Texas mass shooting’s impact on Latino community l ABCNL

Domingo Garcia, the president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, shares how the Latino community is coping following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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46 thoughts on “Texas mass shooting’s impact on Latino community l ABCNL

  1. Mass shootings have an impact on ALL of us. Why no other country separates its citizens into “communities”. Only in USA 🙄

  2. How come the police didn't use Columbine as an example for how to respond. In Columbine they waited around for 2 hours, 1hr with no contact. They went in, everybody dead.

    They were looking for a key? C'mon where was the SWAT team, battering ram
    Also where was a master key. Janitor or office should have one

    Something smells a little fishy…

  3. American obsession with guns = this. You don’t hear about this in Japan or Switzerland.

    USAs slogan should be “thoughts and prayers”.

  4. Idk if raising the age makes a big difference, who cares what age you are if you're freaking nuts in the head. It should be a more extensive check for high powered rifles.

  5. On top of everything else , I need the police to explain why they gathered outside the school for 40 minutes after the shooter entered the school….

  6. Was wondering how long it would take to make this a racial issue, less than 2 days and it's pretty pathetic. A latino shoots other latinos and it's racist?!?!

  7. Children permits and Eugenics.
    Are key for a brighter future.
    But i agree with this man ,Raise the age to own a gun to 21.
    And i own over 20 guns

  8. Love how they're trying to subtly imply that it was an attack against Hispanics by a hu-white supreme. The shooter's name was Salvador Ramos.

  9. Before the 1990's, there was no such thing as a background check for firearms. In the 60's, 70's and 80's you could buy an AR15 at the hardware store, with cash and a handshake. We didn't have nearly the gun regulation we do now, and mass school shootings were unheard of back then. What changed?

  10. Stop bringing race into this. This crime wasn’t race related. Btw I’m Hispanic but this monsters target was kids, he wasn’t after anyone due to their race

  11. This is as insensitive as the Kenyan out there saying forget about the children, remember St. George. BTW, shout out to my man for 2 years of sobriety, i knew you could do it bruh..

  12. Did they ask what effect the Waukesha parade attack had on the white community? Don't make it a race thing only when it happens to non-whites.

  13. ABC is full of absolutely horrible people. Can’t believe you would stoop this low but then again, you are the propaganda machine for the establishment so really hard to be surprised about the nonsense spewed by mockingbird media.

  14. First they shoot blacks, then asians, now brown people… You're being sacrificed because you walked away from the Democrats. Wake up

  15. Once you raise the age to obtain an "assault" rifle to 21 and somebody who's 25 does this, then what? Time to raise the age to 26 or older? Eventually nobody could obtain a weapon if we played these games, and that's the goal for a lot of people. Not every bad thing in the world can be prevented but a lot of them can be prevented and they are prevented everyday and they go unnoticed. We will never live in a "perfect" world and to try to achieve that will come at a heavy cost.

  16. Age has nothing to do with the shootings if someone is messed up in the head they will cause crime at any age and its always about race when something bad happens if they want to ban guns from people then ban cars they kill people ban hammers they kill people

  17. It’s amazing how all these war mongering Democrats would rather arm Ukraine than arm a school or a person , Then they blame Republicans for this. Amazing.

  18. The black community have been getting Massacred for centuries Now all the others are starting to see who the real culprits are But the messed up part about it is now everybody has a heart because the tragedies are no longer affecting black communities. Black Wall Street the bombing of the Birmingham churches rosewood the ocoee massacre and 100s more.

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