Russia gains ground in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s request for more long range weapons from the U.S. may soon be granted.


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46 thoughts on “Russia gains ground in eastern Ukraine

  1. Let's send some more weapon systems over there so we can prolong this thing and make even more money for the war profiteers. Let's keep lying to everybody and pretending that Ukraine can beat Russia in a military conflict. I still can't believe how many people are actually buying this bullshit. Gas prices are almost $5 a gallon average in United States but somehow the Democrats and Republicans can materialize out of thin air 54 billion dollars to send over the Ukraine. SMH!

  2. May 2022. Smart chess player must sacrifice a pawn for the greater good? EU vs Russia. A long range playing of ♟️ chess. Who will endure until next year?..

  3. ukraine have no chance of winning this war … poor people of ukraine suffer to death because of the selfish decision of their president but not only ukraine and russia also .. please stop this war T.T

  4. The U.S., Germany, and others should not hesitate to give Ukraine real heavy weapons and Multi-role jet fighters to support the ground forces of Ukraine.
    Any hesitation means stupidity on the part of Western European Countries and the U.S. coz it is a clear and present danger that Putin will not talk to you as a civilized person – because he is insane.

  5. Ukraine, EU, and NATO are not going to destroy Russia. The best thing to do is negotiate with Russia. With the end result ensuring to Russia's satisfaction, that the EU, NATO, and Ukraine are not a threat to Russia's existence.

  6. This is USA fault. Used a corrupt country now they sit back and watch it be destroyed.
    I stand with Russia but pray for Ukraine civilians.
    🙏🇺🇦 💪🇷🇺

  7. This recent YT video explains why Russia is concentrating in eastern Ukraine – – Ukraine has the 3rd most oil reserves, and the maps in this video show where those are in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. Was wondering why your news reporters have not shown us this important information and how the Russian economy will depend on their taking over Ukraine (and possibly other regions)?

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  9. Zelensky had his time to talk but wanted to ride on the USA strength. Now he's desperate for help cause Russia, was being nice and respecting rules of engagement. I feel sorry for Ukraine, it's all out war smh

  10. Biden just announced us will not send rocket systems which Ukrainan forces definitely need as soon as possible

  11. After the first interrogations of the surrendered militants from Azovstal, the following picture develops …
    1. Almost everyone admits that they profess a Nazi ideology based on Russophobia and the glorification of Nazi criminals. Russian Russians and the Russian-speaking population of the former Ukraine knowingly justified any crimes against life on the basis of the "racial superiority" of Ukrainians over "Rusnya". Members of the Azov battalion received direct instructions to physically abuse the civilian population of the “Donetsk and Luhansk regions”, as well as all “suspected of sympathizing with Russia.”
    2. The heads of the units testify that in February-March 2022, on the instructions of Zelensky, active preparations were made for an offensive on Donetsk and Lugansk, and then on the Crimea. Plans were being developed to invade the territory of the Belgorod and Kursk regions.
    3. Almost everyone claims that Russophobia was not just encouraged by Zelensky, and before him Poroshenko, and the government of Ukraine, but also actively implanted in society. It is Russophobia that has been the official policy of Kiev since 2014.
    4. Everyone is vying to tell about the massive participation of NATO curators in the preparation of operations against the republics of Donbass and Russia. American and European representatives trained and trained Azov militants and other Nazi formations, actively supporting Russophobia and encouraging Ukrainian Nazism.
    5. The heads of the units report that the tactics of covering civilians with a human shield were introduced by Western instructors on the basis of the conduct of hostilities by terrorist organizations of Islamists in Syria. Civilian casualties were to be blamed entirely on the Russians. Some admit that the order to independently increase the number of civilian casualties (that is, to kill their own) came from Kiev.
    6. The information company in Ukraine was also handled by foreign curators who supplied the Nazis with methodology, technology and material support. The main goal was the ultimate demonization and criminalization of Russia, its people, its President, so that the fighters would have no doubts about the need for the complete extermination of "Russian dishonor."
    7. Contradictory information is received from the interrogated about biological weapons. So far there is no reliable evidence of its existence. Some say they've heard about it.
    8. A number of interrogated confessed to committing racially motivated crimes – rape, torture, brutal sadistic murders.
    The picture may change during the expansion of the number of interrogated. But in general, it is already clear now, further details will only accumulate. There are already enough materials on the tribunal over Ukraine and its "authorities". As a result, after the delivery of the Azov, which is banned in the Russian Federation, there is a full legal basis for legitimizing its own and its goals. Then it's just a matter of our valiant troops.

  12. It's very good Russia has horrible tanks and worse military tactics. Ukraine's hedgehog defense is luring the sluggish Russian army to its death. Just like the Moskva! Slava Ukraine! 🤘💙💛

  13. You want grain? Lift the sanctions.

    If I wer Putin, I'd block ALL food export to the West, not just grain. Russia has the West by the balls. All they need to do is squeze a little harder.

  14. If they get long range weapons', just make Shure they know how to use them, we don't want ,one sent back to us. But it would be nice to see how Putin, handles them inside his house, and territory.

  15. The government will spend billions on children in another country but nothing on our own? You want to defund the police than you can expect more crime.

  16. By the time those long-range weapons arrive, the war will be over. Leave the Russians of the Dombas in peace. They have suffered Ukrainian atrocities for 8 years.

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