Texas shooting 911 calls detail horror of rampage

Authorities in Texas provide an update on the shooting at Robb Elementary School that killed 19 children and two teachers.


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  1. This turns my stomach. The police are not the only ones to blame. Americans have allowed access to guns to be too easy. There is no "well-regulated," and to which militia did the shooter belong anyway? Every American, myself included, bears responsibility for the deaths of these children.

  2. Children do deserve better. 4500 died due to guns in 2020.

    As a person with generally more Republican than democratic leanings, I resent the fact that preventing the death of children and adults by guns is a partisan issue.

    ** No politicians should take money from the NRA as a starter. Politics in America needs to change.

    The number of deaths in 9-11 was 2996. Gun violence resulted in 45000 deaths in 2020. 10% were children or teens i.e. 4500.Within the numbers for adults, 65% of those gun deaths were the result of suicides, while 30% were from homicides. For teens and kids, those percentages are roughly flipped.

    As a person with generally more Republican than democratic leanings, I resent the fact that preventing the death of children and adults by guns is a partisan issue. ** No politicians should take money from the NRA as a starter. Politics in America needs to change.

    The number of deaths in 9-11 was 2996. Gun violence resulted in 45000 deaths in 2020. 10% were children or teens i.e. 4500.Within the numbers for adults, 65% of those gun deaths were the result of suicides, while 30% were from homicides. For teens and kids, those percentages are roughly flipped.

    Restricting guns should not be a partisan issue and is only this because of NRA lobbying and political money given.

    "I heard an NRA person saying that schools should have people trained with guns".

    Then they will need checks in case they have sadistic leanings and what happens if someone doesn't show up and those people injure or abuse children.

    "it was the mad person with the gun, not the guns fault."" The reporter correctly said that if the person didn't have the gun.. to which the guy interjected that shootings happen in gun free areas such as church.

    The point was that obviously that if people did not have guns, the tragedy cannot happen. It tackles the root cause.

    "The door was left open".

    It wasn't the door that killed the children – it was the gun under the control of an 18 year old who just went and bought it with no checks whatsoever.

    There is no need to walk around with an automatic or semi-automatic gun and high capacity magazine. never mind getting one with no background checks.

    "Mental Health"

    The US has far more gun deaths than anywhere else and I don’t think this is because they have more mental issues. It is about gun availability and access.

    The unrestricted obtaining of the guns by an 18 year old or anyone is ridiculous.If politicians thought of the children as their own things would be different.


    America's gun culture – in seven charts

    Comparison of the US compared with the rest of the world


    Mass Shootings



    According to a research letter published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, firearm-related deaths went up by 13% between 2019 and 2020. However, firearm deaths for people aged 1-19 increased by a massive 30%. In total there were 45,222 deaths as a result of gun violence in 2020, the research letter says. Around 10% of those deaths were children and teens. Within the numbers for adults, 65% of those gun deaths were the result of suicides, while 30% were from homicides. For teens and kids, those percentages are roughly flipped.

    The NRA should not be allowed to fund and corrupt the politicians.

    I note that some politicians argue that they agree with pro-life when it comes to abortion and not pro-life of children.So is it that those politicians are happy for the baby to become a child and then ..? I do not think so if it was their child.

    "The NRA argue that it is not the gun, but the person."

    Well then can I have hand grenades , missiles and nukes to protect myself.

    "Background checks"

    The NRA just said it was the person and not the gun. So background checks are justified.

    This boy killer may not have been prevented by background checks but may have been, and may have made people aware of his mindset or put him off getting a gun. He should never had access to a (semi)automatic weapon.

    The fact that background checks should occur would prevent people with serious problems from harming themselves or others. Do you need an automatic gun and a high capacity magazine?

    "Bruh you realize we can’t even ban drugs how are we gonna ban guns Lmao"

    Most people who use guns recreationally will not be willing to go against the law and illegally order one and get a criminal record which may affect their life and put them in jail. Most people would not want to buy one illegally off the streets.

    "You will make it illegal to own guns"

    That is not the aim.

    There is no justification for having semi/automatic guns in the community. Never mind the right to hold one. I have been educated as I was told an AR-15 was used and I was silly as I did not know it was semi-automatic.

    I did not know it was AR-15 and just heard automatic. The point is that it can fire 46 rounds per minute and kill/injure lots of children/people/policeman very quickly.

    https://checkyourfact.com/2018/02/24/fact-check-ar-15-bullets-a-second/ According to the Bushmaster AR-15 manual, the firearm has a maximum effective rate of 45 rounds per minute


    Can be easily converted to a fully automatic weapon.

    Role of AR-15 in mass shootings:


    "Criminals don’t obey the law"

    This boy was not previously a criminal. As the figures indicate in adults a large number of the people commit suicide.

