Push for gun control legislation appears to pick up bipartisan support

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was confronted at a restaurant after speaking at the NRA convention in Houston.


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25 thoughts on “Push for gun control legislation appears to pick up bipartisan support

  1. These Democrats are sickening. "Gun safety legislation"??? So they think they can trick people into believing that they don't want gun control by calling it gun safety legislation? The Dems never learn. Last time they tried to ban our so called assault rifles after Sandy Hook, they were voted out like crazy and numerous Dems lost their seats. They better get ready, because the same thing is gonna happen again this fall. Gun control is political suicide.

  2. If they change the age requirement to buy a gun, they should also change the draft/military age to 21, and the voting age to 21.

  3. Please do not be fooled. The GOP will debate and then find some little glitch. The they will agree to vot and Rand Paul will hold it up. Then it will be approved again and Mitch and Sue Collins will say they are thinking about it and leaning towards saying yes and then will vote no at the last minute. The GOP have had enough chances to do something and they have not. Their callousness in holding their NRA convention as if nothing had happened shows the world who they are. VOTE THEM OUT and be done with them. If you are folled by these appeasements then you deserve all that is coming for you.

  4. It's sad that after 246 years of the Criminal Justice System holding criminals responsible for their crimes, the Government has shifted the blame to an object. When a cop shoots a criminal, it's the cop's fault. When a criminal shoots a cop, it's the gun's fault. That makes a lot of sense. A lot of nonsense.

  5. Today another mass shooting in a hospital, where is Ted Cruz? He suggested the solution is to secure the school doors how about other doors? Can he also secure the hospital doors, the supermarket doors, the Walmart doors, the night clubs doors and all other places all over USA where mass shooting happening. I think we need to turn our life into an air port security checkpoint.

  6. Remember the Gladiator game? They give a sword to the good guy and a sword to the bad guy and watch them killing each other, allowing weapons ownership to the whole population over 18 of USA will increase the fight between the good and bad guys and the victims numbers will be massive.
    Bad guys and mental ill people exist all over the world and the bad guys who have access to guns illegally also exist all over the world but because the guns are not allowed to the whole population all over the world the gun violence rates are way way less comparing to USA. Those who obtain guns illegally do not waste their precious hard earned bullets for mass shooting to kill the innocent kids or random people going for shopping or partying but rather they use the precious hard earned bullets to benefit them personally and for a specific target and a specific enemy unlike USA where you go to a store buy a beer and a gun for your spare money and if you are having a bad day you just go shoot random innocent people like a psychopath,, What a shame
    Guns should never be available that easy, you have right to own a weapon if you are old enough, have a great back ground check, have a medical certificate about your mental health from a professional psychiatrist. And have a very good reason for why you want to own a weapon such as owning a house, farm, business, living in a bad neighborhood. Owning a gun must be a very difficult process. you can have a gun if you really a very good guy. And a small gun not a riffle or a semi riffle because we are not in a zombie war.

  7. Criminals… politicians… paid TV liars / actors… all of them want you disarmed and vulnerable. why? they are salivating with greed for your stuff. "you will own nothing and eat bugs". they already told you what is NEXT.

  8. This is happening because……………… Deranged criminals are preying on defenseless individuals who have no means of protecting themselves……… Criminals will always ignore laws…… That’s why they’re called criminals……… So you need to increase security to protect law abiding citizens.

  9. Felons have no problem getting guns, they can't pass the background check to get one legally yet they get arrested and murder people with guns everyday. What will you do about that?

  10. Why not just a door locks to all schools, have auto locks on all classrooms and have an armed security guard per 400 kids? Oh…and remove all the “Gun Free Zone” signs and replace with “This School is Hardened” signs…

  11. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. The Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776

    There are millions of citizens willing to fight and kill or die to preserve their freedom. So I ask the Democrats how many deaths are you willing to see to create your idea of a gun free America? Because without the 2nd Amendment we have no legitimacy of our Constitution.

  12. Whenver any school schooting happens the liberal media tries to make us feel bad for owning guns, while simultaneously profiting off the suffering of people. Guns don't kill ,people do. We should look at the mental health of America instead politicising the issue. I would argue that if the circulation of guns was increased by 2x or even 3x time literally no one will die of gun violence, and at this point we should treat guns as an extension of ourselves (like our phone) carry it everywhere, be ready to pull the trigger in any situation and btw this whole situation could've been avoided of the teachers were armed maybe we should look into that too.

  13. Why does the school allow the weapons on the property?

    You do not have the right , to allow such a dangerous situation to happen and then blame gun ownership rights .
    Sorry for your loss.
    Dont tread on me. Secure your building

  14. Ole “TEXAS-TWO-STEP-TEDDY-RUNNING OUTTA-TOWN-CRUZ!” Poor fella prob goes home every night, hugs HIS two lil baby girls….only to get up the next day to “DO THE DANCE” allllll over again! 🙄

  15. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=We4QQCMwyrg
    Will we ever learn? How many more children, people?!?! My whole soul is shattered! Guns don’t kill people people kill people!?!
    Let our teacher go through conceal carry and keep their controlled firearm in their classrooms! Those children didn’t have to die those teachers didn’t have to die! If they would have been made to go through conceal carry that gunman as he stepped into that classroom would have been taken out by that teacher, she was protecting those babies!!!😢

  16. The pile of bodies will never get so high, or the pool of innocent blood at their feet get so deep, that would make Conservatives change their mind, and admit that they were wrong about gun control. If anything, the ever increasing pile of dead will just make them dig their heels in even deeper.
    The Democrats are still operating under the delusion that at some point, if they let the stack of bodies grow, at some point it will become unacceptable to the Conservatives, but there is no amount of American Carnage that Conservatives will find unacceptable.

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