New details on Texas elementary school shooting l ABCNL

Authorities say the suspect in the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, was shot and killed by a Border Patrol tactical unit officer roughly 40 minutes to an hour after entering the school.

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48 thoughts on “New details on Texas elementary school shooting l ABCNL

  1. Itโ€™s terrible to loose children because of a disturbed individual. With 400 million guns in the USA we need to secure the schools to prevent intruders from entering the building.
    No mention of the 51 people shot in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Excuses
    Them Some Lazy Scared Wonna Be Cowboys

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  4. texas police are afraid to go in for a whole hour when all the kids got slaughter! If teacher had gun with them, what will the out come be?

  5. Heroes? Cops are there only for the great benefits they receive! What a bunch of bitches!! People needed you and you let them down! Shame on you!!

  6. The more we know the delay, the more angry we get! Those f*** police officers waited outside for so long! You are paid and trained to save lives, not waiting until they were all getting killed. You all will rot in hell!!!

  7. Lousy Reporter Phil, โ€œ a plan โ€œ?
    One Hour ?
    Crazy, you donโ€™t have time for a plan, you Simply Rush in !!!!

  8. The facts surrounding this shooting are all over the place! This reporting is terrible. Reporter says the shooter was met by a school resource officer, but police said the resource officer was not there.

  9. School shootings are insignificant when compared to the amount of unlawful damage imputed against peaceful citizens by the police for profit!
    POLICE having Qualified Immunity was Satan's greatest ๐Ÿ‘นgift in creating dirty self-seeking police ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ‘ฎ.
    POLICE require licensing (Not certification) and must carry their own "LIABILITY INSURANCE" saving taxpayers 23 billion dollars each year from valid and disturbing lawsuits against bad cops, which thus far, cities and towns have been forced to pay on behalf of bad cops who care nothing about school children, society or others! (Its become a for profit business!)
    – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022

  10. If you are Democrats who have been rioting in cities across the country to ban the "racist" police, and you've been calling ICE and the border patrol Nazis and calling for the organization to be banned. Now you're complaining they didn't do their job fast enough? Your ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ” have come home.

  11. Gun control solution:
    Store all guns, any type of rifle, at local police station.
    If own want to use thir gun for fun and leisure permits are required and destination and location to be use is required and also tracking gps is to equip to the rifle during the event, return the rifle to local police station after event. End of fun.
    Gun control

  12. All American police are trained to be cowards. If you're not ready to sacrifice your own life to protect the lives of other human beings then you are not ready for the responsibility of holding a fucking gun. Those teachers have more balls by 1000 years than the entire country's police forces combined.

  13. This country is Embarrassing to think that we believe this is a developed country. Mexico and Canada are Modern developed nations. The USA is a third world banana republic.

  14. The part that makes my blood boil is that we have cops shooting without thinking for a split second to weaponless people because they fear for their life and here we had an actual dangerous person with guns and cops didnt do anything for almost a good hour.

  15. It's okay tho. We'll just fly our flags and half mast and put "Texas strong" on our bill boards so deranged psychopaths will know it's already been shot up.

  16. No one wants to talk about all these Hispanic kids??? You know race played a major part of in this besides his phycological issues. He had his subliminal racist hateful messages instilled in his head from programming. I care from every human on this earth. … Iโ€™m not going to act like I donโ€™t know what this nation was built off of before our ancestors. My heart aches because I know our people are not loved nor respected. All my ethnic people of all complexions are murdered every day. This wonโ€™t stop until we stand up together. This is not a random act again! This is the history since European invasion. Now we are Eurocentric and lost in the matrix. We forget how we got here and what our people had to go through. They say we are a threat every day of our lives. Yet we have to have to ignore when they inflict pain on us and our families. I do not like his motive and his target. It was pure hatred. 18 or not we donโ€™t have a huge history of shooting up a school killing several Caucasian kids. All I want is for us to have the same peace and freedom to live long lives. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ขโœŠ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

  17. Uvalde PD stating they moved as quickly on this Massarce as they could would be like stating that the Pentagon has no video footage of the Jet Plane( ?) that crashed into it ! ๐Ÿ˜ .

  18. Delay is nothing new, The Columbine shooting same with delay. Parkland was delay. I'm curious if off duty border patrol agent had problem entering building?

  19. Charge all these policemen with the 20+ murders committed for standing idle and listening to defenseless children being slaughtered.
    Change the law to enforce future "Men" to be driven towards PROTECTING the defenseless.

    This is one of the most cowardly things to happen in human history.
    These men are among the weakest of men ever.
    Learn to protect yourself & stay safe because the men meant to do that for you will not.

  20. What are the odds this happening right before the NRA convention in Texas?? My heart goes out to the children and their familia. ๐Ÿ™

  21. I would like to appeal to the American people of the USA if you are tired of this Biden democracy! And also if you do not want to live among LGBT, transgender, lesbian and gay people! Then welcome to Russia! We don't have that evil here! A man should hold a woman's hand! Biden stop handing out weapons to anyone!

  22. cops take an oath to serve and protect and put there lives in danger and one day may come when your life and safety will be put in jeopardy. Ask any officer there if they would give there life for those children i beat every officer would stand in line to do so. The big question is why not show it there why not rush inโ€ฆ

  23. Abbott and the police , who stood around putting up police tape and eating doughnuts for an hour before entering the school where the murder of children could plainly be heard, have blood on their hands.
    They handcuffed and pepper sprayed desperate parents who were pleading with the swine to do something as their children were being murdered within easy ear shot FOR AN HOUR!.
    One mother of two children under lock down in the school was handcuffed for being " unruly" with police. She was able to get other cops to unlock her handcuffs so she could climb over the fence get into the school and rescue her own kids from the ongoing murder scene. She is a hero and ALL THE COPS ON THE SCENE are COWARDS.
    The NRA sees this horror show a perfect opportunity to sell more guns and Abbott will be right there to back them up so he can cash in on their blood money for his stupid campaign..

    Disgusting cowardice and psychopathic greed.

  24. How about coming in off the roof thru the windows?? Takes one flash bang and it is over with. These cops need to go back to the academy

  25. The parkland shooter shot 34 people in 4 minutes. That's an assault rifle. Voters arm the citizens with these weapons. The cops didn't… The voters did.

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