    In children, it is homicide that causes the deaths. I have included a reference to mass shootings. Look it up.

    Wikepedia says The motive for mass shootings (which occur in public situations) is a defining feature in that they are usually committed by deeply disgruntled individuals seeking revenge or payback for failures in school, career, romance and life in general and uses the reference

    Bjelopera, Jerome P. (March 18, 2013). "Public Mass Shootings in the United States: Selected Implications for Federal Public Health and Safety Policy" (PDF). CRS Report for Congress.

    Note the number of suicides in adults. They are likely not criminals looking to hurt other people.

    By restricting guns it will be harder for the criminals to get hold of guns. Reduced circulation of guns may be done by possible compensation, and a temporary amnesty period for holding certain types of gun, or to time to get a license.

    "They will get guns through the dark web"

    Why is death through guns less common in other countries then? They have a dark web also.

    "Guns are needed for protection"

    Another argument is that the guns are needed to protect yourself. Literature shows that guns are seldom used for protection.



    "It is my constitutional right"


    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    The constitution was written in the 1700s. There should not be militia. It mentions arms not guns. Can I please buy some nukes and missiles then?

    So, I have been educated. Have you?

    Money from NRA







    Texans can carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1, after Gov. Greg Abbott signs permitless carry bill into law



    Public research




    Donald Trump after the school shooting and talking to children said He said the time for change had come and it wasn't going to be just talk. (see https://youtu.be/Je-89pC2YYw 'Fix it!' – Florida shooting survivors meet Donald Trump and urge him to change gun laws). He said their would be action and then changed his mind. He was thinking about votes and money.

    Having had sympathies for Trump when he came to power, I have none now. I thought him having money meant he would not be swayed by lobby groups. I was wrong. He promised children he would do something after the shooting 3-4 years ago. He did not. He received financial support from the NRA in his election campaign – see below.

    Trump did nothing.

    He says he is pro-life when it comes to abortion.He is not pro-life of children.


    I listened to Abbots re looking at the causes and taking action/not just talk just as Donald Trump did 3-4 years ago. He said he wasn't responsible for rule changes. He went on to dismiss background checks with the reason being that they don't always work. What a jerk.

    Abbot talked about mental health treatment being improved and was clearly already making excuses. Shame on him.

  3. Those cops where all fat!! And lazy af!! If it was their children they would have done something!!! That shooter deserved to rot in jail and be tortured for the rest of his pathetic life!!!

  4. these kids will never trust cops again… they were supposed to help and save them and they just listened and watched and did nothing all along not letting parents do anything either!! so stupid

  5. Cops are usually referred to as "heroes". They said "they didn't know there were kids inside", yet 911 calls were coming in telling them there were kids inside. Did they have body cams on? Let's see who was calling the shots and what really happened on their behalf. I'm sure cops were scared, too, they are human, but come on. Why sign up for that job if you're too scared to protect the public? I know the parents wanted to go in, but I think they could have got shot up, as well. I would never want to be in a situation of calling any shots. They really dropped the ball on this one, though. I feel bad for the teacher that left the door propped open, too.

  6. I just want 2 say one thing, I'm from and live in Ireland 🇮🇪, i have more balls in my little toe than the police force in texas, how dare they stand outside and let those kids get killed, we have cops, here that don't need guns but they have balls of Steel and wouldn't let that happen, im not a cop lover myself but I'll tell you one thing, your a shower of sad windy cowards and if u ever come over to my island, I'll knock u out, just one punch, shame on texas police cowards

  7. A country that kills its children has no future. As of now, there has been 27 school shootings and 233 mass shootings in 2022 and the year isnt over. Time for ALL TEACHERS, ADMIN AND STUDENTS to not attend schools because our government and officially cannot and refuse to protect your lives.

  8. Kamala Diablo Harris, and Joe dirt Biden are responsible for all this. They're the ones that released the lie for votes with the help of the media and celebrities. I think we should raise our pitchforks and march to this on holy house with 85 clocks.

  9. Guns are way too easy to get, and bullets should not be sold at the same store one buys the gun. They should make it really hard to get them and a waiting period after the purchase of the gun. Sell them at a fortified different location. After all the bullets are what does the killing, a gun is nothing but a club without them. But there are already many guns on the streets unregistered so that's why the bullets/firearm magazines should be hard to get. I think one must be 25 or older to buy a gun, with a background check. They say a male does not fully mature until age 25.

  10. The so call cops are love to killed Innocent people for more reasons,but They don't want shot and kill him the suspect they wait until he killed as many people as possible,

  11. Every single one of those officers should be fired immediately & have charges filed against them. They signed up for this. No one forced them to become police officers. Disgusting.

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