Texas school shooting revives gun control debate | ABCNL

ABC News’ Rachel Scott reports from Capitol Hill and from the NRA convention in Houston on the renewed push for action on gun control reform in the wake of the deadly Uvalde, Texas shooting.

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34 thoughts on “Texas school shooting revives gun control debate | ABCNL

  1. Criminals… politicians… paid TV liars / actors… all of them want you disarmed and vulnerable. why? they are salivating with greed for your stuff. "you will own nothing and eat bugs". they already told you what is NEXT.

  2. Do something about 18-year-olds in the military no more 18-year-old children in the military do something 18 year old children in the military from public schools public school children 18 years old no more military stop killing our children from public schools in the military children should not be thought how to use weapons of mass destruction children no more children enlisted in the military do something President Biden stop the military from enlisting 18-year-old children to die stop killing do something about the killing of 18 year old children in the military

  3. 18 innocent children dead. Massacred with a weapon of war.

    Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott and other Mitch McConnell and his Republicans Senators that get bloody money from NRA keep trying to convince Parents across America that "Guns don't kill children, people kill children"
    … Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott and Mitch McConnell, 50 GOP Senators are trying to save the NRA cash cow.

    Parents…Think logically…
    If this shooter, murderer in Uvalde Texas, Brooklyn, Sandy Hook, Santa Fe massacres was/were not able to obtain guns, weapons of war… Our children would be here today.
    …Our children would still be alive today.

    VOTE to remove 50 GOP Senators from office, they NO longer serve the best interest of our children.

    President Biden will do his part, but he cannot do it alone. WE need to unite and take responsibility for selecting/electing people that won't sellout our children lives to the highest bidder and flat out lie to parents. Treating parents as if they are too stupid to protect their innocent children.
    ….WE, Parents, have a responsibility to protect our children. If not now, WHEN?
    ….the next massacre is coming, it's not IF, it's WHEN!

    No better time than today.

  4. I can guarantee if you GOOGLE your State Laws for DEFINE MILITIA under State Laws it will be 3 to 4 parts for the Overall Militia the first part will be National Guard the 2nd will be cops and the 3rd to 4th will be any legal resistance between the ages 17 to 65 can bare arms, your STATE LAWS are in ACCORRDENCE with FEDERAL CONTITUTION LAWS. So this argument that only COPS or NATIONAL GUARD can carry counter productive. ARM AND TRAIN TEACHER = DEAD GUNMAN THAT SIMPLE

  5. The police did not want armed parents going in and killing the gun men because the Parents would be successful and make them look bad. That is the same Sentiments of gun control fanatics. They have no interest in children's safety.

  6. Sell your cloak and go buy a sword Jesus said, Luke 22:36 Means we have a God given right to defend ourselves against lethal force. Otherwise love one another as I have loved you Jesus said❤️🧎‍♂️And come follow Me 📖nkjv 🙂
    🙏 Father please don’t let them take the guns. Because apparently they can’t foresee that it will cause a major civil war !!! 😑in my opinion

  7. Guarantee this does not happen if you put a giant sign saying all of the staff are armed.

    Criminals do not like an armed public. Neither does the government.

  8. In the US, you can either vote for baby killers represented by a dying old man or for kid killers represented by a TV show host. I think all you really need is a third party.

  9. Gun free zones are were all the shootings take place. If the right people were carrying they would have shot them and saved lives. New York Chicago and California have the strictest gun laws with the highest gun crime because people know less law abiding citizens are carrying. I won’t give up my guns until everyone on the face of this planet does. And then people will just start stabbing each-other. I have a right to protect my children and my family. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the police to come.

  10. Gun grabbers : YT is blocking this link i post. So google : West Va.
    lady kills gunman with AR15. Stopping a mass killing. You will not see
    this on the News.

  11. The majority of Americans do not support it are you aware of the number of guns that have been sold in the past couple years?

  12. The blood is on each officer that arrived an did not take action . Cowards need to be indited an lay your badge down. Hey hey nra has not killed any nra today. You tree huggers don’t want guns fine but it’s not guns fault .

  13. So there no check to see if the building is secure while the kids are in school. Regardless the police who arrived on scene should have went in . It’s not the gun it’s police an school that did not do there job. Always want blame guns. Yes needs be more gun control but not taken away if you do that then we do not need our constitution . Stop blaming guns place the blame where it needs to be .

  14. Where do they get these percentages?? I never voted or told anybody my opinion so is that 90% accurate? Because everyone with half a brain knows there is no such thing as common sense gun laws.. the problem is blaming the gun and not putting the blame on people and not holding people accountable for their actions

  15. What if the parents who cared more than the police did about the children went in with their guns? Concealed carrier's with training

  16. Arm school security and teachers use good guys to take out cross dressing eyeliner wearing cat killing freaks Shame on you USA Love from South Africa

  17. They support some form of background check cuz we already have those we do not need a background check that causes a gun registry that is unconstitutional get that through your head and if eighteen-year-old should not be able to buy such high powerful weapons we probably should not be sending them to Ukraine where they giving them to anyone that 16 to 60

  18. Hardening schools would have done something to stop the shooting they left the door open to let him in and stuff that would have prohibited him from getting a gun was left off his record cuz it wasn't reported properly or he would not have been able to buy a gun so make no mistake they're pushing for expanded background checks and other unconstitutional actions because they couldn't enforce the laws that are already on the books that would have saved lives

  19. What a surprise Democrats want to end the filibuster and I'm sure gun-control is the only thing they're going to push once they end the filibuster nope are going to pass the green New Deal on other bills causing trillions more and spending which will make our inflation even worse and people are going to end up starving on the street you ever notice there's a disaster right before elections that they can try to rally their base on and then all the solutions just give the Democrats more and more power

  20. We already have background checks expanded background checks is just a talking point for background checks on private individual sales and the only way to enforce that would be a gun registry which is unconstitutional since the way this is going everything they're trying to push is a way to take away your Second Amendment right

  21. Red flag laws are unconstitutional they take your weapons before you have any due process it's not like any of us know an ex-girlfriend that would report us out of spite right

  22. They're lying the majority of Americans agree we need to do something gun reform is in the answer mental health issues and getting police oh actually do their job can you imagine being one of the cops that wait outside for an hour while kids were calling begging for help and you just wait outside because you don't want to do your job.

  23. Guns save more lives than they cost if you were sympathetic you should not want to take them away from law-abiding citizens use your brain and think

  24. SHOULD THE U.S REGULATES that anyone who owns a gun must wear a badge for everyone to recognize?

    The American people were so terrified of the free ownership of guns that enable illegal shooting. But they can't overturn America's longstanding gun law. The Gun Association in the US has absolute power. For anyone who wants to abolish gun ownership, they will be killed immediately.

    Now the first step is to stipulate that whoever owns a gun must wear a badge for everyone around to recognize. This will make people more cautious.

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