Lawmakers urged to tackle gun control as NRA convention takes place in Houston | ABCNL

Protesters gather in Houston as former President Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans are set to speak at an NRA convention.

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35 thoughts on “Lawmakers urged to tackle gun control as NRA convention takes place in Houston | ABCNL

  1. The background check in Texas is kinda dumb, you can lie on the paper and check the boxes that say [No] to questions like “Have you ever thought of harming yourself or others” and other questions like that

  2. It is inconceivable the Democrates are breaking our laws by allowing illegal border crossings, allowing these people to bring their drugs into our country which causes 90% of the murders and deaths in this country. Their just using this Texas incident to try and take our gun rights or ability to protect ourselves away from us. If they was really concerned about human life in this country of which their not, they would shut that border off and stop the inflow of these drugs, same old "dog and pony show", can you say corrupt politicians.

  3. NRA owns the Republican party. They have already been bought. Guns means more to them than children!! They are Weak, pathetic pigs!!

  4. We’ll take guns away im tired of them anyway. I agree with our right. We only need pistols and shotguns no assault rifles

  5. Yup it caused me to feel outrage and grip my MK18 a lot tighter , and train harder to better my gunfighting abilities tactically … I will not be a victim and nor will my kids … We are a gun owning and tactically operating family 💯💯🙏🏽🙏🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸 . We will never comply , no matter what these tyrants in charge put on paper 💯 ..

  6. As a person with generally more Republican than democratic leanings, I resent the fact that preventing the death of children and adults by guns is a partisan issue. ** No politicians should take money from the NRA as a starter. Politics in America needs to change.

    The number of deaths in 9-11 was 2996. Gun violence resulted in 45000 deaths in 2020. 10% were children or teens i.e. 4500.Within the numbers for adults, 65% of those gun deaths were the result of suicides, while 30% were from homicides. For teens and kids, those percentages are roughly flipped.

    Restricting guns should not be a partisan issue and is only this because of NRA lobbying and political money given.

    "I heard an NRA person saying that schools should have people trained with guns".

    Then they will need checks in case they have sadistic leanings and what happens if someone doesn't show up and those people injure or abuse children.

    "it was the mad person with the gun, not the guns fault."" The reporter correctly said that if the person didn't have the gun.. to which the guy interjected that shootings happen in gun free areas such as church.

    The point was that obviously that if people did not have guns, the tragedy cannot happen. It tackles the root cause.

    "The door was left open".

    It wasn't the door that killed the children – it was the gun under the control of an 18 year old who just went and bought it with no checks whatsoever.

    There is no need to walk around with an automatic or semi-automatic gun and high capacity magazine. never mind getting one with no background checks.

    "Mental Health"

    The US has far more gun deaths than anywhere else and I don’t think this is because they have more mental issues. It is about gun availability and access.

    The unrestricted obtaining of the guns by an 18 year old or anyone is ridiculous.If politicians thought of the children as their own things would be different.

    America's gun culture – in seven charts

    Comparison of the US compared with the rest of the world

    Mass Shootings

    According to a research letter published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, firearm-related deaths went up by 13% between 2019 and 2020. However, firearm deaths for people aged 1-19 increased by a massive 30%. In total there were 45,222 deaths as a result of gun violence in 2020, the research letter says. Around 10% of those deaths were children and teens. Within the numbers for adults, 65% of those gun deaths were the result of suicides, while 30% were from homicides. For teens and kids, those percentages are roughly flipped.

    The NRA should not be allowed to fund and corrupt the politicians.

    I note that some politicians argue that they agree with pro-life when it comes to abortion and not pro-life of children.So is it that those politicians are happy for the baby to become a child and then ..? I do not think so if it was their child.

    "The NRA argue that it is not the gun, but the person."

    Well then can I have hand grenades , missiles and nukes to protect myself.

    "Background checks"

    The NRA just said it was the person and not the gun. So background checks are justified.

    This boy killer may not have been prevented by background checks but may have been, and may have made people aware of his mindset or put him off getting a gun. He should never had access to a (semi)automatic weapon.

    The fact that background checks should occur would prevent people with serious problems from harming themselves or others. Do you need an automatic gun and a high capacity magazine?

