New video shows police response to deadly Texas school shooting | GMA

The gunman was inside the school for 77 minutes before law enforcement breached the locked door with a key and killed the shooter.

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33 thoughts on “New video shows police response to deadly Texas school shooting | GMA

  1. This shooting was most likely setup by the left. They would do this just to prove that guns are bad. Democrats are sick in the head! We need to start dem-bashing. They support child molesting!

  2. The solution is simple, get rid of coward police and crime will drop and a lot of people will be lives, America cops is worthless than 4 dead flies smash to gather , any dumb joe can write ticket even a first grade kid can do a much better job than cops that been on the force 30 years, A big white hat and a white shirt do not mean you are a law enforcement, just a coward watch 1 hour and half children murder be cause the coward cops fear for office safety, If cop fear for office safety get a new job, become a dog catcher

  3. America has given over $53 Billion to Ukraine…There are 130,000 K-12 schools in America…That is $4000,000 per school that could have been spent on safety, security, & education…Simple math, Why don't we put "Americans First" and protect our kids!… "America without a President"… Why is it that school shootings do not happen in the country like "Israel" "We need to train & arm our Teachers"

  4. Wall makers just focus on making a new gun law because one 18 -year-old did something evil. Bigger picture is of course this issue with the police. They are silence on it, in fact democrats (the same people who want to disarm you) want to continue to defund them.
    The police, according to the Supreme Court, are under no duty to protect you. We saw what happened during the George Floyd inspired Black Lives Matter riots, they destroy towns and burnt cities, the police dead… Nothing. In many cases they actually abandoned the places.
    They then criticize the guys that came in with, “assault rifles“ (it’s not a term used by anyone other than the media and politicians).

    All of the “assault rifles,“ that are named have only that is it’s mainly cosmetic features in. common nothing to do with a specific action of those firearms).
    We must protect the second amendment it is a civil right. It’s not some obscure legal code, it is right at the top of our nations constitution, if you don’t know why that is look into it, One thing it is not about is hunting, if you didn’t want back then off and you didn’t eat.

  5. Texas finest have took cowardice to a higher level. Blaming a teacher for leaving a door open. That is just a mistake anyone can make and is forgiveable. Cowering in safety and waiting 77 minutes while children are being systematicaly murdered is a long long way off being forgiven

  6. It only took one person to do all that damage and criminals cross our southern border every day with guns so if the left is so concerned with people being killed, they will demand that Biden finish building the wall and copy what Trump was doing if he can't think of anything better to stop the flow of weapons into the country.

  7. God help the children and their parents. Every officer there who did not act should be charged for involuntary manslaughter of the 8 to 9 children and the teacher still alive after the 12:05 call, especially the chief. Then fire the rest of the department. There is NO safety in this life accept that which we provide ourselves, a right inestimable to us to enforce OUR right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That right only works when exercised. We have been sold a delusion of safety and payed far too much and I do not mean the taxes that were wasted, something far far more precious was taken from these families. The parents have the RIGHT to defend their children. The police have NO rights to interfere in parents protecting their child's RIGHT to LIFE. The entire adult faculty at every school in OUR nation must be armed and train accordingly, this is the new prerequisite for working in a school. Teachers have the RIGHT to defend themselves and our children's lives. As this experience has shown us, we cannot rely on others to enforce our RIGHTS and safety. That responsibility falls on each and every one of us. They are our taxes, our schools and WE that make the rules. We have been made to believe the opposite of those truths. Schools are a target to murderous madmen for the very reason that there is no defense, defend them and they are no longer an easy target. Parents have every RIGHT to to ensure their defense by any means they deem necessary to preserve their families RIGHT to LIFE. I and many like me mourn with the families for every life that has been so egregiously taken. True evil prevails only when the good and decent fail to rise. Your rights do not end where the coward's fears begin. This heinous tragedy should not be used as political theater. I think the people have many questions for the chief and the city Councell as to why and who made the call to wait. May peace one day find you again.

  8. They serve to protect themselves, fellow officers and property. Strapped with weapons and afraid of their own shadows . Pathetic

  9. Train teachers to use flash bombs, pepper spray, smoke, sound makers, etc… Those distracting tactics will give them time to take cover and lock the doors or better yet disarm the intruder. Don't give them guns!!!

  10. The 2nd Amendment gives the guns to the killers on the name of democracy and the killers shoot on the name of freedom

  11. I'm discovering just how useless cops truly are. They want us all unarmed but when crap hits, they are in no hurry to come protect.
    I understand society itself is out of control, but when law enforcement is completely incompetent, we all are screwed

  12. Not one of those POS "officers" had the guts to go in and try to neutralize the threat and save those poor kids and faculty.. In my opinion they are all just as guilty for those deaths as the shooter.. I hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives and every time they close their eyes they see their faces

  13. Why does the school allow the weapons on the property?

    You do not have the right , to allow such a dangerous situation to happen and then blame gun ownership rights .
    Sorry for your loss.
    Dont tread on me. Secure your building.

  14. The protocol for an active shooter situation was to immediately go in with whatever resources you have. The problem was that police chief Arrendondo conveniently classified this as a 'barricaded suspect' situation so that neither he or his team would have to go in. He was swearing in for city council in a week so it would've been inconvenient for him to risk his life before such a big promotion

  15. I know it's sad to say but we need to teach these kids to defend themselves. A "SWARM" method of self defense. Rather than cower and be shot. Have you ever had a bunch of kids hanging off of you? Scream, Wail, Attack, Run, Move.

  16. Me, a non-American who watches the school system in American movies: oh, this is Wonderland! How much organization, how many initiatives, my national school suck

    Always me, when I look at the foreign news:
    You know, my national school, all in all, isn't that bad.

  17. They are armored with complete gear that a bullet cannot penetrate! Shooter is a 1 kid!!!!!! There were a lot of children who were shot already!! There's like hundreds of you policemen!!! THIS JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!!!

  18. Who relayed the "information" that it was over?….this is ALL bullshit…everything they have said…EVERYTHING has been lies…something else is going on here…waited for a KEY?…are you actually going to buy that bullshit?…absolutely ridiculous…that Chief was told to stand down…77 minutes and nobody thought to call the Chief..the Chiefs who weren't there..where were they anyway?…more important things to do?…and tell him he's wrong? .that Chief was told to stand down…and he was told to tell his force to stand down…it was THE FEDS that entered and shot that son of a bitch…NOT Texas law enforcement..

  19. It was definitely the wrong call. I'm sure it was officers that wanted to disobey the the orders given. They wouldn't have prevented all the deaths but they could have saved a few more lives.

  20. Absolutely nothing was done by the book:

    Teacher didn't go by the book, School security didn't go by the book,
    Police didn't go by the book,
    The media fail to go by the book.

  21. You’d have to shoot me in the back to stop me from kicking that door in myself if my daughter were in that school. You try to stop me from entering the school to save my daughters life and/or other kids’ life in the process, you are now my enemy along with that shooter. Their jobs are to enforce the law. It’s against the law to murder other people. So your job description as a sworn officer, says to do stop that law from being broken if lives are being lost in the process. Wether you had orders to wait or not, that was morally wrong decision. If you’re not going to do your job to protect kids from being killed, step aside. I’ll do it myself as a civilian. I will take a bullet for my child at any moment. And if that means being shot by police trying to save my kid or by the shooter, so be it. I’m not letting myself live a day thinking "I should have went in.” "What if I went in?” It just goes to show that the police there are more concerned with keeping their jobs, than saving lives.

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