Justice Department reviews Texas police response to school shooting

ABC News’ Aaron Katersky discusses new video of law enforcement during the deadly shooting in Uvalde and why the Justice Department is reviewing their actions from that day.

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23 thoughts on “Justice Department reviews Texas police response to school shooting

  1. We have to remember police are human too, they have fear of lost of life, not because you see them jumping on weak fences, it what humans do , look for weak fences, they are just as nimble as you and me, but the good ones have to suffer too, its a mass punishment systems, so everyone of them is to be blame, why you think Donut shops are going out of business…..think about it….Marshall Law.!!…..too much crime, not enough protection, police can't stop nothing….they can only secure the scene after it happens, they dont have a crystal ball, its only going to get worst, if you take all the guns, knives, bow and arrow, you can take everything away, let see you take someone's mind, when you build a house you must live in it…..your heart and head isn't right….how do you expect to be right…..when you straighten up, everything else that follows you will, but if you're not, dont expect it to be.

  2. 'evil' does not exist. RELIGION creates vengeful killers and clueless police! Drove through Uvalde twice, Thursday and Saturday, the town square full of people with "Pray!" signs, scripture scrawled on stone fences, the radio dominated by religious broadcasters and country music (same thing) AS ALWAYS in Uvlalde. Religion CREATES shooters, from the blindly loyal immature under 25 military conscripts, to this 18 year old assassin that emulated his vengeful god to kill children the same age (maybe) as kids that once bullied him. The police wait for orders from their "authoritarian" supervisor, preacher, Pope, Trump, Hitler etc.because local control of USA's bible-filled schools means they failed Thinking 101 and certainly all real science, IF allowed into curriculums. They could not think for themselves!! Religion ("EXCLUSIVELY makes inventing rules as 'traditions' to control women." – Mark Plimsoll) utilizes belief without evidence, DELUSION, and creates INSTANT PREJUDICE – join any religion and believe everyone else is WRONG! Science and math United us all to ONE objective reality based upon skepticism and confidence (NOT belief). Get local (religious) control and funding OUT of USA public schools, and help children avoid judging and punishing (like Big Daddy god!) in favor of our shared responsibility to appreciate science, HUMANITY'S MOST MAGNIFICENT ACHIEVEMENT which encourages us to improve THIS world, and especially ourselves, instead of selfishly hoping to reconnect with dead relatives and friends in some fairy tale afterlife.

  3. The reason the officers did not confront the shooter was because it was obvious that the shooter was accurate in in use of the weapon. The officers were not going to take that chance of getting killed . It's that simple. I'm sure there were a few officers that would have given their lives to stop the shooter but we're told not to confront the shooter. Any officer who was involved in stopping the officers from confronting the shooter should resign or get fired.

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  5. amazing how the uneducated feeds off the gun narrative yet facts Show democrats blocked 2018 parkland shooter bill (named after a victim), democrats blocked a republican School safety bill in assembly just two days after south Texas school shooting!! yet democrats are committed to removing as many rights as they can using tragedies !!!!!!!!! this is democrats own vote record against it's children,, another fact is the over 100k dead Americans due to a china made illegal drug & wide open unsecure border!! yet crickets on the facts!!!

  6. School shootings only happen in America

    Uvalde was the 27th school shooting this year

    The rest of world think Americans are Stupid like Trump

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: 27 school shootings B: Masks

  7. Bullets are not protected under the 2nd Amendment. Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment does the word bullet appear. It's not even mentioned directly or indirectly!!! All we do is make it a crime to own, possess, purchase, or manufacture a bullet. Make violation of this law punishable by 5 years in prison for the 1st offense, and add another 5 years for every violation thereafter.

  8. Good Christian communities have BBQ right at the church and feed the whole community a good meal , loaded with meat . . Uncle Bob , cousin Joe , are in the chilly . Look at what they did to my prescious Gloria .

  9. Cannibalism . Did you see fried green tomatoes. Bueno . All of those rumors about Chinese food is true . Why do you think I eat at Chinese restaurants . I like the way criminals taste .

  10. Put that evil little 5th grader in adult prison—-in a few years the little bastard will be shooting up a public place or a school full of kids. When people tell you who they are, BELIEVE THEM.

  11. Where are the long parades of gurneys and body bags being put in coroner vehicles at all these events? Wouldn’t that footage be propaganda and media gold?

  12. Commander on site must apologise to victims families for incapable to organise speeding rescue mission 🧎‍♀️
    Answer from Justice department is not enough.
    Apologise is important 🧎‍♀️
    21 lives lost is not your children.
    21 lives is flesh and blood of parents.
    Forever pain is in families heart.

  13. Justice department should review the mainstream media, they are the ones responsible for the collapse of mental health in Americans. Those 18 dead kids is all the media's fault.

  14. Republicans try to say Democrats are trying to take your right to own a gun. I have a license to carry and own a AR-15 and I'm a Democrate. This is not about the right to own a gun its about "who" gets the right to own them and making gun ownership safer for communities. This has nothing to do with political parties 90% of Americans want gun safety laws yes Democrats and Republicans agree. I'm tired of seeing far Right videos designed to stoke fear and misinformation. The facts are Republicans are addicted to there NRA checks and the NRA are willing to step over a kids dead body to keep profits high.

  15. Unless you were there in that building, watching and hearing what was going on, you have no business trying to force your opinions on anyone.

  16. The real threat here were the parents….Don't worry about an active shooter, teachers/kids being shot at and all the msgs begging for help.

    Tired of all this "It's under investigation." What's there to investigate? The shooter was clearly sick in the head. Don't care about his reasonings. Commander along with the officers at the scene are a bunch of idiots… Truly breaks my heart..

  17. It is a very tense and fragile situation of gaining access with possible victims held at gun point. At the same time, waiting may well increase danger of the shooter assumption of control. If no immediate I.d., the then shooter could quickly blend in and possibly escape. It's like a lose-lose situation…damned either way, but must began to take a new stand for future prevention.

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