    "Bruh you realize we can’t even ban drugs how are we gonna ban guns Lmao"

    Most people who use guns recreationally will not be willing to go against the law and illegally order one and get a criminal record which may affect their life and put them in jail. Most people would not want to buy one illegally off the streets.

    "You will make it illegal to own guns"

    That is not the aim.

    There is no justification for having semi/automatic guns in the community. Never mind the right to hold one. I have been educated as I was told an AR-15 was used and I was silly as I did not know it was semi-automatic.

    I did not know it was AR-15 and just heard automatic. The point is that it can fire 46 rounds per minute and kill/injure lots of children/people/policeman very quickly. According to the Bushmaster AR-15 manual, the firearm has a maximum effective rate of 45 rounds per minute

    Can be easily converted to a fully automatic weapon.

    Role of AR-15 in mass shootings:

    "Criminals don’t obey the law"

    This boy was not previously a criminal. As the figures indicate in adults a large number of the people commit suicide.

    In children, it is homicide that causes the deaths. I have included a reference to mass shootings. Look it up.

    Wikepedia says The motive for mass shootings (which occur in public situations) is a defining feature in that they are usually committed by deeply disgruntled individuals seeking revenge or payback for failures in school, career, romance and life in general and uses the reference

    Bjelopera, Jerome P. (March 18, 2013). "Public Mass Shootings in the United States: Selected Implications for Federal Public Health and Safety Policy" (PDF). CRS Report for Congress.

    Note the number of suicides in adults. They are likely not criminals looking to hurt other people.

    By restricting guns it will be harder for the criminals to get hold of guns. Reduced circulation of guns may be done by possible compensation, and a temporary amnesty period for holding certain types of gun, or to time to get a license.

    "They will get guns through the dark web"

    Why is death through guns less common in other countries then? They have a dark web also.

    "Guns are needed for protection"

    Another argument is that the guns are needed to protect yourself. Literature shows that guns are seldom used for protection.

    "It is my constitutional right"

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    The constitution was written in the 1700s. There should not be militia. It mentions arms not guns. Can I please buy some nukes and missiles then?

    So, I have been educated. Have you?

    Money from NRA



    Texans can carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1, after Gov. Greg Abbott signs permitless carry bill into law


    Public research

    Donald Trump after the school shooting and talking to children said He said the time for change had come and it wasn't going to be just talk. (see 'Fix it!' – Florida shooting survivors meet Donald Trump and urge him to change gun laws). He said their would be action and then changed his mind. He was thinking about votes and money.

    Having had sympathies for Trump when he came to power, I have none now. I thought him having money meant he would not be swayed by lobby groups. I was wrong. He promised children he would do something after the shooting 3-4 years ago. He did not. He received financial support from the NRA in his election campaign – see below.

    Trump did nothing.

    He says he is pro-life when it comes to abortion.He is not pro-life of children.


    I listened to Abbots re looking at the causes and taking action/not just talk just as Donald Trump did 3-4 years ago. He said he wasn't responsible for rule changes. He went on to dismiss background checks with the reason being that they don't always work. What a jerk.

    Abbot talked about mental health treatment being improved and was clearly already making excuses. Shame on him.

  7. As someone who sides with the left on many issues, including abortions…

    If the Dems push some sort of sweeping change to gun laws restricting my access they will lose my vote this November and 2024.

  8. If they are so worried about gun control, and kids being harmed by violent offenders, then tackle abortion, and planned parenthood. These democrats are nothing but a bunch of deceivers and hypocrites. If you let them take away your guns, then you are helpless and in subjection to the communist party.

  9. I have tried and tried to convince my gun to shoot but it doesn't seem to listen. Can anyone tell me how to make my gun do what I tell it?

  10. They blame guns really….truth is that the school system failed for not noticing that gunmen who was bullied at school and no parents he needed help the system failed that's the truth's not about guns it's about the system failed and they jus don't want to admit it ….

  11. What a stupid story again from Donald Trump! Carry a secret weapon, a shooting James Bond ballpoint pen? A Colt 45 in the fly of your pants?! If you are attacked you are always too late because you never know when that attack will come! Is it today or in a month, no idea but you're always late!

    In Europe no one carries a weapon, not in the house, not in the car, not anywhere! Only criminals have a weapon but they are in the minority! In the USA the chance of being killed is 300x more than in Europe! Luckily I don't have any guns in the house or I might have killed my neighbors in anger!

