturated you can barely make some of the original colors out at all. Here's high resolution images, with the kid's face covered for some reason, and this is what Heard's team submitted
    Unless you're legally blind, there's no denying she is gaslighting everyone with lies.

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