Russian forces pound Ukrainian troops in the east

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a rare appearance outside the capital to inspect the destruction in Kharkiv.


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37 thoughts on “Russian forces pound Ukrainian troops in the east

  1. usa and nato lên cấp nhiều vũ khí hiện đại và bí mật đưa các cựu lính biệt kích đến hỗ trợ và cùng đặc nhiệm và biệt kích ukraine tìm và tiêu diệt các mục tiêu quoan trọng và sở chỉ huy của quân đội russian làm cho chúng hoang mang và mất nhuệ khí chiến đấu

  2. Russias military tactics was out standing 150000 Ukraine troops amassed in the Donbas to finish of the resistance Russia fainted an attack on Kyiv Ukraine redeployed half of that army to protect Kyiv then the Russians redeployed to the east and are now slaughtering the Ukraine army in Donbas anyone thinking Ukraine will win this war are fools

  3. Stop saying Slavaka Ukriane and start a dialogue with Russia please . Your arrogance towards Russia and appeasement of your NATO bosses isn’t doing any good to innocent Ukrainians and Ukraine. Time will tell

  4. Russian bots lament in the comments section tells us that fascist Russia is really anxious. Ukrainian army has temporary problems due to delays in supplies of heavy weapons. Fortunately, the weapons are already on their way to Ukraine. That's why Russian bots are so nervous.

  5. Wow what happened with all the bragging about hauling russian tanks with tractors? When Nato arrogance, and a warmongering retard in the whitehouse fan the flames, your giving russia no option but victory.

  6. Why isn't ABC News asking questions about nuclear war? Why isn't ABC News pressuring the government to stop this war and seek a peaceful settlement? Why isn't ABC News criticizing President Biden's handling of the war in Ukraine?

    President Biden has known since 1997 that adding Eastern Europe countries to NATO would be a tipping point for Russian aggression.

    Senator Joe Biden's speech on NATO expansion. (1997)

    Why isn't ABC News asking President Obama why Vice President Biden was over in Ukraine during his administration? Why isn't ABC News asking President Biden what he did to further this NATO aggression against Russia?

    There are only two outcomes for this war. Either Russia wins or Russia starts loosing and crazy Vladimir Putin launches his nuclear missiles.

    Duck and cover during a nuclear war doesn't work. There's an extra step needed. Duck, bend over and kiss your derriere goodbye. ABC News, help stop the war in Ukraine!

  7. Option 1: Don't involve any conflict, care of your own people and country..
    Option 2: Pickup Gun and War with Russian..

    Zelenskyy : I Choose War..

  8. People must move from Ukraine if they want to survive, Ukraine is a stage for Zelensky and his troops to fight till the death. Wow how dare …he is a real brave like a man

  9. Ukraine want land but do not want the people who live in the land. World have no sense to this. Killing enemy mean killing opposite voter!!

  10. Don't you think this zitski could understand evacuation of these city's is crucial to saving lives ? Like the children and elderly at least .I mean it's not about a fear good moment it's about life and destruction .it's obvious that all the western entities are loosing support and policies have backfired .the working amarica who flipped the bill is being torn down buy old fool Joe and civil unrest is growing! Reality must cross someone's mind if your in there path run !

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    Ukraine is getting its arse handed to it…!
    How are you going to spin this when Ukraine is comprehensively defeated?
    Sure hope you like eating crow😆!

  13. Ukraine start showing the dead Russian soldiers faces with captions Is this your son or husband? Putin sent him to the front. Bill boards and fliers with faces of these dead Russian soldiers need to be posted.

  14. The destruction in Ukraine is being done mainly by the Ukraine Army. When the Ukraine Army knows they are loosing a city they start shelling it with their tanks, so the Ukraine citizens that prefer Russia do not have a city or a home to return to. In Mariupol 90% of the citizens prefer Russia. When Zelensky speaks it is pure war propaganda to get more foreign weapons and money. And the money is not used to help the people. ABC news shows only the Ukraine propaganda. Put some reporters on the ground in Russian held territory and report what the citizens are saying. They are thrilled that the Russians chased out the Ukraine Army.

  15. This story is pure BS. Ukraine been bombing Donesk and Donbass for the last 8 years, they destroyed both regions, along with the Genocide of anyone Russian speaking. You all too lazy to do your own research. Dumb ass sheep

  16. What this clown won't say…. his neo nazi fighters been removing people from their homes and using their homes as ambush staging ground for Russian troops.

  17. The cokehead of Kiev is runing dangerously low on cocaine we desperately need our western allies to ship us some more billions of cocaine so our Supreme leader Zelensky doesn’t go through withdrawals Slava Ukraine Slava kokaine

  18. God keep and guide the Brave Ukrainian FORCES. May each strike be 100% effective and each soldier and weapon be multiplied by 100 to eliminate the invaders and occupiers all the way to VICTORY, FREEDOM AND GLORY.
    Blast these evil BASTARDS to HELL.
    🇺🇦 🙏💛💙💛🙏🇺🇦

  19. Hey Ukranian man you refugee wife just found herself a western european man. 😂🤣
    And you sister is being forced to work in Amsterdam red light distrikt 🥺😢

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