    You are against arbortis that is murder but a little shooting around at a school or supermarket or a church that is normal?! Shame on you, you don't need weapons at all for a safe country!

    For now I'm not going to the USA on vacation, I'm afraid I'll come back in a coffin! It's not Wilde Weste anymore, is it? * NRA * The Big Money Makers (For them self), shame you! † !!!

  12. Let me ask you: How did the War on Drugs work out? What about the Great War on Alcohol?

    We lost them.

    If government outlaws weapons, the Cartels will immediately begin smuggling them. The criminals will still have them, and law abiding citizens will be left waiting defenseless for LEO to arrive.

    The 2A was not written for duck or deer hunting. Nor was it written for home defense. It was written as a check and balance against bad government. When it was written, it did not distinguish weapon type. It still doesn’t. What people had in their hands was the same small arms that a standing army had. The same is necessary today.

    We don’t have a gun culture problem. We have a morality problem. For 50+ years radical, leftist, democrats (redundant?) have been wrecking morality.

    For example: 60+ million babies are dead since Roe v. Wade. But hey, what’s a few more dead children to democrats?

    The very moment government attempts to take away my guns is the very moment I need my guns. Otherwise I am at the whim of every knee-jerk, immoral, unconstitutional decision that a leftist politician decides.

  13. there is no reason an 18 yr old buying a AR15 high capacity weapon. I have serve in the marines and did 2 tours in afghanistan only reason anyone would buy AR15 is to cuase most damage without reloading and makes it harder for police combat someone that has ar15.It has been also proven even mexican cartel purchase there heavy weaponry in the US and they get it smuggle back to mexico and cuase havoc.they may need to band high capacity weapons to civilians. raise mininmum age to 21 and have to go thru extensive back ground check. as far as we all know were one of the highest and if not the worse reported on mass shooting. i get we have rights to bear arm but the right to bear arms was written when there was musket,low capacity rifles and bows & arrows we need update our laws according to new 21st centry weaponry. you can protect your self from a rifle or simple hand gun. this has to stop.

  14. So young he says 🙁. Well we need to stop letting people enlist in the military at 18. We need to change the age of what is considered a legal adult then.

  15. Violent education and Training "Pac-Man games competition" why do we expose children from GOD to that
    I am not supposed to lock my self in a jail to sleep. Can we remove violence from the children? We make a new country without Violence.

  16. Yet they are not allowing firearms (you know, your "Constitutional right to keep and bear arms") inside the convention center, evidently to protect these pampered politicians. It's almost like they acknowledge the fact that more guns don't make us safer — otherwise, because there would be so many "good guys with a gun," why worry?! The irony and blatant hypocrisy is palpable.

  17. For everyone who says "guns aren't the issue, it's mental health," or "guns don't just get up one day, walk to a school, and fire themselves," I ask you: Would you apply that same reasoning to nuclear weapons? Certainly you don't believe that the world would be SAFER if civilians has access to weapons of mass destruction, do you? Then why do you REFUSE to acknowledge the empirical evidence that PROVES that the prevalence of guns in a society results in more gun violence and deaths? For every 100 people living in America, there are 120 firearms. By comparison, in the next closest country, Yemen (which is currently embroiled in civil war), there are 52 firearms for every 100 people. We are OBJECTIVELY the least safe country in the developed world in terms of the gun homicide metric. So, tell me, why not apply your flawed "guns don't kill people, people kill people" reasoning to other weapons of war as well? I eagerly await hearing THAT answer.

  18. 400 million guns in American households, 80% of people ARE NOT supporting additional background checks

  19. Background check for an 18 year old? Committing a mass shooting will be the first and last thing on his criminal record for you to check

  20. We need border checks at the state line. I don't want my kids to face Texas military weapons at school tomorrow. Inspect vehicles from these states when entering. People need to be able to send their kids to school without Greg Abbott and his random loony-toons to come to our schools.

  21. Just because some idiot with dementia and another idiot who interrupts the Texas governor
    During a press conference says we need gun control if he tries that in Texas he’s going to start a war

  22. Every day that the governor’s housekeeper does not roll him into the deep end of the swimming pool, I HATE HER a little more.

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