NRA has gone from defending rights of gun owners to a ‘grifting scam’: Kinzinger | ABC News

Jonathan Karl interviews Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., on “This Week.”

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47 thoughts on “NRA has gone from defending rights of gun owners to a ‘grifting scam’: Kinzinger | ABC News

  1. Rep. Kinzinger, smart guy with common sense. If all the gun owners were like him, we wouldn't be having all these shootings. Mature adult and trained, sure thing. Impulsive kid, no way.

  2. Since gop politicians like guns,why dont propose that rocket launcher and hand grenade be made easily available to every citizens for self politicians are all stupid,stubborn,liar,corrupt,boastful,arrogant,hopeless useless and brainless clowns that dont even fit to be a human being in the first place.just ban all firearms immediately.lastly ask god to comes down to settle this issue.

  3. "Guns dont kill people, people do, so more guns" Well, nuclear bombs don't kill people, people press the trigger button, but there is zero-tolerance for countries having them."
    I hate the word "lobby"; call it what it is "BRIBERY."

  4. I recall the Texas governor having a press conference about being misled 5 days ago about a school shooting.
    It's also a fact all the school gunman walked thru unlocked doors.
    You gun control liars are nuts to place blame else where knowing that and doing nothing. Everyone knows this ongoing banter about gun control is bullshyte while allowing teachers that can't even close & lock doors back in schools.
    you don't have to hire a special person for that and all the other whining baby talk.
    The function of the LOCKED door is to slow down the criminal so that a competent person or police can respond you functional idiots.

  5. People talking about raising the age to 21 are stupid. The age of enlistment is 18, If I can join the army and be issued an M4 by the government why am I too irresponsible to purchase one

  6. It is a game by the Republicans in the end it all about your your financial donors and what they want and people like Ted Cruz it's so much money from the NRA how can they turn their head in go away

  7. We fought a revolution and worked to give you people freedom, and you sit back and give it away to terrorists posing as a political party. George Washington

  8. Let us try two things – Minimum age of 21 to buy a firearm and a five percent tax on all firearm/ammunition sales with the tax money going directly to mental health treatment . Open carry of firearms is an invitation to carnage .

  9. The gouvernement should be sued and sued and sued until they change the rules. This country is all about the greenbacks. Put their mighty dollar at risk and they shall come around.

  10. Gun's DON'T KILL PEOPLE transgender sickos with gun's kill people !! And the DEMOCRAT cop's just standing outside waiting for shooter to finish ???? Joe Biden has something to do with shooting ..where did shooter get 5000 dollars to buy GUN'S and 1800 rounds of ammo..that's over 100 pounds of ammo alone ..door proped open to let shooter in ..

  11. The answer is to raise the age to 21 and don’t stop there, ban Ar15 type rifles, there is no reason an average citizen needs one, what do they hunt deer with it?

  12. 80% of people claiming 2nd amendment to carry guns have no clue why and what the 2nd was created for. For sure it’s not to carry your AR15 or deer rifle down the street or up the capital. I agree with Kissinger.

  13. I beleve what he is saying is true and we also so ramp up mental health in this country more access, questionnaires for school stydents could help many children in need. We give billions to other causes how about mental health? Ways to reconise those who will someday kill and then kill themselves or kill and be shot by police as murder sucide. Or those who had signs of abuse or killing animals and became mass shooters at schools. Sometimes children just need to be ask the right questions like a questionnaires would do. You have friends who hurt or kill animals? Are you having thoughts of hurting yourself or others? This has been answered yes many times, and if you ask the person have you ever told anyone they usually say no. So why say yes now, because you ask, they feel like someone cares and might be able to help. There are so many things that can be done that are not being done, we can no longer stand by and let another mass shooting take place.

  14. I still can't fathom the need for a war machine like the AR-15. I wish Kizinger told us how many times he used the weapon since he bought it. This is a needless investment that only adds cool value to your image at the risk of someone else's life. It should be banned outright for civilians.

  15. No excuse! 18yrs olds no guns kill they will get one from parents.Stop killing unarm black men these 18 yr old thinks its funny,so they go out to kill so now 20 year old cant fight in wars.

  16. the same administration that gifted a terrorists group with billions of dollars worth of American military hardware want to strip Americans of their 2nd amendment rights……

  17. you know what's about purchasing guns on the street? no federal background checks, no ammo limits, no restrictions, as long as you've got the money

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